Leonhardt warns of external events!


Top children imagine no evil:
This may be the night when Donald J. Trump will unveil his national emergency.

That said, why not look on the bright side just once? Almost surely, the president isn't ready, at least not yet, to declare his dispositive war.

Future anthropologists, huddled in caves, have told us that war is approaching. They tell us this in nightly visits which remind some cynics of dreams.

That said, this won't be the night when the apparently crazy president unveils his inevitable war. But alas! Last night, on the Maddow Show, the New York Times' David Leonhardt made it clear that he isn't yet ready to imagine such a thing.

Leonhardt spoke with the liberal world's biggest corporate fraud. As they pictured what Trump might someday do, here's what he and the fraudster said:
MADDOW (1/7/19): Do you think that some of the danger that you're describing there, some of the increased danger, is because of the president's increased liability in terms of the investigations that surround him?


MADDOW: Because they lead him into a more desperate situation.

LEONHARDT: Yes. And I think there was this fiction that existed for awhile. It was sort of—it was unprovable, there was a fiction, until the midterms, that he was politically invulnerable, that somehow he had a magic sauce, right, and he would defy the polls. And then we saw the midterms and he got trounced.

I mean, the Senate is tricky to look at, because so many of the races were on Republican soil. But in the House, the Democrats won the national House by 9 percentage points. He got trounced.

And so, I think what you're starting to see is he realizes he has some vulnerability. Republicans realize he has some vulnerability. And Mueller seems to be, to one degree or another, closing in. And so, what I worry about are one, as Mueller continues to close in, or as he fights for his re-election, he could do many worse things.

I also think we are not paying attention to the possibility that something terrible external happens—a war, a financial crisis, a terrorist attack,
a terrible national—

MADDOW: A non-self-inflicted externality.

To watch the whole segment, click here.

In that exchange, you're observing the blinkered work of the meritocratic dreck the sea keeps dragging in.

Just look what these schoolchildren said! First, with Mueller closing in, Trump might do something terrible.

Trump might do something terrible! Then too, there's always this:

At some point, he might have to confront "a non-self-inflicted externality," for example an external war!

Neither of these major stars was willing to say the obvious. Neither would say that Donald J. Trump might decide to start a war to create a distraction or an emergency if Mueller's hordes start closing in. They simply weren't willing to think about that. They're well-behaved boys and girls!

Meanwhile, look where Leonhardt went next. Where in the world—where do earth—do they find these "well-educated" pearls?
MADDOW (continuing from above): A non-self-inflicted externality.

LEONHARDT: Yes. And, look, I'm not the biggest fan of George W. Bush's presidency, but George W. Bush remained a competent president to the end and he had none of the ethical issues that Trump does. And if you think about what Bush did in his last two years, he managed the disaster in Iraq responsibly, and he managed the financial crisis extremely responsibly.

I'm not saying he doesn't deserve blame for what happened before. But imagine Donald Trump trying to manage a natural disaster or a war or a financial crisis. I find it frightening and I worry we would look back and say, "How did we not get rid of him beforehand?"
Where do they find these broken toys, these children who step forth to say that George W. Bush—the man their guild propelled into office—"managed the Iraq disaster competently," the disaster which he himself caused?

Where do they find these broken toys, these skillful singers of self? In the case of Leonhardt, Maddow found him on the front page of last weekend's Sunday Review, where he'd penned this lengthy column about the problems with Trump.

Tomorrow, we'll turn to that column. Work like this, from our brightest boys, helps us know how Donald J. Trump ended up in the Oval Office, not unlike Bush before him.

Tomorrow: Leonhardt's column


  1. George W. Bush was not competent.

  2. One should ignore any hypothetical statement made about Trump by his opponents. They will criticize him no matter what he does do or doesn't do or might do.

    Bob says Trump "might decide to start a war". Leonhart says Trump "could do many worse things". These statements are meaningless. Anybody could or might do anything. In fact, Trump is in the process of ending wars in Syria and Afghanistan, or at least ending US participation in these wars. And, Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers criticized him for these steps away from war.

    1. "Trump is in the process of ending wars in Syria and Afghanistan, or at least ending US participation in these wars."

      He could be in the process of ending wars in Syria and Afghanistan. He mightend US participation in these wars. Lol.

      Trump is Israel's bitch. We are going nowhere in Syria.

    2. "One should ignore any hypothetical statement made about Trump by his opponents. They will criticize him no matter what he does do or doesn't do or might do."

      If you say so, it must be true. After all, you're the one who said the media is anti-Trump, even though they spent 2016 pretending they cared that Republicans pretended they cared about Hillary Clinton's email protocols.

  3. "Trump might decide to start a war to create a distraction or an emergency if Mueller's hordes start closing in."

    Oh Bob, dear Bob. I see you're still unable to imagine that there are people on this planet - most people, in fact - who are not as deviously expedient as your Demigod Bubba The Slick Willy, and the rest of your zombie cult's luminaries...

    Aside from that, what do you expect the Mueller's hordes to produce in the end, really? Are you dreaming, Bob?

    Oh, and while on this topic ("closing in!"), may I suggest this hilarious video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjvRJLUWwFs

  4. By the way, Bob, are you going to address this:
    Four Pro-Democratic Disinformation Campaigns Uncovered in 2017 Alabama Senate Election.

    A real, documented false flag OP, by your zombie cult's rat-fucking thugs. If anyone needs to create a distraction, it seems it's your dear zombies, ne c'est pas?

    Please analyze this, Bob, like only you can. Don't be shy.

    1. Are Democrats spreading the false claim that Republicans are not an amoral dumpster fire?
      Relax. No one is dumb enough to buy that bullshit.

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  6. Somerby strongly criticizes the media when they “imagine no evil”, ie they do not speculate about Trump’s possible future actions...except when they DO “imagine evil”, in which case Somerby is there to bash them for daring to traffic in speculation.

  7. "And Mueller seems to be, to one degree or another, closing in."

    Has there ever been a more meaningless statement? Closing in "to one degree or another."

    Trump might or might not be impeached but he won't be removed, and impeachment will cause another binary choice between Crazy Democrats or Not Crazy Democrats, like the '16 election. Crazy Democrats will lose again with voters, and by a larger margin.

    Trump is well on his way to reelection.

    1. You can't stop bigotry. You can only hope to contain it.
      In better news, hopefully yesterday's Mueller news will keep the know-nothings from yelling "No collusion!"

    2. "Trump is well on his way to reelection."

      How will he be elected with only 33% of the vote? More collusion?

    3. IMHO Trump's re-election (if he runs) depends on the war between him and the media. The mainstream media are unabashedly anti-Trump. The extremists at CNN and MSNBC are off in La La Land. The media will destroy Trump or Trump will destroy them as a respected, reliable source. Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch what happens.

    4. "The mainstream media are unabashedly anti-Trump. "

      What was the tell? When they gave him free campaign exposure throughout the 2016 campaign, or when they aired his bullshitathon last night, after they refused Obama's immigration speech because it was "too political"?
      As my Dad would say, "You're not a complete moron, but that's because nobody is perfect."

  8. This is basically the kind of crap you read on UFO conspiracy sites. I don't know what to make of that.

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