Richard Oppel writes for the Times!


Perhaps he should act like he does:
According to Nexis, Richard Oppel has been writing for the New York Times since 1999.

Isn't it time he learned the values of the newspaper which employs him?

We refer to this morning's hard-copy news report, "Saturated Midwest States Brace for Blinding Blizzard." Oppel describes an "unusually powerful storm" which could drop "as much as two feet of snow" on storm-ravaged parts of the midwest.

We have no complaint with what Oppel wrote about this eastward-tracking storm. We're only puzzled by what he left out.

Inexplicably, Oppel failed to discuss the one location which actually matters. How powerful will this snowstorm be by the time it hits the Yale campus?

Family fun: According to the leading authority on such matters, "Oppel's sister, Shelby Oppel Wood, is an education reporter at The Oregonian newspaper."

Any chance the Times could get her to move east in the wake of this powerful storm? Shapiro and Gay could head to Portland in the trade, with the entire Knicks roster thrown in.


  1. Dear Bob. Needless to say, we always appreciate you documenting the atrocities. However, if you're so upset about liberal elitism (which is not exactly a revelation for anyone; been diagnosed decades ago), then why do you read the New York Times and similar crap?

    It shouldn't be too hard to find publications more suitable to your tastes, no?

  2. This is Somerby's conceit, but I don't actually see much evidence that the NY Times writes only about elite topics or Ivy league schools, nor that graduates from such schools only care about such topics either.

    This more stupid anti-intellectualism. Who is vocally hostile to academia, anti-science and anti-intellectual these days? Conservatives (while supporting elitism through their actions).

    1. "Who is vocally hostile to academia, anti-science and anti-intellectual these days? Conservatives"

      Oh yeah? If so, good for them, dembot.

      Also, for not mindlessly worshipping CIA spooks, FBI thugs, and infowars-style liberal zombie-media a-la Rachel Maddow.

    2. For Conservatives, a minute mindlessly worshipping CIA spooks, FBI thugs, andinfowars-style liberal zombie-media a-la Rachel Maddow, is a minute wasted not worshipping the Establishment Elite.


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