All good things must come to an end!

TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2013

So too with our fund-raising drive: All good things must come to an end. So too with our fourth or fifth non-annual fund-raising drive.

As you may have discerned, this is our way of stating a point:

You still have this one final chance!

We’re working with the analysts on their letter-writing skills. They’ll be getting in touch with all the kind persons who chose to take part in this drive.

For ourselves, our non-annual drive did serve one peculiar purpose.

In our fifteen years at this post, we’ve done a lot of accurate work. Examples:

In the early years, we were right about the mainstream press corps’ War Against Gore, the remarkable twenty-month war which sent George Bush to the White House. For tons of remarkable modern history, just visit our companion site, How He Got There.

We have also been right about various public school issues, although it has long been clear that the career liberal world has quit on low-income kids. We were right last summer concerning the absurd, widespread misstatements about What Susan Rice Said. (Did anyone else ever explain what Rice actually said? Remember the way Rachel and Lawrence and Chris and Al all ran off and hid?)

Most of that work has been disappeared by the career liberal world. When we started this site, we didn’t know that this guild could or would disappear so much accurate work.

Our work on Gore has been disappeared, like Gene Lyons’ work on the Clinton-era pseudo-scandals before it. Ditto for the book Lyons wrote with Joe Conason, The Hunting of the President.

You see, those scams against both Clintons, then against Gore, were largely performed by the mainstream press corps. And careerist pseudo-journalists simply will not tell you that! You can never be told that!

Warning: Clinton/Gore-era themes will be back in a hurry if Hillary Clinton runs for the White House. In fact, those earlier themes are swirling this week, courtesy of the upcoming hearing about Benghazi.

Are you sure that Hillary Clinton can win, the way the children keep saying on cable? The past malfeasance of them and their guild makes that much less likely.

We’ve been right for years at a time—and the children have kept it quiet. You see, the children are often very bad people. But after two weeks of blowing our own horn concerning these topics, we’ll have to admit it: We feel somewhat better.

A person can start to internalize all that sleazy disappearance by all those grimy chasers of Mammon. We’ll have to admit it: We feel somewhat better after two weeks of stating a basic fact:

This site has gotten a set of Big Stories right, even though the work has largely been disappeared. On the brighter side, Chris and Lawrence don't need a new pair of shoes.


  1. There will be a career price to pay this time for going after Hillary Clinton. She has established herself as a formidable political and policy figure, with an image as possibly the smartest and best prepared candidate for President in the history of the country. Her support among women is extremely strong. If Dowd tries her usual tricks the outrage from the NYT audience will be withering. Dowd's "brand" value will be essentially destroyed if she goes too far.

    That doesn't mean it won't be tried by Fox and its like-minded friends, but I'm doubting it will ever get real traction.

  2. Who cares about FOX? The Obama campaign and the Democrats were even worse when it came to Hillary.

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  4. Well, you aren't entirely right on this, Bob.

    As unfair and trumped up as you regard the Jones/Lewinsky thing, if Dems had done the right thing and pressured Clinton to resign (over a sex scandal, lying under oath, and witness tampering), Gore would have won every Red State (ballot errors in zflorida not withstanding).

    1. "if Dems had done the right thing and pressured Clinton to resign"

      Of course, that *wouldn't* have been the right thing (as even my reliably-Republican-voting and still-Nixon-loving dad realized at the time).

      But the abject failure of your premise notwithstanding, your conclusion ("Gore would have won every Red State") doesn't follow anyway.

      Is this really the Very Best you can manage on such topics? Sad.

    2. Well, I suppose I could have thrown in a reference to my daddy for legitimacy.