Welcome to the same old year!


What narcissism looks like:
Is Donald J. Trump a narcissist of some kind?

We don't know how to assess that. That said, we do know what narcissism sometimes looks like. Last night, at 9 PM Eastern, we'd say it looked like this:
MADDOW (1/2/17): Good evening, Ari. I want to thank you in particular for all you did to fill and hold things together last week. It was great. Thank you, my friend.

MELBER: Great. Thank you. Happy New Year.

MADDOW: Thanks. And thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour.

It was really nice to have a few days off. It is really, really nice to be back. I keep running into old friends and family members and people on the street and people like, you know, out on the dog walk and stuff. People want to talk to me about politics. They say, with concern in their eyes, "How are you feeling about 2017?

And I found myself by the end of my vacation saying, "I'm really excited for 2017." I am. My job is to explain stuff. And oh, my God, is that a good job to have this year already?
As we've mentioned in the past, Rachel Maddow never stops discussing herself. Our analysts always launch their patented cry:

"I I I I I I I!"

Perhaps it's just a branding tool, a way to pose as the viewer's friend. In this case, she made it sound like she'd returned home after an absence of years.

More striking was the way Maddow described her excitement concerning the new year.

Sensible liberals are very concerned about the coming year. As Maddow has noted in the past, she's taking a different approach. She's excited about the new year. Given the multimillion-dollar job she holds, she thinks the new year should be both exciting and fun!

(Will millions of people lose their insurance? It should be fun to find out!)

In our view, liberals should be very concerned about the peculiar actions, reactions and outlooks of Donald J. Trump. Liberals should also be concerned about the peculiar instincts of Maddow.

Late in the show, she did it again, telling us about the brilliant past work of "the great Steve Benen, who writes the blog for our show." As usual, the statements which followed struck us as perhaps a bit misleading. (This isn't Benen's fault.)

Maddow is constantly selling the car. In this, a deeply troubling new year, it's time for the liberal world to grow up and see her self-dealing behaviors and instincts as a point of concern.


  1. Liberals should be concerned that the murder rate doubled in Chicago in a year, that police stops are way down because no intelligent person charged with protecting the public is going to go so far as to get himself into a dangerous situation in which he can't also assume a benefit of the doubt on the part of the public, media, and juries.

    Black Lives Matter, Obama, Hillary and the lefty media, and social justice warriors who perpetrated a lie about racist shootings are responsible for thousands more murdered blacks and cops. This is what the white progressive left stands for. Making problems worse, damaging race relations and increasing murder rates, but making themselves feel good.

    If I were black in one of these cities I would be more worried about Maddow than Trump.

    1. Bratton was interviewed on MSNBC today and he said the violence is attributable to gangs, not BLM or Obama or Hillary. He said there are no perfect solutions but that the city will be applying tactics that have reduced similar gang violence in LA and NYC. He said that federal efforts can help but are the smallest part of what needs to be done in Chicago.

    2. All true 4:08 PM, but it won't matter to 3;35 PM. One has to wonder how he could be so wrong. I assume "economic anxiety", since I'm told it's not bigotry.

    3. Democrats, including many a liberal politician, has given up on the working class in favor of the corporate dollar. I call it a betrayal. Bill Clinton famously said "they have no where else to go". They found somewhere else to go.

    4. When exactly did Clinton say that? I can only find conservative websites discussing it but nothing citing the quote itself. It seems to be about African American voters or about Hillary voters after Obama's nomination. When did Bill say it about working class voters?

    5. Robert, the previous police chief blamed BLM and Obama. Cops can be conservatives too.

    6. @12:49, it was in response to criticism over NAFTA after his position "evolved" on the issue.

    7. White progressives don't want to see a black guy being shot down like a dog for running away from a cop over a broken tail light. Do you?

    8. you would never know murders are down in Chicago since the 90's the way conservatives tell it


    9. @1:38

      I can find it said about Clinton, in places like Thomas Frank, in Salon: "As for those interest groups themselves, he knew he could insult them with impunity. They had nowhere else to go, in the cherished logic of Democratic centrism."

      But that is not Clinton saying it about anyone. It is someone who dislikes Clinton saying it about him. I found it used a couple of other times, about other voting blocks. I could not find Clinton quoted saying this anywhere.

      I believe this is another smear against the Clintons.

    10. Anon 3:35 falsely claims "the murder rate doubled in Chicago in a year". It did not. Sadly, the vast majority of murders are committed by people using handguns; Republicans love handguns, in large part for this very reason.

      Clinton never said "they have no where else to go", even so, when the quote is falsely attributed to him, it is not in reference to the white working class, it is in reference to left leaning liberals and progressives concerned about his centrist policies.

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  2. Actually, Liberals should not be concerned about Bob Somerby's oddball obsessions, and they should be placed in context of the passes he issues, as in "O"Reilly gets one."

    The first television journalist I saw recommend to his viewers voting for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton was named Bill O"Reilly. But in Bob's world, "O"Reilly gets a pass."

    That should be a concern.

    1. He gives all the conservatives a pass because his focus is on the liberals who are supposed to be promoting our side of things. No one expects Bill O'Reilly to be anything but a conservative and no one is surprised when he supports Trump. Maddow is supposed to be doing a better job supporting our side, so Somerby is one her case.

    2. A conservative Chicago former police chief (not Bratton) uses his failure to beat up those he dislikes politically. How ugly is that?

    3. Out of place. Comments moved it here when it was typed above. Sorry.

    4. It would be nice if Maddow stopped acting a fool.

    5. Greg - Maddow's lack of reporting about Comey and Susan Rice and in
      general her divisive, Heather-like presentations actually *helped*
      Trump get elected, *helped* Hillary lose. This is very bad, she need
      to be held into account. You can't see this and you read Bob all the
      time which shows that it is necessary.

    6. I've said it before and i'll say it again, maddow is a hack and deserves to be exposed as such...she isn't even all that funny, just kind of annoying

    7. Now most acknowledge that the liberals have been totally crushed as well as acknowledging that the press helped that happen. Somerby called it all the way. We should only wish he was the concern. Instead we have RM being rewarded and excited about the aftermath of a destruction of the parry she claims to support. She is the absolute worst. And Bob is your concern, oh my.

    8. I disagree that liberals have been totally crushed...the election was very close no?

    9. We lost the house and the senate and the presidency and have zero hope for our agenda and no strong plan or people to fight the right wing and you don't think we're crushed. bob is right. We are barefoot, clueless and no that smart.

    10. Depends on where you live. I live in California, Los Angeles even, which is like living in an independent, liberal country. Trump has no sway here. Would be nice if the potholes would get fixed though.

  3. Maddow lives in the comfort and security of a $7 million a year bubble. She often prides herself on her own childish ways ("I'm eight years old!") She is simply not equipped to inform adults on the ways of the world. Thus, she fails as a political commentator.

    1. She will humbly inform you that she tends to over prepare.

    2. yup, a millionaire that expects us to believe they have our best interests at heart...just like the rest of the media talking heads. Truth is most of them and their guests are just promoting themselves, their articles, and their books...I wonder if the media was ever really a watchdog for the people, or if that was just BS they told us in history class...

  4. “Maddow is constantly selling the car. Perhaps it's just a branding tool, a way to pose as the viewer's friend. “

    Give it up , man! Of course she’s our friend. We’re lonely and frightened out here in capitalist created America--all are friends are on TV. The world is full of bullies and lunatics like Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, O'reilly, Limbaugh, and Trump. I think she needs a catchphrase like, “we're definitely looking out—for you.”


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