The depressing state of our own human race!

MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2019

Depressing young journo edition:
It was our very first click very early this morning. The eye-catching headline said this:
Trump Suggests His Treatment in the Media Is Worse Than Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination
We clicked the link to the Matt Stieb piece (New York magazine). When we did, it was obvious that Trump didn't suggest that his treatment in the media has been worse than Lincoln’s assassination.

Sad! We wondered why a person like Stieb would want to publish such manifest bullshit. Seven hours later, we cringed when we saw this pitiful headline leading to a TPM piece:
Trump Grouses That He’s Treated Worse Than Lincoln Was (Reminder: Lincoln Was Shot)
In each instance, the headline faithfully captures the gist of the writer's "report."

At TPM, the writer was Kate Riga; she's two years out of college (Georgetown, class of 2017). We can't give you the dope on Stieb.

Go ahead—read Riga's piece. It's fairly clear that Riga knew that the snark-ridden premise of her "report" was just a big pile of BS.

She decided to run with it anyhoo. Won't you please join TPM Prime to help fund this invaluable work?

Donald Trump may be mentally ill and/or cognitively impaired. When "liberal journalists" try to act even dumber than Trump himself, what excuse do we have for the publishers of these depressing, sad, dumb publications?

Despondent future anthropologists are likely to visit us tonight. We know just what they'll ruefully say.

We can hear them saying it now: "This was all our self-impressed species ever was or had!"


  1. "We wondered why a person like Stieb would want to publish such manifest bullshit."

    Replace 'person' with 'dembot', and your wonder disappears, dear Bob.

    "This was all our self-impressed species ever was or had!"

    The species are fine, Bob. Why don't you stop worrying about the species, and start worrying about goebbelsian priests of your liberal zombie cult. You are, after all, one of them, albeit a bit quirky.

  2. No one could have foreseen a Conservative playing the victim. LOL.

  3. Just call him Caligua and all his critics can be satisfied.

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