"Consider the species," top experts have said!


Plus, special July 4 feature:
"How does it happen?" top international experts have asked, in Socratic fashion.

"How does it happen," they've despondently asked, "that your presidential elections turn on such strange pivot points?"

Indeed! In late October 2007, how did it happen that the Democratic nomination fight took a major turn on a tangential question that no one had asked, discussed or thought about up to that point? (See yesterday's report.)

This time around, how does it happen that the current Democratic fight is built around this peculiar question:

"What did Candidate Biden think about mandated busing programs forty-five years ago, in 1974?"

What did he think in the summer of '74? How can that be the question our political and cable entertainment figures are pretending to discuss?

Consider the two questions shown below. To whom would the first seem more relevant?
Two questions:
What did Candidate Biden think about mandated busing programs forty-five years ago, in 1974?

What does anyone propose that we do about this current state of affairs?

Average scores, Grade 8 math
U.S. public schools, 2017 Naep

White kids: 292.16
Black kids: 259.60
Hispanic kids: 268.49
Asian-American kids: 309.52
Cable stars have spent the past week pretending to discuss the first question. No one will ever discuss the second question. The truth is, nobody cares!

(So too, perhaps, with a third question: "How accurate are Lara Bazelon's judgments correct concerning Candidate Harris' recent behaviors in office?"

(Concerning that third question, we ourselves have no particular view. We'll guess that question won't be raised until a possible general election, though only if President Trump allows an election and only if Candidate Harris has become a nominee.)

"What did one of the candidates think back in 1974?" Who would build a White House election around so peculiar a question?

"Consider the species!" top experts have said. These despondent future anthropologists speak to us from the years which follow the global conflagration they refer to as Mister Trump's War.

They address us through highly technical nocturnal transmissions which the haters describe as mere dreams.

Special July 4 smile-a-while feature: Were there oil inside the Lincoln Memorial, it would look, to all the world, like a certain commander in chief had madly decided to seize it!


  1. "How does it happen," they've despondently asked, "that your presidential elections turn on such strange pivot points?"

    No, they didn't, dear Bob.

    Unlike you zombies, they are well aware of the recent revelation: DNC to Court: We Are a Private Corporation With No Obligation to Follow Our Rules

    The Democrat 'party' is a private corporation, and its kingpins will nominate whatever clown they want.

    All this 'primaries' bullshit just a way of inciting the rubes, their pet zombies.

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  6. Considering the Species!
    On-air mention is money in the bank!

    “Chuck is a very good guy; we go all the way back to the old Hotline days. “

    “Chuck's work has been better and better on MTP Daily. “

    (BREAKING: Every time a box of Meuslix is sold...!

    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2018

    We think Somerby should prevail upon his old pal Chuckle T (aka Chuck Todd) to ASK A DAMN QUESTION ABOUT ACHIEVEMENT GAPS. He is host of MTP and was a rather sub-par moderator at last week’s Dem debates.

    Coudja do that for us, Bob? Use that connection!

    (Is Chuckle’s work REALLY getting better?)

  7. "Were there oil inside the Lincoln Memorial, it would look, to all the world, like a certain commander in chief had madly decided to seize it!"

    Or sit on it.

  8. Speaking of campaigns affected by unimportant matters, I remember the Kennedy-Nixon debates. A big issues was what to do about two tiny islands near China, Quemoy and Matsu.

  9. This argument is now no longer about busing but about mandated busing. You switch from talking about what benefits kids to being required to do something by the government. At that point this has nothing to do with education any more.

    Kids ride buses to school every day. They do it to go to magnet schools. Rural kids ride for an hour or more to pick up kids who live outside towns. Kids with disabilities ride buses to the schools equipped to meet their needs. Kids ride buses because parents have jobs and cannot escort them to school every morning. Kids ride buses to their private schools that are distant from their homes, for which their parents pay large tuition. Buses are convenient and they are part of many kids' school experiences. Pretending that riding a bus is some terrible thing is just silly. We do it when it suits our convenience. It is only when it is for the purpose of desegregation that people suddenly get hinky about it, Somerby included.

    The busing aspect is a proxy for not wanting to desegregate schools. The "mandated" part arises because of people's intransigence. No one likes to be told what to do, so of course people are against this. It has nothing to do with race at that point. Somerby and others have changed the argument in order to stick it to Harris. Call it for what it is.

    1. "Buses are convenient"

      Dembot, before you start typing and making a fool of yourself, why don't you find out what "busing" means, in this context? Read wikipedia or something.

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