It's time for the barrister Powell to go!


How should we understand such peculiar behavior?: Last Thursday, at RNC headquarters, Sidney Powell was a key part of His Cousin Rudy's mascara runoff presser.

Over the weekend, Barrister Powell went too far. Without fully parsing the likely logic, the New York Times says this:

HABERMAN AND FEUER (11/23/20): President Trump’s campaign on Sunday disavowed Sidney Powell, one of his lawyers who has pushed false claims of voter fraud, after she made wild accusations that Republican officials had been involved in a payoff scheme to manipulate voting machines.


Appearing on the conservative network Newsmax on Saturday night, Ms. Powell further pushed the conspiracy theory, saying that two top Republicans in Georgia—Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger—were taking payoffs as part of the scheme, and that Representative Doug Collins of Georgia had in fact won his race for Senate against Senator Kelly Loeffler. (He did not; Ms. Loeffler’s race is heading to a runoff without Mr. Collins.) Ms. Powell said she planned to file a “biblical” suit in the state.

Why did this mean that it was time for the barrister Powell to go? Presumably, she had to go for the following reason:

The horrible Loeffler is on the ballot as one of the Republican nominees in January's Senate runoffs. But in her remarks to Newsmax, the barrister Powell turned Candidate Loeffler into one of the demon figures. 

According to Powell, Loeffler is only on the ballot because Collins, her Republican opponent, was cheated out of his rightful victory on November 3. Presumably, this would make Republican voters less likely to want to vote for Loeffler.

For that reason, Powell had to go. Or so it makes sense to assume.

Past lunacies, including some involving QAnon, weren't enough to disqualify Powell from her spot on the legal team. But now, she was undermining a Republican candidate. Presumably, this led to her cancellation.

Meanwhile, how are we to understand the extremely strange behavior of a person like Powell? In fairness, such craziness has been general from the Trump legal team.

To what extent might psychiatric issues be involved when someone like Powell makes crazy statements and claims? Of one thing, you can feel certain:

Within the obsessively careful upper-end press corps, no one is going to ask! 

Is something "wrong" with Sidney Powell? Within the upper-end mainstream press, questions like those violate clearly-established guild rules. It's a fairly obvious question, but no one is going to ask it. 

Within the larger societal / cultural context, this is a cognitive fail. Our society hasn't evolved to the point where questions like those can be asked.


  1. In my opinion, Powell's claims are false. However, I can't say their falsity is a fact, because I don't know what basis she has for her claim.

    When the NY Times reports that her claims are "false", they are including opinions their supposedly factual news.

    1. Since she will not say what the basis for her claim is, then it should be treated as false in the media.

    2. Ah, yes, it's the clever "the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence" canard. David, you also don't know for a fact that polka-dotted, purple geese from the planet Zestar did not stuff the ballot boxes with fake votes. You understand that the number of things that did not happen is infinite. It's a countable infinity, but still infinity.

    3. If it weren't for bad faith arguments, Right-wingers would have no arguments at all.

    4. Ilya - sadly, unlike polka-dotted geese, fraud using absentee ballots is real. Read this article:

      I still don't believe Ms. Powell, but I wouldn't be totally shocked if she has some basis for her claims.

    5. If voter fraud is real, why has there been no evidence submitted with Trump's court cases?

    6. David -- as a point of fact, you don't know whether polka-dotted purple geese exist. Lt. Governor of PA has mentioned one verifiable case of vote-by-mail fraud: someone forged their mother's signature to vote for Trump. Insofar as we know, that's the only verifiable case fraud.

      I believe that some semblance of what's described in the article did happen: in the congressional race in North Carolina;;
      It was easily discovered. In general, going door-to-door to hijack a few votes -- even a few hundred! -- may work in a mayoral race, but cannot possibly be scaled up to tens of thousands of votes. That much is clear, right?
      The only way to perpetuate voter fraud on a mass scale is to hack the tabulating machines.
      Powell has nothing, otherwise she would have shown it. Nothing!

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. The right wing obsession with voter fraud when things don’t go enough their way long predated this election. Trump convened a Republican commission to look into it headed by none other than a Republican with a longstanding history of feeding this nonsense to the American public, early in his presidency, and after months of effort it was disbanded, an abject failure at disclosing any meaningful evidence supporting their claims. So no, David, you are spouting bullshit. Boy cried wolf here and it’s still not a wolf as has been deemed by multiple judges who have reviewed their pathetic efforts. This nutcase Qanon Powell woman was however quite remarkably able to do what has heretofore been impossible: make Rudy Giuliani the second most embarrassing advocate for Trump in the room. Clown show indeed.

    9. That's right, David, you dumb fuck. We cheated and the orange abomination couldn't stop us. That makes us smarter. We win Bigly. Just wait until we all stop paying our Federal Taxes next. You might even start voting for us. You dumb fascist bastard.

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  2. Actually, they ALL need to go.

  3. TDH is obsessed with idea that the media should inquire of shrinks about whether Trump and now Powell have some type of psychiatric disorder. Bandy X. Lee wrote a best selling book, and she's affiliated with Yale. Plus Trump's niece who is a psychologist says so too. Bandy Lee = Trump's niece don't prove anything. Trump and Powell, and so many many more do seem to be nuts, but I'm not making a medical diagnosis. I think the press does a mediocre job in trying to deal with the Trump phenomenon on the whole, but not interviewing shrinks about whether Trump is a sociopath isn't one of their faults. As obnoxious as he is - at least to a lot of people - Trump hasn't as far as we know rounded up his opponents and tossed them in dungeons yet or imprisoned Nancy Pelosi, or had anyone shot (except for that Iranian general, and droned to death quite a few - but that's what Presidents do). (I know - the children in cages might be analogized to that; or the 250,000 covid deaths, but I see that at most to be negligence). The thing I don't see is how, assuming the media were to follow TDH's advice, what good would it do? Why can't the media just say what it is, that much of what Trump utters is 'absurd' or 'ludicrous.' I think those terms capture it better.

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