So many news topics, so little time!


The (online) Washington Post: So many news topics, so little time! Below, you see the headlines on the four (4) news reports which currently top the endless front page of the (online) Washington Post:

Jan. 6 committee refers Trump to Justice Department for prosecution

How Trump jettisoned restraints at Mar-a-Lago and prompted legal peril

Musk’s Twitter poll results say he should step down as head of social network, a move he pledged to follow

How common is it for dogs to have your name? And how human is your dog’s name? Find out!

At present, those are the top four news reports at the online Washington Post! 

Meanwhile, no! That fourth headline actually isn't a joke! The report it tops comes to us as an "analysis" piece from the paper's "Department of Data." 

Here's the way the report is capsuled at the top of the (online) front page of this sinking (online) ship:

Department of Data / Analysis 
How common is it for dogs to have your name? And how human is your dog’s name? Find out!
Do you have a name that is common for dogs? See what the data says. 
By Alyssa Fowers and Chris Alcantara

To read the report, or to add to the data, you can just click here.

"If you meet a Kevin, he’s probably a human," the two reporters quickly report. Or as the poet once thoughtfully claimed:

"Round the decay of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare, the lone and level sands stretch far away.”


  1. "Meanwhile, no! That fourth headline actually isn't a joke!"

    ...well, as Mr. Bezos is paid $600 million by the CIA, his blog's headlines probably are not what they seem.
    ...y'know, like the owls...

    1. Meanwhile, Right-wingers are exactly the fascists they seem to be.
      Go figure.

  2. I assume Somerby is not objecting to the story of Trump’s referral to the DOJ as not news. So why did he list it? Even the Musk story is news. This doesn’t actually illustrate his point very well.

    Once a man tried to pick a fight with my father because he was calling our dog Rafael. “My name is Rafael,” the man said, “why are you calling your dog that?” Oddly, our dog was not even named Rafael. So these trivial stories have some applicability to readers, even if Somerby doesn’t care about them. My husband thinks animals should never be given human names.

    1. Is your husband okay with calling the dog "Tucker Carlson" instead of a human's name?

  3. Bob thinks this is some effective daily distraction
    from his Trumpian Useful Idiocy. Won’t work, Bob.

  4. "Evidence gathered by the Committee indicates that President Trump raised roughly one quarter of a billion dollars in fundraising efforts between the election and January 6th.141 Those solicitations persistently claimed and referred to election fraud that did not exist."

    All you need to know.

    1. I need to know more.

    2. Here you are, Sport:

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