HIGH DRAMA AHEAD: Popcorn awaits, liberal viewers are told!


Part 2—Morell rolls his eyes at the press:
We'll acknowledge the fact that it may rank as our own number-one pet peeve.

Last night, Rachel Maddow was "under the weather" again, the latest in a string of absences which started on Friday, May 26. Joy Reid was on hand as guest host.

In one segment, Reid spoke with Matt Miller about the high drama ahead. On Thursday morning, James B. Comey—Comey the God—will be testifying before that Senate committee!

Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! The coming event is sure to provide high drama! At one point, Miller said this to Reid: "It could reeeeally be explosive."

Reid then told Rachel's liberal viewers how many folk will prepare:
REID (6/5/17): Might be a good time to buy stock in popcorn companies, because people are going to pop a lot of it for Thursday.
Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! This will be lots of fun!

In fairness, we're prepared to admit that the popcorn play is our own number-one pet peeve. It's the perfect expression of the fact that "cable news" is increasingly part of the corporate world's "partisan entertainment" division.

At any rate, Yay! We're going to get our popcorn ready to watch Comey testify! (Tomorrow, we'll show you the transcript of Miller's peculiar but drama-strewn comments.)

Warning! As we speak, Comey is being restored to his previous status as The Planet's Most Forthright Known Person. He's being restored to that status to serve the demands of drama.

It's fairly clear that James B. Comey really isn't the world's most forthright person. But he'd long been cast in that role by the press. This may explain why Rachel, who is under the weather, failed to push back, in any way, when he launched his attack on Candidate Clinton in July 2016.

Readers, can we talk? All the children at MSNBC averted their gaze and sucked their thumbs at that critical juncture.

(In saying that, we overlook Steve Kornacki. For two straight nights, he aggressively seconded Comey's anti-Clinton stance while guest-hosting for Rachel.)

Good God! Even after Fred Kaplan's analysis at Slate helped us see how misleading Comey's attack on Clinton had been, the boys and girls at The One True Channel just kept sucking their thumbs. We liberal viewers failed to see the way we were getting conned.

When Comey struck again in late October, the children decided to act. Very late in the game, we liberals were finally told, by our cable stars, that James B. Comey is bad.

The news reached us a bit too late. Have you heard which candidate won?

Well, Comey now stands in opposition to Donald J. Trump, the craziest individual in our nation's political history. People like Rachel averted their gaze, again and again, as this utterly crazy man found his way to the White House.

Now, they and their owners are making huge money off the fact that Trump is crazy and bad. For that reason, Comey is being restored to his previous status. Well-scripted drama ahead!

We offer this as a warning about Thursday morning's event. Comey isn't the world's most reliable person, despite all the things you'll be told.

You're being told to pop your corn as you await the event. You'll be assailed with a lot of crap when Comey finally speaks.

In the next few days, we plan to review the cast of characters who will be involved in Thursday morning's drama. For today, let's continue to visit some recent words of warning.

The warning came from Mike Morell, acting director of the CIA under Barack Obama. As we noted yesterday, Morell endorsed Candidate Clinton in 2016, trashed Candidate Trump quite hard. Despite this history, he offered words of warning last week.

Yesterday, we reviewed Morell's remarks from last Thursday night's Charlie Rose program. At present, drama is all around us on cable TV and in the mainstream press. Morell said we should exercise caution about the things we're being told.

Uh-oh! In a series of outrageous statements, Morell said he didn't necessarily believe all the claims he's read in the press about various Trump fandangos. Even more crazily, he said he doesn't especially care about some major points of outrage favored by some in the press.

His craziest statement came near the end of his discussion of these matters. Weirdly, grotesquely, inexplicably, Morell told Charlie Rose this:
MORELL (6/1/17): Here is the last point I would make, Charlie, on this Kushner thing. I think a lot of people, particularly some people in the media, have been very quick to grab this and conclude that something wrong—something was done here that was inappropriate or even criminal.

And I simply don't think the facts as we know them—and you know my concern about whether the facts are right—that the facts as even we know them in the media take you there, right? Take you to the judgment that there was something wrong done here.

We have to be patient. We have to let the FBI do its investigation.
"We have to be patient," Mike Morell said. His statement flew in the face of the corporate suggestion that we should go off and pop corn.

Good lord! Morell suggested that "some people in the media" may perhaps be rooting for scandal. Earlier in his discussion with Rose, he made it clear that you can't necessarily believe the facts as they come to you through the work of the press.

Why would Morell make such crazy claims? We thought it might be worth your time to review some earlier statements by the man who endorsed Candidate Clinton but has, since then, lost his mind.

We learned of Morell's initial remarks because we were watching Fox News! Fox viewers were allowed to hear what Morell had said. Over on our own preferred channel, we liberals were granted protection.

We were watching Special Report, Fox's least crazy program. Speaking with his all-star panel, Bret Baier discussed claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russkies. His report about Morell's remarks went exactly like this:
BAIER (5/31/17): Hillary Clinton is obviously convinced of the linkage, the collusion, even though there's not evidence that we've seen. She talked about it at length today, about the linkage, and she believes the Trump campaign is there.

Here are former Clinton CIA director and former Obama CIA director James Woolsey: "There are a lot of things I've seen I think have been disclosed too much. And I think that the real scandal here, so much is disclosed it makes it hard for the secrecy that's essential for the operation of the U.S. government in these areas to continue..." He worked for the Clinton administration.

Then you have Michael Morell, in the Obama administration was the acting CIA director, about the Kushner story in the Washington Post: "That is not a sourcing chain in which I would put a great deal of confidence. I spent a career watching the media get a significant portion of intelligence-related stories wrong. So the bottom line, we should all be very careful in saying what is a fact on which to base analysis here. The real facts may be different."

Just a perspective of two former Democratic CIA directors.

KRAUTHAMMER: "Democratic," that is the key word. These are not partisans. They are not Trump-ites by any means, and what they are speaking for is the institutions, and they are basically saying you might have a romantic notion of being a Deep Throat and uncovering some terrible scandal as in Watergate...
On this occasion, Charles was largely right. Without any question, "some people in the media" are very much riding "romantic" Watergate "notions" as Thursday morning draws near.

And sure enough! There was Morell, crazily saying this:

"I spent a career watching the media get a significant portion of intelligence-related stories wrong."

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! Is Morell allowed to say that?

As we speak, Maddow has been vaguely "under the weather" since before Memorial Day. Before that, she had retracted an earlier exciting report about the way Comey the God had asked for more resources shortly before getting fired.

As she retracted that thrilling report, she said the sourcing chain had been bad—like a game of Telephone, she said. She named six news orgs who had falsely reported the thrilling tale, completely forgot to mention the fact that she had reported it too.

She had also told us a thrilling story about the way acting FBI head Andrew McCabe "became part of the Trump disinformation campaign" back in February. Her thrilling, twenty-minute report was entirely based on an uncorroborated claim by the noted truth-teller, Reince Priebus.

She forgot to say that Comey the God had been fingered by Priebus too. Exalted figures like Comey the God tend to get that kind of treatment from the major overpaid stars of our insider corporate press.

Rachel's been getting out over her skis; now she's taking the cure. At the same time, we think Morell has been offering good sound advice.

Morell's first interview, the one Baier quoted, can be reviewed at this link. We think Morell's remarks about press corps errors are worth considering at this juncture. Beyond that, we think the children we love at The One True Channel can very much, at various times, maybe perhaps be reimagined as big major corporate clowns.

Tomorrow, we'll start to review the cast of characters for Thursday morning's high drama. Getting popcorn ready is fun. We advise you to shun such advice.

Tomorrow: Dramatis personae


  1. Comey is strange and his testimony won't even amount to a pickle on the Russia nothingburger.

    1. They can't drop the Russia-blaming or it will be way too obvious that it was really America's pre-occupation with White Supremacy which decided the election.

    2. There are numerous groups that comprised decisive margins in states for both candidates. White supremacists, greedy 1%ers, and hardworking, moral citizens for Trump and anti-white racists, violent felons and dedicated environmental conservationists for Hillary.

    3. But it was the white supremacy which won the day.
      I know, it sucks to admit, that's why the media has to make believe it's "liberal condescension", Russia, economics, etc.

    4. @11:53 -- spoken just like Putin

    5. Приезжаю странно, и его показания даже не составят рассол на российском никемберге.

  2. Somerby is spending too much time watching Fox News.

    Of course CIA directors will know things that the general public does not. The press will get stories wrong because they do not know everything and are trying to patch what they know together into a reasonable narrative. These particular CIA directors may have watched Bush lie to the public -- that is encompassed by their careers spent watching the press get it wrong. They watched Judith Miller shill for the Iraq invasion hawks. They may be referring to the Steele dossier, not Comey's testimony. They are clearly saying things that give comfort to Trump or they wouldn't be appearing on Fox at all.

    Why is Somerby doing this? Comey will say some stuff. The NSA director will say some stuff on Wed., more people will say some things and gradually we will find out what Trump and Kushner and others did. It won't be innocent and it may differ from what the press has reported and/or speculated. But it won't be innocuous business-as-usual either.

    I heard Carter Page interviewed yesterday and he thinks there is nothing whatsoever wrong with building close ties with Russia, including helping them in various ways. If you believe that, you may find nothing wrong with anything Trump and Kushner and others have done, in their dealings with Russian gangsters, their collusion during the election, or their activities since the inauguration. But Russia is an enemy of the US and unless that changes, these actions are wrong and need to be addressed. Meanwhile, Fox is busy convincing people there is nothing unusual about anything Trump does.

    Why is Somerby doing this too?

    1. When anthropologists spend too much time in another culture, they run the risk of taking on the values and customs of that culture -- that is called "going native." Somerby runs the same risk by spending his time watching conservative cable and reading conservative blogs. When it starts making sense, you have spent too much time there.

  3. I highly recommend Traister's report on Hillary Clinton in the New Yorker. It counteracts the stupid stuff being said by people like Kornacki (the God) and Ezra Klein.

    I understand why the Republicans would want Clinton to take the fall for losing the election, but why do the Democrats when there was clear evidence of both tampering and wrongdoing by Comey? These hearings will be as much a vindication of Clinton as a conviction of Trump and associates.

    Maybe that is why Somerby is working so hard to discredit the process by downplaying the anticipation by the media and mocking liberals who hope this may bring down Trump.

    Somerby says negative things about Trump, but my best guess is that he helped put Trump into office, so he has a vested interest in minimizing (making light of) the damage he and similar voters did by not supporting the Democratic candidate. It would make Somerby's actions less heinous if it turns out that Kushner didn't do anything wrong, etc.

    Shame on you, Somerby.

  4. It's not liberal's fault Trump voters are dumb, toothless, inbred, drug addict, high school drop out, racist, white trash scumbags. We just tell it like it is man.

  5. Bob correctly derides the build up of Comey's testimony, but then makes his own predictions about how the testimony will be perceived. Socrates weeps.

  6. Going off to pop popcorn, as Bob notes, is a silly exclamation that it's cool to enjoy these things for their entertainment value. But it does not fly in the face of reserving judgement until the facts are in.

  7. According to liberals, Comey was
    1. A God, when he ended the investigation of Hillary
    2. A Demon, when he announced that new evidence might require that investigation to be re-opened.
    3. Again a God, when Trump fired him

    If he has nothing concrete to testify against Trump, he might become a Demon again. OTOH if he has enough to justify impeaching Trump, he will become the God of all Gods.

    1. Comrade DinC takes out his box of crayons and scribbles for the 100th time his cartoon version of what "liberals" think.
      Your cartoonish version of what "liberals" thought of Comey was a lie the first time you wrote and it is still a lie no matter how many times you repeat it. You're not here to learn, you're here to troll, asshole.

      Comrade DinC likes to keep things very simple and black and white. That is because Comrade DinC is a very simple warped twisted man.

      Relax Comrade DinC. Nothing Comey could say would justify in your mind impeaching pussygrabber pervert fraud conman lying bastard traitor tRump. Nothing.

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