Lawrence and Morning Joe, pouring it on!


Sub-competence, all the way down: With apologies, we spent the bulk of the afternoon involved in American health care. For that reason, we weren't able to perform our normal afternoon service.

We hope we'll be able, at some point, to discuss the most recent work by Lawrence and by Joe. In some ways, it all began with the reinvention of a familiar old term. 

Its meaning was once well understood. We refer to the tribally pleasing, broadly repurposed, exciting new thrilling term "lie."

Do you work in "cable news?" If so, don't leave home without it!


  1. Somerby's excessively literal, personal definition for the word 'lie" renders it useless. We can never truly know what is in another person's mind.



    If this is all you can attempt to accomplish, considering our country's slide into fascism, if this is all you can muster in light of all the right wing oppression we live under, then you have lost your soul and your moral compass.

  2. The word is needed now more than ever because the Republicans are dealing in disinformation.

  3. Bob thinks Trump can be forgiven because he may believe what he says. So best to look elsewhere for a ref calling the lie lines.

    1. No. He doesn't think Trump can be forgiven.

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