How quickly they forget!


Online Post drops Pelosi: In print editions, it's on the front page of today's Washington Post, appearing beneath these headlines:

Suspect charged in attack on Paul Pelosi
Man said he wanted to break speaker’s knees, according to court filing

It was right there, on the front page, as of 6 A.M.

But that was then, and this is now! As of 11 A.M., that news report isn't available on the nearly endless front page of the online Washington Post. 

That report just isn't there! Apparently, the online Post had to make room on its endless front page for such pressing reports as these:

It’s true, Martin Luther King Jr. paid the hospital bill when actress Julia Roberts was born

Taylor Swift claims every spot in the Billboard Top 10, making music history

Are 1 in 6 Zoomers really doing nothing with their lives? Plus, other reader questions!

Bono’s memoir is as rambling, fascinating and maddening as he is

Real-life ‘White Lotus’: Workers share rich guests’ wildest demands

Carolyn Hax: Stepdaughter wears same outfit daily, prompting concerns

Ask Sahaj: I was raised to compare myself to others. Now I can’t stop.

We’re upset about the custody arrangement. What are our options?

Miss Manners: I overheard my best friend say horrible things about me

Ask Amy: My son physically assaulted my daughter

How to support your sober friends when everyone is drinking

Just 11 extra pounds can ruin healthy knees

Ask a Doctor: Is animal protein easier to absorb than plant protein?

How to survive a crowd crush and why they can become deadly

If your phone needs fixing, make sure your secrets are safe first

That customer service number could be a scam. Here’s how to sniff out a fake.

The Washington Post tried to get suppressed on TikTok. Here’s what happened.

She declined Brando’s ‘Godfather’ Oscar. Now recently deceased Sacheen Littlefeather has her own controversy.

I tried the new seaplane flight from D.C. to New York

How to choose a throw blanket that will keep you warm all winter

Ken Jennings broke ‘Jeopardy!’ in 2004. In 2022, he helped save it.

As of 11 A.M., those reports all appeared on the nearly endless front page of the online Post. The report about the attack on Paul Pelosi didn't.

We decided to see if the report could be found anywhere at all. When we clicked over to the POLITICS page of the online Post, we did find the print edition's front-page report—but Good Lord!

It was seventeenth on the list of reports on the POLITICS page! It was positioned well below this evergreen survivor:

4 Takeaways from the Fetterman-Oz debate

So it goes at the online Washington Post, thye dumbest publication in town. 

In closing, let's review:

At 6 A.M., it sat on the front page of the print edition of the Washington Post. It was right there on A1!

Five hours later, it lay on the junkheap. At the braindead online Washington Post, someone thought it was more important to teach you "how to survive a crowd crush and why they can become deadly," as if you actually need to know such things.

Also, how to choose a throw blanket! Very, very key!

Th billionaires are eating our nation's brains. On the brighter side, they're making additional money!


  1. Today is Tuesday, Nov 1.

    "We decided to see if the report could be found anywhere at all. When we clicked over to the POLITICS page of the online Post, we did find the print edition's front-page report—but Good Lord!

    It was seventeenth on the list of reports on the POLITICS page! "

    Newspapers exist to report news.

    News definition: "newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events"

    Pelosi was attacked last Friday. Since then we have had a weekend and Monday, during which there were reports about the investigation of his attacker, his charges by law enforcement, and today his arraignment will happen. Beyond that, there is nothing NEW about this situation. It is no longer news, and that is why its position in the paper has decreased in prominence.

    If newspapers didn't work this way, with newer information supplanting older info, as more recent events happen, we would still be reading in headlines that Truman defeated Dewey.

  2. "It was positioned well below this evergreen survivor:

    4 Takeaways from the Fetterman-Oz debate

    So it goes at the online Washington Post, thye dumbest publication in town. "

    Why is the Fetterman-Oz debate still news? Because people are still considering who to vote for in an election that is upcoming, a week from today. That information is still important and relevant. Pelosi's attack is now mainly important to his family.

    Is Somerby a child that he doesn't understand such things?

  3. That story about Sacheen Littlefeather was pretty interesting.

  4. "someone thought it was more important to teach you "how to survive a crowd crush and why they can become deadly," as if you actually need to know such things."

    There are 150+ people dead in Seoul Korea who obviously needed to know such things, among them 2 Americans. These crushes have happened in the US too. They happen regularly at large crowd events such as the Muslim Hajj, concerts or sporting events.

    "On November 5, 2021, a fatal crowd crush occurred during the first night of the 2021 Astroworld Festival, a music event founded by American musician Travis Scott that was held at NRG Park in Houston, Texas. Eight people died on the night of the concert, and two more died in the hospital over the following days."

    I'm sure that this is of no concern to Somerby, who rarely leaves his house, but people living more active lives do need to know about it. Somerby's lack of empathy is noted.

  5. Meanwhile, an actual media critic might ask why the NY Times is so determined to portray Democrats as losing the upcoming midterms (from Politicus):

    "A new series of New York Times/Sienna College polls showing Democrats leading in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and tied in Nevada were framed as bad news for Democrats....

    This is how The New York Times reported on their polling, “Control of the Senate rests on a knife’s edge, according to new polls by The New York Times and Siena College, with Republican challengers in Nevada and Georgia neck-and-neck with Democratic incumbents, and the Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania clinging to what appears to be a tenuous advantage. The bright spot for Democrats in the four key states polled was in Arizona, where Senator Mark Kelly is holding a small but steady lead over his Republican challenger, Blake Masters.”

    In what universe are Democrats leading by 6 points in two Senate races and three in another, bad news for Democrats?"

  6. Meanwhile, Dr. Oz thinks that PA has a coast on the Atlantic ocean. Fetterman may have difficulty speaking but at least he knows where PA is, geographically:

    "On Monday, October 31, Oz appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity where he discussed his electoral race against Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) as they fight to replace Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Penn.).

    At one point during the discussion, he said, "Pennsylvania is too important. This is important, we do not have a Republican senator north of North Carolina on the Atlantic coast until you get to Maine if I don’t hold this seat. And there has been a Republican senator in Pennsylvania most of my life. I’m gonna keep one here as well."

  7. From Political Wire:

    "Many Republican political ads “are showing a breathtaking disregard for accuracy and clarity, with Republican candidates and their allies twisting tangential elements into baseless or misleading claims,” the Washington Post reports."

    I cannot read the WaPo report because it is behind a paywall, but in my own state of CO, O'Dea has been making false statements against Bennet, according to Politifact.

    Media should report such disinformation attempts and some have been doing that. This is why attacking the media during an election undermines attempts to keep lies out of campaigning. This benefits Republicans, not Democrats, because Republicans are more likely to use lies instrumentally, to advance their bids for power without constraint. If they are discovered to have lied, they simply tell more lies. I don't know whether Republican voters do not care about the lying, or do not believe the fact-checkers, but Somerby's constant attacks on the media here do not help the situation on the ground during this election.

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  9. Here is someone who shouldn't be allowed out of the house on Halloween (from Political Wire):

    "Kristina Karamo (R), the Trump-backed candidate for Michigan secretary of state, “once expressed support in 2020 for one of QAnon’s most outlandish conspiracies: that elites drink the blood of children and ‘sell baby body parts’ after abortions,” Vice News reports.

    Said Karamo, on an audio recording: “If you go to the Satanic temple website, they have an entire five-minute video explaining why abortion is a religious ritual. They literally say that it is a sacrifice, it is a religious ritual for them to have an abortion, it is sick. And as you mentioned, the baby body parts… they sell the organs. There’s a ton of money involved in freshly harvested organs. There’s so much evidence out there.”

    Somerby would argue that this person is not lying but believes what she says. Regardless, this is a political candidate who is not telling the truth. Lies like this create targets on he left.

    Should people with delusional beliefs be elected to public office? Is there no one else, less delusional, who can do the job this woman is running for?

    And if this is true for a Secretary of State (who will oversee election procedures in her state), shouldn't Trump be held to a higher standard if he runs for president again? Trump is spouting Q-Anon theories these days on Truth Social. Is he any better than his most deluded minions. And how sane is a Republican party that continues to back Trump despite clear and dangerous obsessions like this one, after an insurrection plot that resulted in deaths of law enforcement officers and participants?

    These are the insane people and they are on the right. Someone who votes to keep these people in power will get what they have chosen, but at a cost to us all, including innocent bystanders like Paul Pelosi and all of us who unwillingly have found the fate of our country in their hands.

  10. As a subscriber to the Washington Post, I receive daily emails with links to highlights of the day’s news and opinion pieces. And, I can use the WP app on my phone that, currently shows breaking news about the SC denying Lindsay Graham’s attempt to weasel out of his subpoena by Fanni Willis, reporting on Twitter, a selection of 6 Opinion pieces, reporting on climate change, reporting on the mid-term elections, then gets into Well-being, Entertainment, Sports.
    The option to go directly to any particular Section of the “paper” is available across the top of the screen.

    As a consumer of multiple media sources, I have seen all of the articles and video clips that Bob claims the public isn’t seeing.

    All the gnashing of teeth, tearing of hair, and rending of clothing by Bob is the result of his own choices in media consumption.

  11. From Rawstory comes more evidence that we need to be protecting our media these days, not attacking it:

    "Just as Elon Musk is taking over Twitter, the company uncovered three China-based operatives pretending to be influencers in American politics as part of an effort to polarize Americans ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

    In a cache of data released by the site, nearly 2,000 users were uncovered as they claimed election-rigging and attacked members of the transgender community. They also promoted pro-China narratives to their American audience.

    "The disclosure by Twitter adds to what is known about China-based efforts to influence American audiences by mimicking the strategies Russia-based operatives used to stoke cultural and political tensions during the 2016 election," said the Post. "In September, Meta announced it had disrupted a China-based operation seeking to influence U.S. politics. The U.S. government also has issued warnings about Chinese influence efforts, as have a spate of reports from cybersecurity firms including Google’s Mandiant, Recorded Future and Alethea Group."

  12. Wouldn’t it be something if Trump is re-elected,
    the judicial branch collapses under the
    fist of the right, but Bob is content because
    the online version of the Post becomes
    less frivolous?

  13. Who would vote for funny smelling, mentally handicapped Fetterman?

    1. Who cares what he smells like? You aren't going to be there in Congress with him.

    2. I like my representatives to smell good.

    3. So, you vote for women then. Good on you.

    4. I can't vote for Fetterman because I don't live in PA, but I was at an event he was at, he walked past me and....

      actually he smelled nice.

      I have been briefly nearby the Obamas, they also smell nice.

      I have also been in the NY Subway, smells horrible.

    5. concerns about smelling funny are rich, coming from Fanny Clapper

    6. Biden smells like baby powder.

    7. Hillary Clinton looks like she smells like a heap of sticks and rotting plums.

    8. maybe so, but i heard Trump and DeSantis eat turds

    9. Who among us, besides deranged partisans of course, could ever not sense that Trump's scent is nothing but heaven sent? Politics be damned! Who would not use that man as a pillow or let him sit in our car after a camping trip to restore it to it's original dealership aroma?

    10. Trump's tiny, tiny hands would make good car ashtrays.

    11. Trump's southernmost port of call smells better than Hillary Clinton did on her wedding day.

    12. Who could possibly be surprised that Trump's breath smells like Putin's ass?

    13. omg. my comment got deleted. does someone actually monitor comments? let's try this again and see what happens: Trump probably smells like ass -- more specifically, Putin's

  14. Digby talks about crime:

    "Annual government surveys from the Bureau of Justice Statistics show no recent increase in the U.S. violent crime rate. In 2021, the most recent year with available data, there were 16.5 violent crimes for every 1,000 Americans ages 12 and older. That was statistically unchanged from the year before, below pre-pandemic levels and far below the rates recorded in the 1990s, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey."

  15. Someone actually interested in education, especially of minority students like those in Baltimore, might be discussing the current Supreme Court discussion of affirmative action:

  16. "someone thought it was more important to teach you "how to survive a crowd crush and why they can become deadly," as if you actually need to know such things."

    Actually this is useful information. These events happen periodically. I've been involved in one and it's frightening how fast it happens and how difficult it is to stop once started.

  17. The core thesis here is true. Liberals are more stupid than they realize and people do not like them. I think one thing has a lot to do with the other.

    I also agree that this will never change. Like when Jesus said "Father forgive them, they don't realize how stupid they are and that no one likes them.".

    1. 9:11,
      I have some terrible news. I'm not a political reporter for a corporate-owned media outlet. Therefore, I am not obligated to believe that your hatred for Liberals is about their stupidity, and not about how they believe black people should have political representation.
      I'm sure you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps and become a better person in life, if you want that.
      Good luck.

    2. I have some terrible news for you. I am a liberal.

    3. Oh wait, you're the bigotry one. Oh. Hi. Good luck with everything.

    4. Their core constituencies are turning on them. Republicans have taken the lead in early and mail in voting in Miami Dade in Florida. If that isn't a harbinger.

      You can't fail at everything especially after the last guy succeeded, and rely on "but the EU hates Trump" and expect voters continue to take you seriously.

    5. Those voters are furious with Biden's lowest unemployment rate in 5 decades, but want Republicans to gut their Social Security.
      Bless their hearts.

    6. I know you're very proud of your low employment talking point but do remember that the jobs of which you speak are $15 an hour jobs at and Amazon warehouse, unionizations of which Biden has not said one word, and also low employment is an indicator of recession.


      That took no time.
      Meanwhile, Rationalist is on month four searching for that elusive Republican voter, who cares about something other than bigotry and white supremacy. (If he hasn't already given up).

    8. The substance is what is important, "the jobs of which you speak are $15 an hour jobs at and Amazon warehouse, unionizations of which Biden has not said one word, and also low employment is an indicator of recession".

    9. Ok - creating Amazon warehouse jobs is not something to be proud of or crow about. Employment at an Amazon warehouses for $15 an hour will not get one excited about Biden, quite the opposite yet you think it is some kind of admirable achievement.

      Also, don't forget high employment is an indicator of recession.

      But I know you're very excited and proud of this statistic and good for you for that. Democrats are still not as smart as they think they are and everyone hates them as you will see in less than a week.

    10. "Also, don't forget high employment is an indicator of recession."
      It sure is. First high employment, then better wages for workers, then the stock market reeling from the "bad news" that workers have the upper hand, then the Fed stepping in to raise interest rates and put the brakes on the economy until jobs are lost, wages go down, and the stock market goes up.

    11. Here is how you tackle inflation:
      Strong anti-monopoly/ anti-trust regulation and enforcement, which keeps markets competitive, which tamps down inflation.
      Best thing about it? Both Democrats and Republicans know it's true.

    12. Raise taxes on the rich.

    13. even better, institute price controls, like Nixon did

      gosh remember when even Republicans cared about clean air and water, those were the days

    14. "remember when even Republicans cared about clean air and water, those were the days"
      Anyone who isn't a bigot, or isn't perfectly fine with bigotry, left the Republican Party more than two decades ago.