MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2019

Starting tomorrow, Leadership down:
Is it true, what we told you last year? Is it "all anthropology now?"

By that, we meant the following. We meant there was no reason to think that we modern Americans were going to be able to find our way out of current mess.

As a species, we simply aren't built for that task! After all, consider what Professor Harari has said in a best-selling book which has been endorsed by Bill Gates and Barack Obama:

As it turns out, we humans aren't "the rational animal" after all!

According to Professor Harari, our species took control of the planet when, through a set of chance mutations, we developed the capacity for "gossip" and the ability to promulgate and march behind sets of compelling group "fictions."

And not only that! "Tolerance is not a Sapiens trademark," Professor Harari has said.

Does it make sense to believe that a species like that will find its way out of our current mess? Or will we continue to gossip and create fictions about The Others, as we now typically do? Is it all anthropology now?

We ask, you decide! That said, we spent last week examining the highly non-rational which routinely prevails within our own "liberal" tribe.

We discussed the way the New York Times reported on a thrilling new public school in Akron. The silly newspaper's front-page reporting was novelized narrative all the way down.

Had the new school's students really recorded "extraordinary results" on their first set of district assessments? The Times' reporting was pleasing group fiction, full stop.

How extraordinary were those results? Our reports went exactly like this:
Tuesday, April 23: How good were the children's actual scores? How bad was the adults' reporting?

Wednesday, April 24: Achievement gaps (in Akron) are real! But how many kids were excluded?

Thursday, April 25:
How extraordinary were those test results? Lack of clarity all the way down!

Friday, April 26: Why haven't they all been frog-marched away? Extraordinary misreporting!
Again and again, it's nothing but fiction when the New York Times pretends to discuss public schools!

Starting tomorrow, it's "Leadership down!" As we assail our disordered commander'in-chief, how sharp are our own tribal leaders?

Professor Harari's gloomy theories have been endorsed by Future Anthropologists Huddled in Caves (TM), the disconsolate yet trademarked group which reports to us from the aftermath of the global conflagration they glumly describe as Mister Trump's Once-Predictable War.

They report to us in nocturnal submissions which the haters refer to as "dreams." Their views should be attributed to their official future news organ, FAHIC NEWS.


  1. "Starting tomorrow, it's "Leadership down!""

    We can't wait, Bob. Give it to them straight, Bob, to your zombie cult leaders. Hit 'em hard.

    1. Yeah, Bob. Treat the Democrats like Trump and the rest of the elite Republicans treat the citizens of the USA. You can start by letting the Establishment Elite put toxins in their drinking water, in return for higher profits.

  2. Oh Goody!! Somerby is going to trash the Democratic candidates, or maybe Nancy Pelosi.

    Never mind trashing the people who got us into this mess -- pick on the ones trying to get us out of it. Because they are Neanderthals or something.

    1. The actions of the opponents of Democrats don't make Democrats immune to criticism. There's no logic to that. Are you 12 years old?

    2. I said "Oh Goody!!" didn't I?

  3. Sheesh! It' has been this level of angst and drama on Twitter too.

    Everyone who didn't vote for Trump currently needs ECT.

    1. ECT makes you accept bigotry? Who knew?

  4. It isn’t clear that anyone ought to credit the analysis of someone who attacks the media for calling Trump’s lies “lies” (because we don’t know his mental state when he says them), but then chastises the media for not calling out Trump’s “mental illness” (which requires knowledge of Trump’s mental state).

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