No longer in Kansas: Starting this morning, the DAILY HOWLER will appear at this new location. In the next few weeks, we’ll be working out a few kinks in the site’s layout. But this is where we'll be.

The original HOWLER will remain at its current address, uncorrupted by the passage of time. Archives from March 1998 through August 2011 will be available there. On the right side of this page, we offer a link to that site.

Might we mention a sterling fellow as time marches on in this manner? Right from the start, Marc Cherbonnier has been posting this site. In rain, in sleet, through dark of night—well, you may know the rest.

Marc is a superlative dude. Now, he’s sending us into the world, secure in the belief that we can do our own posting.

Marc has never been wrong in the past. Except for–what—three or four times?

Coming soon: Bamboo Sundays!


  1. OMG! Comments!!!

    Congratulations, Bob and Marc.

  2. Well done, Bob. Now you can revel in the opinions of we great unwashed immediately, without having to sift through virtual stacks of emails.

    I was always partial to gray, but the new background and leaves are a soothing improvement. I'd like to see your mascot (the "little howler") return to the masthead, however.

  3. Comments, excellent. Just make sure you have a good moderator for people who don't play nice.

  4. Comments at the Howler? Frabjous day!

  5. oh no.. lunch will now be extended an add'l 1/2 hour!

  6. I too am excited that I can post comments now. But I throw in with BKT in preferring gray. Would you believe that it was just yesterday that I was pondering the gray background/black text and its relative ease on the eyes?

  7. Look forward to reading you on your new home Bob--and to commenting. Let's hope the trolls don't have over.

    Did you see this post by James Fallows? http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2011/09/people-dont-realize-how-fragile-democracy-really-is/244559/

    Word is finally getting through (or maybe I am just feeling optimistic today. In any case, keep up the good work!

  8. Ah yes, comment moderation! An unexplored country...

  9. Love the new look, Bob! Keep up the great work.

  10. Bob Somerby:

    As I mentioned to Kevin Drum over dinner a few weeks ago, yours is the analysis that I seldom fail to read every day.

    Given that so many of us find your work so incredibly useful, thanks so much for your fine efforts, both old and new, they are greatly appreciated.

    I'm particularly looking forward to the long-awaited opportunity to join this conversation of yours in commentary.

    Once again, I'd like to express my gratitude for the many years of excellent journalism you have provided, and my eager anticipation with respect to this upgraded enterprise.

    Stuart Zechman
    Host, Virtually Speaking

  11. Been following you for years....comments feature is very nice.

  12. The Daily Howler is daily reading for me. Congrats and best wishes on the new venture. Comments can be a blessing and a curse...but the bad is worth the good, in my opinion.

    Rob Woodard
    Richardson, TX

  13. Most important is the way we can now easily share DH to Facebook, etc.
    This is great.
    Greg Wall
    Los Angeles

  14. Beautiful blog, Bob! I've always wished that I could somehow connect with other Howler fans.

    This is going to be great.

  15. Years ago, Howler was the first "ordinary person political blog" I came across. It was to say the least a revelation. I am very happy to see Howler opening to comments . . . though I admit a certain trepidation as well. There was something quaint and brave about the no-comment style of the old site.

  16. Beautiful site, close-up leaves lacking only a little Howler perched on a branch.

    This long-time reader giddy at the prospect, after all these years, of connecting with the throngs I knew had to be out there.

    To coin a phrase, Somerby gets results. An overdue, well-deserved, thorough pummeling of Bruni, Keller, Friedman (so many to choose from), scroll to "Fix Your Columnist Problem": http://gawker.com/5837609/.

  17. Bob, congrats on the new site, and thanks for including a comments feature!

  18. Holy moly! A blog! Does this mean I can "like" you on Facebook?

  19. Lovely surprise. Thanks Bob.

  20. I will read your posts wherever you go Bob but I miss the Print function. I know Blogger doesn't have that function but if you could make each post linkable I can at least use Readability or something else to print out the posts it would be useful.

    Personally I prefer the grey background and wider text but everyone else seems to be taken with the leaves so I guess I'll learn to live with that.

    Good luck with the Comments section.

  21. I take it back about the Printing. I am so used to clicking on the Heading that I forgot that the Comments link also opens the article. I try to avoid Comments in Political articles as a rule.