Tribe watch: What is empathy?


Rabin-Havt gets it (very) right: It’s easy to mock the person who sees that something is wrong, but doesn’t know how to fix it.

People like that are found in all movements. The other tribe quickly attacks.

In this superb post at Media Matters, Ari Rabin-Havt takes us back to the year 2000. Larry Summers is the heavy. Zack Exley gets it right.

People in Occupy see things are wrong. So do some people in the tea party. All are in the 99 percent. Or have we already discarded the math upon which this new movement is based?


  1. Pretty much what Krugman said in his column last week: The OWS protesters know what's wrong with the system, but it is the job of the policy wonks to figure out how to fix it. For that he was widely panned as an elitist.

  2. Too bad Dr. Michael Hudson wasn't in that room.