Our third annual pitch: History costs money!


Will the future be served: Filling in at the Washington Monthly last weekend, Elon Green made it look very easy.

Responding to Maureen Dowd’s latest breakdown, he offered a capsule account of the press corps’ conduct in Campaign 2000. “By the time George Bush took office, this was accepted wisdom,” Green correctly wrote:
Al Gore said he’d invented the Internet; announced that he had personally discovered Love Canal, the most infamous toxic-waste site in the country; and bragged that he and Tipper had been the sole inspiration for the golden couple in Erich Segal’s best-selling novel Love Story (made into a hit movie with Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal).
“Of course, none of this was true,” Green said. “But thanks in no small part to an unquestioning press—led, in fact, by Dowd herself—voters swallowed it whole.”

We don't know if voters “swallowed it whole,” but the press corps mightily tried. If they changed even one percent of the vote (and they did), they changed that election’s outcome. And that was a very fateful election. We were soon on our way to Iraq.

In one paragraph, Green gave a capsule account of Campaign 2000—and he tied it to the disgraceful Dowd. It’s amazing how rarely this has been done by the career liberal world. From March 1999 on, your nation’s elites have all agreed to swallow this story—a story which is much more awful than the part Green so easily told.

There’s a reason for that silence, of course. Having lost their minds over President Clinton’s blow jobs, they all took part in the twenty-month war which sent Bush to the White House. And they will never say so. People like Dowd have never been asked, not even once, to explain all the things they did.

It has all been disappeared.

The world would be a saner place if voters got to hear the facts Green so easily rattled. The fuller story is simply amazing; here at THE HOWLER, we want to leave that story for voters of the future. Let’s face it: Contemporary voters will never hear the story of the press corps’ conduct during the Clinton-Gore years, when conservative power was congealing in Washington.

Contemporary voters will never hear about the events described in Fools for Scandal. They’ll never hear the full story which lies behind Green’s capsule account. But future voters may want to know—and they will deserve to hear. We’d like to leave them the story.

We wouldn’t ask if there weren’t a need. But history takes time and money! Iif you want to support this effort, we hope you'll just click here.

Chapter 7 is coming next. The story gets worse and worse.

Elon Green made it look very easy. It’s stunning to think how rarely the public gets has been allowed to hear those facts. The full story ought to be told.

Why not pay history forward?


  1. I'm going to donate to Bob via Paypal, but a warning if you chose to send a check. Several years ago, I mailed a check to Bob's PO Box and he never deposited it for some reason. I know he got it because I used the USPS mail tracking system for it and they said it was delivered. Not sure what happened, but just keep it in mind...

  2. maybe he just really, really liked your check?:

    "Not sure what happened, but just keep it in mind..."

    ok, what i want to know is, just how good of a blow job was it? i ask because it cost this country dearly, in both blood and treasure, making it history's most expensive blow job. for that, it had better well have been history's best blow job, the blow job that all other blow jobs aspire to. when completed. clinton better damn well have been totally incapacitated, both physically and mentally, not capable of movement and thought, for days afterwards. he should have had difficulty just breathing.

    sadly, i doubt that was the case.

    1. Perhaps he really liked it? When I get checks, I like them best when I don't have them anymore and they are in the bank, but to each his own.

      Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky was stupid, but what followed afterwards was stupider. Read Syd Blumenthal's book on the whole affair.

    2. For cpinva, like our idiot press, it's all about the blowjobs!

      "What followed afterwards," hardindr? It doesn't matter -- it's the inevitable consequence of blowjobs and hence all the fault of Clinton's damned penis. Everything else should be forgotten, excused.

      Let us fondly imagine the blowjobs, says cpinva, along with your idiot media.

      The blowjobs explain the doggy pills, the three (four!) button suits, the licking the floor -- the blowjobs explain all that, and the internet as well. The blowjobs explain Love Story and Love Canal, the union label (sigh!). Is there nothing blowjobs can't explain?

      They of course explain why Gore's a man who needs a woman to tell him how to *be* a man! A man who doesn't look like one of us -- frankly, looks French. A man who would lie to us repeatedly. "worked hard on the farm!" -- sure, sure Al. Blowjobs!

      cpinva hopes they were good ones, the blowjobs. He blames them for everything. They explain it ALL.

  3. I wonder if Bob kept account of what happened during the 2008 Democ. primaries. How the MSM all of it acted as Obama's campain headquarter to defeat Hillary.

    1. No need to wonder go back to his archives. He had plenty to say back then about that campaign.

    2. Actually...not really.

      Compared to the entire BOOK he wrote about 2000.

  4. “Of course, none of this was true,” Green said. “But thanks in no small part to an unquestioning press—led, in fact, by Dowd herself—voters swallowed it whole.”

    why, assuming its true, did she lead the press? why does the ny times lead the media? persoanlly i dont live in new york and i dont care what she said and i have to wonder why do others, especially people who are paid money to be on top of things. who died and made the ny times king?

  5. "History costs money!" I hear Freddie Mac pays her historians well.

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