Again with the rise of Candidate Brown!


How does Blunt look to Bay Staters: On Wednesday, we noted the fact that Elizabeth Warren has fallen behind in a series of Massachusetts polls.

That doesn’t mean that she won’t beat Scott Brown. We have no idea what will happen.

But in yesterday’s Salon, Patrick Tracey discussed Brown’s recent ascent. At one point, he even discussed the way Brown’s vote for the Blunt amendment looks to Bay State voters.

We don’t know if Tracey is right. But he’s the author of Stalking Irish Madness: Searching for the Roots of My Family's Schizophrenia.

When such people speak, we sit up listen! Here’s what Tracey says:
TRACEY (3/8/12): Brown has sided with Big Oil consistently and supported an effort by fellow Republicans to ban the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases linked to global warming. Most egregiously, he stood squarely with the Senate GOP on contraception, co-sponsoring the narrowly defeated Blunt Amendment that would have permitted employers and insurers to restrict access to birth control.

Yet this proved to be a safe gamble in Massachusetts with its large number of Roman Catholics who use birth control faithfully. Even if most parishioners who make it to the pews each Sunday believe insurers should offer contraception in their employee healthcare benefits package, they don’t mind if their senator takes the same stand that’s preached from the pulpit. That issue, stalking Romney through the primaries, has not hurt Brown much, even after Brown was roundly condemned by the Kennedy clan for misrepresenting his predecessor’s position on contraception.
Is Tracey right? We have no idea. But some liberals simply assumed that the Blunt amendment would be a millstone around Brown’s neck. After all, it seemed absurd to us.

Alas! For better or worse, Massachusetts voters may not be the way we imagine.

We grew up in Massachusetts, some time ago. We’ll guess Tracey could be right.


  1. Massachusetts is the home of freedom. The first shot of the American Revolution was fired there. It took the lead in the US Civil War in raising troops and sending black soldiers to fight. It has repeatedly elected Republicans who believe in freedom. Massachusetts kowtows to no one and nothing. It was the first and only state to elect a black Republican in the 20th century. Scott Brown has the support of those who want freedom and they are pouring millions of dollars into his reelection as they're free to do. That's why he's running away in the polls.

    1. I too am from Massachusetts. Massachusetts may kowtow to no one and nothing, whatever that means, but it elects a lot more Democrats than Republicans. I want freedom myself, but don't support Brown. (Brown said in his last campaign, that "we are at war in our shopping malls" - referring to terrorism, which is one example of why I have antipathy for him). I don't see it that Brown supports freedom (pretty ambiguous term) more than Warren. The election is a ways off so we'll see who wins.

  2. I love Mass. residents. They stone buses carrying (black)children to school. They are misunderstood. It is the fault of the liberals. Brown represents the people. We should not criticize the people. Reason with them. Show them the path. They surely will recognize the folly of their ways. It's their Irish/Catholic upbringing. Criticize Limbaugh? What? He's been doing this for years! And liberals never said anything!

    1. Maybe you could dissolve the people of Massachusetts and elect another?

  3. He could be right but too many voters are just too busy to pay too much attention to the pre-election rhetoric of disfunctional politicians and mainstream press polls.

    I know many share my disappointment with Elizabeth, another intellectual without any street smarts.
    Republicans will eat her alive. We are just bored with the process. No matter who gets in it just gets worse.

    And, I must add that as an Independent voter for the past forty year's here in Mass. I just can not figure out who are these people who vote for the likes of a Scott Brown.

    Rob in Salem..

  4. I must add that as an Independent voter for the past forty year's here in Mass. I just can not figure out who are these people who vote for the likes of a Scott Brown.

    "These people" are the majority.

    They want to be free. Don't know it until you've tried it.

    A tea party isn't just a children's game or a social ritual.

  5. The battle has not yet been joined. Warren isn't even the Dem nominee yet, not technically. Right now, she and her staff are establishing a great ground game in MA and are raising money. Brown is doing the same (well, he's raising money -- I really know nothing about his on-the-ground game). Otherwise for now, she and Brown skirmish, trying to win some advantages here and there for when the battle is truly joined. We shall see.
    Btw, the local station here in western MA (truly western MA -- this station is in Pittsfield) just dropped Limbaugh's show -- just dropped it. Gone. Caput. I wouldn't underestimate the slow-burn effects of Brown's support of the Blunt amendment....

  6. Enjoy your brief moment Sen Brown . For the Brown booster club you have your Bull Run and Antietam right chere .

    Enjoy !

    See you in September
    See you when the summer's through
    Here we are (bye, baby, goodbye)
    Saying goodbye at the station (bye, baby, goodbye)
    Summer vacation (bye, baby bye, baby)
    Is taking you away (bye, baby, goodbye)