Coming tonight: Must-see TV!

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2012

How will Rachel correct: Just a quick programming note: This evening’s Rachel Maddow show ranks as must-see TV.

At issue: How will Maddow handle her latest cosmic factual blunder? We refer to the remarkable boner around which she built her second segment with Senator Inhofe last Thursday night.

As it turns out, that entire segment was built around a cosmic mistake—a cosmic factual error by Maddow. If you want to see the error explained, this conservative site has the facts right. So does Newsbusters—Gack!—over at MRC.

To date, Maddow has made no correction, though the Maddow Show has killed the tape of the bungled segment from last Thursday night. Here’s tonight’s must-see question:

How will Maddow correct her mistake? What follows is just a guess, based on past misbehavior:

Maddow will run through various errors Inhofe made on Thursday night’s program. She may even throw in a few mistakes from his mistake-riddled book. In the process, she will mention her own mega-gaffe, keeping viewers from understanding how ginormous this latest blunder was.

But that’s just a guess.

We've told you this before: You have to fact-check every word that comes out of Maddow’s mouth. The Maddow show is comfort food. It's the liberal world aping Fox.

We’ve also noted this: Maddow says that she loves to self-correct; gullible acolytes like to believe her. Inhofe’s view on climate change to the side, this claim by Maddow may be the world’s actual “greatest hoax.”

It’s hard to lose a debate to Inhofe. Our Own Rhodes Scholar found several ways to do so last Thursday. But then again, what else is new?

Tonight’s show is must-see TV machine thingy. How will Rachel correct?


  1. What she should do is imitate This American Life, who made a very valuable show on the errant Mike Daisey.

  2. As you would say "Truly, that is horrible."!

  3. You'll have to tell me what she does because I would no more watch the execrable MSNBC than Fox.
    If it wasn't for the Beeb and Al Jazeera, I wouldn't get TV news.

  4. I'm so tired of being associated with clowns like her just because I say I'm liberal. Like most of the other talking heads, she's a cheerleader and a Heather ( Frankly, I don't care how she chooses to handle it. She cannot be rehabilitated any more than Chris Matthews can.

  5. Here's one approach:

  6. I don't think she dealt with it at all. I'm not sure, because I didn't give it undivided attention, but RM seems to have devoted the whole show to a 'special report' on various international nuclear issues. I listened at the end to see if she would do corrections then, but she just did an intro for the MSNBC show in the next time slot.

  7. Yeah, how terrible that Maddow devote an entire show to the exportation and proliferation of weapons-grade enriched uranium that began under Ike's "Atoms for Peace" program!

    Didn't she know that Bob Somerby caught her in a "major gaffe" and should have devoted her entire show to the mea culpas he demands whenever a "liberal" violates his code of perfect conduct?

    1. Gads but you're thick-headed!

    2. I don't think the issue deserves a whole episode. One segment would have told me as much as I wanted to know. I think RM just wanted to show off that she personally went to foreign countries and toured creepy nuclear storage facilities.

      Maddow herself often brags about how eager she is to correct herself.

    3. You seem to be confusing 'weapons grade' (90% and up) with 'highly enriched' (20% and up). I don't think that's RM's fault. I recall her making the distinction quite clear.

  8. Yes, how dare Rachel Maddow devote an entire show to a subject you deem worthy of only a single segment. Why, she still had her serious "mistake" to correct!

    As for "confusing" weapons grade with highly enriched, Maddow also made it clear how nations receiving highly enriched uranium converted that into weapons grade.