Monday: A philosophical question in Durham!

MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012

A mission of national import: We're driving home from Durham later today, after visiting the kindergarten of our 5 and 3/4-year old great niece.

On today's visit, we will finally get to observe the magic of her teacher, Miss M—, a legendary figure in this young scholar's home.

Over the weekend, we've been immersed in the wonders of the alphabet more than in the occasional small imperfections of the American press corps. Despite this, we will return to full services on Tuesday morning.


If you go to the bank, and you give them a dollar bill, they will give you twenty nickels! But is that actually a good deal?

This question has never been fully settled. Our great niece is far from sure.


  1. Nice to see that the illustrious staff at the DH also have illustrious families -- and that they're all also working on matters of national import.

  2. Working on , or working with ?
    This is a matter unstated minutial imports .

  3. Bob's alphabet blocks: NYT and MSNBC.
    Do the kids also consider those two stacks "the American press corps"?

    1. Worthless hate.

    2. Hey, if it gives him a reason to get up in the morning, who are we to judge?

    3. I hope Bob has learned to ignore the anonymous poster(s) who troll his threads.

    4. Yeah, hate to hurt Bob's feelings. Don't want him to think that others might have different opinions of him than his very own "tribe" has.

    5. If Bob wrote a post that was:

      O the sun comes up-up-up in the opening

      sky(the all the
      any merry every pretty each

      bird sings birds sing
      gay-be-gay because today's today)the
      romp cries i and the me purrs

      you and the gentle
      who-horns says-does moo-woo
      (the prance with the
      three white its stimpstamps)

      the grintgrunt wugglewiggle
      champychumpcomps yes
      the speckled strut begins to scretch and

      and scritch(while
      the no-she-yes-he fluffies tittle
      tattle did-he-does-she)& the

      ree ray rye roh
      rowster shouts


      -- you would write a comment about the NYT, MSNBC, and his tribe.

  4. This made me laugh.

  5. It's actually a good deal if your intent is to fill a sock with dollar bills and whack somebody over the back of the head with it. A sock of nickels is more effective than a sock with paper bills. Bank on it!

  6. Stop using the royal "we", Bob. It's no longer funny, cute, profound, insightful, informative, or honest. And tell Dr. Cavell that he needs to publish by June.

    1. I find it amusing. You need a vacation.

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