Cable debacle watch: Kornacki slams Booker but then averts gaze!

TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2012

The problem that can’t be named: At Salon, Steve Kornacki bats Cory Booker around for his slippery, disingenuous series of filibusters on last night’s Maddow show. For an accurate account of Booker’s performance, just click here.

Kornacki refers to Booker’s performance as a “12-minute display of charismatic evasion last night.” For ourselves, we’ll skip the “charismatic,” sign up for all the rest.

Kornacki nails Booker’s performance, only failing to note his nauseating suggestions that he was for Obama before being for Obama was cool. But even as he complains about Booker’s “filibusters,” Kornacki fails to name the well-known person who allowed this crap to go on.

Kornacki is an MSNBC analyst. He can’t tell you that Maddow was as bad as her disingenuous guest. Or boy howdy! Perhaps a bit worse!


  1. Krugman thinks this sinks Booker's career. I think that if Booker had made such a comment about gay marriage, or something "the left" really cares about, it would sink his career, but "the left" doesn't really care about economics. If this hadn't been an election year, and attacking things like Bain a vital part of Obama's strategy, nobody would have blinked at what Booker said -- in fact, if it hadn't been an election year, nobody would be talking about Bain or private equity at all. It's only during elections when "the left" even pretends to care. Notice the complete lack of comments on this, while the usual idiots swarm over your posts on what should be relatively minor topics. Leftism in the United States is a sham, a joke, a charade, and people like Maddow are clowns masquerading as ringleaders.

    1. up out of my chair applauding. come on, everybody up!

      that emoted, an alternative take on somerbys madow/kornaki contrast is that madow was aware that the following show was going to take booker apart and so she didnt need to do the same on her show, thereby avoiding burning a bridge with her friend. and msnbc came off less brutal as well doing it in this manner.

      “Rachel Maddow and Cory Booker have been friends ever since they went to Stanford together.” - b. somerby

    2. It's supposed to be her job to report and dissect the news, not avoid burning bridges with "her friend." She isn't paid millions of dollars a year to nurture her personal fucking relationships. The fact that someone would go to such absurd lengths to justify this shows why she does it and gets away with it. It's kind of like, when Obama was fucking up so badly in his first three years people came up with the multi-dimensional chess nonsense to explain it away. When you care about something, when you realize YOUR interests are at stake, you don't bend yourself into a pretzel trying to defend other peoples' failings. People only do that when they have no real interest in the outcome. Thus, sham, bullshit leftism.

  2. Hey, this has only been up about an hour, give us time to process! At this point, the Daily Howler has himself adopted several different takes on Bain ( It's what's really important, it's bad strategy, it the heart of the voters existential angst!) depending on what someone else is saying about it. What's an unimportant topic, The Martian Case? You sure wouldn't know it from reading The Daily Howler.
    Too bad, Kornacki's work is downgraded as he fails to nail the essential purpose of life: hating Rachel Maddow's guts.

    1. What's an important topic, the daily media charade?

      I pretend not to get it!

  3. This is the sweetest--and one of the poetic-- fights I have witnessed in a long time. To watch these neoliberals,in a circular firing squad, caught between the all too understand dilemma of feathering their own nests (Booker, Ford, Rattner, Warner, et al, v. their fellow neoliberal's "fierce urgency" of getting reelected, and therefore having to pretend he is a 'liberal...this is priceless. And the Sun night YouTube Patty Hearst-like hostage statement that Booker put on...I did not think it would get any better. But it did, on Maddow's show.

    I love watching this.

  4. You guys are exactly right: mainstream Dems are spineless Wall Street syncophants who routinely pretend outrage for election purposes only to feed from the same trough.

    Chief among them, a certain Bill Clinton, who's accepted millions in speaking fees from financial services concerns, and who, along with Al Gore, did the industry some very, very big favors. Cory Booker simply told the truth about Howler heroes really think and, as such, Bob's in a somewhat awkward position here. Does he criticize Booker for his sell-out to Wall Street, or for adopting the same prevarications as his liberal heroes?

    Another Wall Street syncophant would be MSNBC, which will not countenance any serious criticism of the Street in its programming. In this respect, the preoccupation with Maddow would seem peculiarly inapt and silly. Do you criticize editorialists at the Wall Street Journal for not promoting socialism?

    All of which, put together, makes the media/personality criticism which appears at this site appear oddly irrelevant to the world we live in.

    But never mind! If Somerby's critics turn up here, you guys are furious and go to work immediately, preparing "Shorter" versions to show them up as they idiots they surely are. If they don't turn up, that also proves their wrong wrong wrong! Or, if they stay away long enough (maybe 3 hours), one of you is sure to attempt a parody of a Somerby critic. Then another one of you can offer a pithy "Shorter Version"!

    You guys are so great! You know so much! Just keep coming here and you'll know everything.

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