Candidate Romney goes to the store!


Telegenic children at play: Yesterday, Mitt Romney went to the hardware store. On MSNBC, this became the latest chance to see the children at play.

Alex Wagner was guest-hosting for Lawrence. She led a long, inane discussion of Mr. Mitt’s shopping trip.

Alex Wagner is on the air because she’s highly telegenic. She’s also willing to do what she’s told. In this case, she was told to talk way down to MSNBC viewers.

The producers knew who her helpmates should be. Ana Marie and Jonathan helped her clown her way through the segment.

(Later segment: Levi Johnston says he wants full custody!)

For decades, liberals laughed and rolled their eyes at discussions like this in “conservative” media. Now, the children are us!

To watch this pathetic discussion, click here. The transcript hasn’t been posted yet. In a slightly saner world, the transcript would be destroyed.

The good news: Wagner is making plenty of dough as she bows to her bosses this way. The children laughed and gamboled last night—and your nation just kept getting dumber.

Dumbness is as dumbness does. Does this lead to a good place?


  1. I remember when shopping was cool.

    You can't make this up:

    Published: October 2, 2011

    Was it just an innocent shopping trip, a chance to escape the White House bubble or a clever bit of image manipulation?

    Photos taken by an Associated Press photographer of first lady Michelle Obama strolling away from the checkout counter at a Target store in Alexandria circled the globe Friday. The images were unusual and striking, depicting the elegant first lady, in an unglamorous disguise, shopping at a discount store familiar to millions of Americans.

    Many found the images delightful and refreshing. “First Ladies . . . They’re just like us!” gushed NBC’s “Today” show in promoting its coverage of Obama’s excursion.

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