The Times pretends to do campaign reporting!


Breaking! How many people in campaign ads seem to be visually sad: Finally!

Finally, with Election Day nearing, the New York Times has done an extremely long, carefully researched front-page news report!

The report runs 4900 words. But it isn’t about our election campaign. This lengthy report is all about the wealth of China’s first family.

The Times still hasn’t reported about the way Bain Capital underfunded the pensions at that Kansas City steel mill. But please don’t despair:

Even if Romney is getting a pass, the Chinese first family is not!

Alas! As Election Day draws closer, the clowning by the New York Times only increases. Did you check the gigantic graphic in yesterday’s Election 2012 section?

The colorful graphic consumed about eighty percent of page A12—the first page of the section. Here are some of the earliest facts it helped us understand:
Fact: Twenty-one percent of Republican ads show someone who is “visually sad” or in tears. Only one percent of Democratic ads do this.

Fact: Nine percent of Democratic ads show sunny skies—as compared to only four percent of Republican ads.

Fact: Three percent of both Republican and Democratic ads show a gloomy day. The parties agree on this point.

Fact: Twenty-nine percent of Republican ads are shot in black and white.
To review this giant graphic, click here. Don’t let your children look!

Our conclusion:

As Election Day nears, the Times is determined to fill our heads with utterly worthless nonsense and fluff. They're hoping we'll see this as “campaign reporting.”

This just in: Sadly, it's junk!

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