Gail Collins keeps us barefoot and pregnant!


The role of a world-class buffoon: How odd! In three presidential debates, no one asked Obama or Romney how they would handle the fiscal cliff.

What is Obama planning to do? None of the moderators asked!

Now, we face the moment of truth—and what is Gail Collins discussing?

The distractions never stop with this clown! Yesterday, the editors gave her the front page of Sunday Review.

This was the high lady’s topic:
COLLINS (11/11/12): Hillary’s Next Move

“Maybe I’ll get a decorating show,” said Hillary Clinton.

It was a few weeks before the election. Clinton was flying back from an overnight trip to Peru, talking—without any great enthusiasm—about the topic that would begin to obsess the American political world as soon as the presidential ballots had been counted: Will Hillary run in 2016?

It’s more than two months until this inauguration. But the speculation is already roaring. On Friday, Politico reported that Public Policy Polling had a new survey showing that if the Iowa caucuses were held today—there’s a terrifying thought—Clinton would get 58 percent of the vote. Joe Biden limped in with 17 percent.

Every day, people approach Hillary Clinton and tell her she has an obligation to run and give America its first woman president. “Yes, they do!” she laughs, with the trademark H.C. chortle. Being asked to run for president is a kind of side career all by itself.
The last campaign had been over five days. Naturally, then, Collins began discussing the next one!

Collins spent most of the past two years complaining that the campaign was too long. In this typically dishonest column, she rolls her eyes at the obsessive speculation about next time, even as she works to advance it. She shudders to think of those Iowa caucuses, even as she distracts us from the pressing concerns which should be at hand.

Was the last election too long? So what! Collins can’t wait to start the next one—and her editors put her on the front page of Sunday Review.

This is the way a vacuous class distracts our gaze with their shiny objects. In her unfortunate but obvious depression, Collins is truly a horrible figure.

And darlings! We liberals adore her!

Out comes the latest shiny object. And sure enough! There goes our gaze!


  1. Gail Collins wrote this article? I hadn't even noticed, as I read it with great interest. With interest, mind you, not some knee-jerk rah-rah Collins or Hillary (or both) response.

    Like probably anybody else who read this piece, I have read other things, too, even on the same day. Mr. Somerby, please, have more faith in your fellow citizens! (Nothing to lose -- Pascal's wager, and all that.) You are not the only being, counting as sentient, reading and responding to a variety of news stories and op-eds.

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