They’re very much like Dr. King!


By their own admission: From first viewing, we thought the ad bordered on the obscene.

Now, the ad can be seen on-line. We refer to the new MSBC promotional ad in which a host of on-air talent hold up white boards explaining the ways they're advancing Dr. King’s dream.

You’re right—the whiteboard turns the ad into a cross between Dr. King and the late Tim Russert, a more important figure within the NBC family. But good grief! The ad starts with a visual of Dr. King and a question: HOW ARE YOU ADVANCING THE DREAM?

The next thing you see is Alex Wagner in a fetching pose, holding up the whiteboard. She's advancing the dream by WAKING PEOPLE UP, her modest sign modestly says.

All righty then!

We’ve seen a lot of people in the past few weeks showing their disrespect for Dr. King—telling us what he would have thought, pretending that they are his heirs, dining out on the moral greatness they don't necessarily seem to share. But this new ad is really appalling.

The whole night-time lineup took part.

If any person ever deserved not to be glommed on by hacks like these, we would have thought it was Dr. King. In a word, the ad is instructive.

To see the ad, to read the transcript, brace yourselves, then click this. You will be looking into the heart of TV celebrity culture.

Warning! If you click that link, you will be taken to the Media Research Center. We think the trip is worth it.

Just so you'll know: How is Chris Matthews advancing the dream?

According to his white board, Chris is advancing the dream "by fighting for voting rights!"


  1. None of the whiteboards mentioned accurate reporting.

    1. I saw the ad. I just didn't get my panties in a wad over it. The only good ad going, which I find somewhat of a 'joke' these days is Mr. Slick and Dummy. [really, ethanol?] There are just not many honest and serious voices on teevee today, so this stuff just doesn't bother me.

      -PT Dennis

    2. Especially Maddow's

  2. MARTIN BASHIR'S WHITEBOARD: Loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.

    Until they differ with him. Then they have more 'isms" than a dictionary.

    1. "Isms"? He should try "ists" like Mr. Somerby.

      Absurdist perhaps, but at least they don't border on the obscene.

    2. Actually, it is obscene to trivialize racism, sexism, and misanthropic materialism, in the manner in which you see now.

      The fact that many blog-board denizens will read that summation as a suggestion that an "ism" or "ist" is never apropos or is comparable to the scatter-gun current usage, is just a consequence of poor argumentation and dodgy motives.

  3. Yes, the use of Little Luke's whiteboard did cause the gorge to rise slightly, but did anyone notice Al Sharpton's beautiful printing? Any graphologists out there?

  4. "Focusing on folks"..."Believing in progress"...


  5. I'm puzzled. If Alex Wagner's pose was "fetching," how would you describe Chris Hayes?

  6. If Rachel Maddow's board sentiments are serious, she should retire.