Do you know this man’s familiar face?


One of the truly great strivers: Do you know this man’s familiar face?

Here at THE HOWLER, we certainly do! We’ve known Ed Lauter since the early 1970s, since before he co-starred with Burt and Burgess and Anthony Hopkins and even with Ann-Margret.

Co-starred with Ann-Margret! Good God!

Ed was one the world’s great strivers. In the 1970s, it seemed he might be developing a starring career in the movies. When that didn’t turn out, he just kept making movies, in co-starring and character roles.

The man has appeared in a million films. We knew that he was in the last days or weeks of his life, but we were saddened to see the notice in this morning’s Times.

Persistence and striving are very powerful. Ed Lauter was full of life.


  1. So sorry to hear of his passing, especially since I am in his age category. I knew the face but not the name; he was a very competent actor with a great stage presence. Life flies by at the speed of light.

  2. What a great actor he was, though I confess to taking him for granted, the way people do with great "character" actors. (And I always thought him very sexy.) He went too young. I just hope his death from mesothelioma wasn't too awfully painful.

  3. I am so sorry for the loss.


  4. He was a reg at the LA Farmers Market in recent years, could be seen at the bookstore quite often. Real nice person. A heavy in Hitchcock's last film.

  5. Great guy, I am sure. But I am at a loss as to understand why he is an example of "persistence and striving."

    By settling into a very long, productive and successful acting career?

  6. Big Ed Lauter fan, watched Death Wish 3 in his honor last night.

  7. OMB

    While BOB is mourning, the Stalinist's over at Salon were busy spreading hate. You won't imagine how badly the elitists treat three ordinary American couples they obviously look down upon:


    1. That Salon article was excellent and illustrates the lies and half truths of Hannity and Fox Nausea.

    2. I see you have learned from all these years of BOB reading, KZ.

      Salon is at the very epicenter of all that is wrong with America today, and thus must be scorned when pointing out that Sean Hannity's expert witnesses knew nothing of what they were testifying.

      And on top of that, Hannity must always be treated with love and respect, even after conjuring up these three "average American" couples who go on to spout every right wing talking point, down to tort reform.

      After all, it is the "adult" and "mature" thing to do, as BOB's No. 1 student Cecelia tells us in the thread below.

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  9. The best part was when they asked this lady what her solution would be to solve the health insurance problem and she stated "tort reform". Is this agreat country or what?