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Salon! What more can be said: We know, we know.

Yesterday, we said we’d discuss Katie McDonough’s treatment of a serious topic.

But good lord! The new Salon never stops the apparent self-parody as it defines its new range of concerns. This morning, it offers us this:
The top 10 oral sex scenes
The MPAA has again cracked down on cunnilingus. Time to honor the Hollywood movies that have dared to go there
TUESDAY, DEC 3, 2013 07:30 PM EST
Why can’t we have the eleven best scenes? What makes Salon so uptight?

In theory, Hollywood’s treatment of sexuality is a perfectly serious topic. It’s just that these topics, in Salon’s slippery hands, become a bit hard to take seriously

(In the current report, Clark-Flory thunders thusly: “Hollywood is sexist and sex-phobic. I’m not going to use this as an excuse to rant on the topic, though—been there, done that.” She offers a link to support the claim that she has “ranted” on this matter before. Can anyone familiar with Salon need proof of such an assertion?)

Increasingly, the tabloidization of everything is defining the culture. The last few nights, we’ve noticed that CNN seems to be running its Crimes of the Century “documentaries” in regular rotation during the overnight hours.

Last night, they ran an hour on the DC snipers, followed by an hour on one of the other lurid crimes they “document” in this exciting series. (We can’t recall which crime it was. Was it the Unabomber?)

Previously, these slots would have gone to reruns of their primetime “news” shows. Can CNN possibly be turning the overnight weeknight hours into tabloid crime time?

This is CNN’s description of these exciting new programs: “CNN's new documentary series turns infamous crimes of the last hundred years inside out, shedding new light on the events, the perpetrators, and their impact on our society.”

Possibly so! But where’s the cunnilingus? CNN, why so uptight?

Is the new Salon deliberately offering a look into the abyss? We expect to return to this question this week, the new Joan Walsh included.

(Last Friday, we caught Walsh’s full hour with the new Chris Matthews. Can anyone take these people seriously? In candor, gaze on the new Fox!)


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  2. proudcodpiecewearingamericanDecember 4, 2013 at 12:32 PM

    regardless of whether this or that article on movies or tv shows lacked taste, the obsession of americans on fantasy in general -- movies, tv, pro and college sports, etc. -- is societally unhealthy and deleterious to democracy in that it crowds outs psychically the often difficult political realities which should be uppermost on peoples minds. passive non participatory entertainmnet has become the opiate of the masses.


  4. OMB (Thirteen minutes more)

    "Yesterday, we said we’d discuss Katie McDonough’s treatment of a serious topic."

    But today, BOB will flog something else before getting to the point. Call this technique.Hector Maddow Jr. Except he never got back to his point.