Coming tomorrow: Maddow’s program this past Wednesday night!


Meanwhile, Salon—good God: Rachel Maddow made an unfortunate accusation/insinuation on Wednesday evening’s program.

Truth to tell, her accusation/insinuation doesn’t make seem to any sense. But she slimed it out there anyway. When scandal culture takes control, you need a new claim every night!

Long ago, Chris Matthews almost got somebody killed this way. Tomorrow, we’ll run through this latest piece of slime from his highly self-indulgent, not especially honest colleague.

In the meantime, Salon: Good God!

We refer to this pitiful piece by young Nico Lang. For once, Salon’s headlines provide a reasonably accurate synopsis:
Our figure-skating obsession: Why America loves watching women fall
American media culture loves watching women torn apart, and figure skating is no exception
That’s right! America, or its media culture, loves seeing women fall and get torn apart! This is the passage where Lang voices his daring theory:
LANG (2/20/14): At the Winter Olympics, figure skaters rule the games, dominating press coverage and media attention. Female figure skaters become household names, whether due to victory, as in the case of the aforementioned Lipinski, or infamy, like Tonya Harding, whose scandal proved irresistible tabloid fodder, dominating gossip rags for years. The details are Olympic legend: The 24-year-old Olympic hopeful allegedly hired her ex-boyfriend and bodyguard to attack competitor Nancy Kerrigan, bruising her leg with a baton. After healing from the injury, Kerrigan would go on to place second, while Harding finished in eighth. Despite not actually winning the event, both women are more widely remembered than Kristi Yamaguchi, who actually won gold in 1992. The two short program broadcasts in 1994 pulled in Super Bowl-size viewership, averaging over 70 million viewers.

Harding and Kerrigan were the perfect example of our national obsession with watching pretty young women fall from grace. Figure skaters are so mesmerizing to American audiences in part because they’re consummate athletes whose sport also performs traditional femininity. A skater is everything a woman is taught to be, graceful and elegant, an ethereal figure reduced to the very fact of her body. She can seem more than human, almost angelic, until the moment she is brought down to earth. Ashley Wagner’s “bullshit” reaction to her lower-than-expected score last week perfectly broke that fourth wall. In that moment, she became human again. The result lives on in GIF form for all eternity.
You’re right. It’s hard to tease an argument out of that Salonistic mess. But Lang does manage to say that we have “a national obsession with watching pretty young women fall from grace.”

Do we have such an obsession? In Salonistic fashion, Lang makes no attempt to present any evidence in support of his daring claim. He simply made his daring assertion and Salon let his foofaw flag fly.

The interesting part of this piece is found in its comments. It’s almost like Salon is inventing a new literary form.

We don’t think we’ve ever seen an article where virtually every comment notes how amazingly dumb the article is, often doing so in very articulate fashion. It's like Salon is teaching people how to read by challenging them, again and again, with world-class examples of groaning illogic or unsupported claims.

They’ve almost created a new literary form, the scathing pushback comment. (We refer to the first several dozen comments.)

It’s stunning—and disorienting—to see the unrelenting dumbness of the work at the new Salon. Lang graduated from DePaul in 2011. Reading Salon, we see the strange truth again and again:

The kids are not all right.

Meanwhile, coming tomorrow: Maddow’s latest rather unholy con.


  1. "Lang graduated from DePaul in 2011. Reading Salon, we see the strange truth again and again:

    "The kids are not all right."

  2. Really strange, but there has been a general bashing of this Olympics because of the wish to bash Russia and in particular President Putin. Had an American won the women's skate though, there would have been only cheering.

  3. "a new literary form, the scathing pushback comment" Salon...

    I have never more firmly believed both that Somerby actually does read his own comments and that a particular post was designed to goad his trolls.

  4. "We don’t think we’ve ever seen an article where virtually every comment notes how amazingly dumb the article is, often doing so in very articulate fashion."

    Proof once again Somerby never reads his own comment box!

  5. "Coming tomorrow: Maddow’s program this past Wednesday night!"

  6. The problem is feminism. Feminists have insinuated themselves into positions of power at our universities where theories that refuse to obey facts are taught as gospel. America is a rape culture! There is a patriarchy in which men as a group oppress women as a group! All dissent is invalid and the product of white male privilege and women who agree are gender traitors! Also, anyone who openly doubts is enabling violence against women!

    The women-as-victims narrative is what passes for insight among our pseudo-enlightened elites. People who question it are socially and politically ostracized. If you want to get published w/o political trouble among our left-wing elites you can never go wrong spouting this crap. You don't have to prove it because nobody who counts will ever think to ask you.

    There is at long last an organized resistance in the Men's Human Rights Movement whose meetings feminists have been trying to shut down and shout down. We want to debate feminists but feminists don't want to debate us. That's because once they have to defend their ideas on their own merits feminists lose.

    Feminism must be destroyed so that liberalism can live.

    1. Wow! Sounds bad for men. Good thing we own everything, eh?

      What's really bothering you, Hieronyumus? Some chick in the PoliSci department shoot you down?

      Get over it. I hear the girls in the nursing program are easy and don't do politics.

    2. Your mens movement group sounds a little gay but otherwise good comment

  7. OMB (Missing the Keys to the Master's Mind)

    The few commenter's BOB could scratch up when he only tees up Rachel but fails to swing seem to miss the clue the OTB provides for uncovering the source of his ire.

    Yes, butchered and tortured use of language is problematic. But is BOB truly offended that the author fails to cite examples for broad generalized opinions? Surely a bloger who offered up the opinion of Kristof, who offered neither an explanation of what a public intellectual was, much less how one would count them, has lttle ground to complain. Is he in fact, sending subtle hints to those in the comment box, as only commenters might guess, and have in fact done?

    We think one should look at the portions of the post old BOB chose to highlight from young Nico's work. The clue lies in the names.

    We know BOB is fond of defending those attacked without reason. We know BOB is fond of harboring long term animus to those who have made such attacks in the past, and new kids on the block who repeat yarns BOB has long proven wrong. We know all week BOB has reached back across the millenial divide to show these fine character traits.

    What, you may ask, did Nico really do wrong? We just don't know. We don't read minds. We only look for evidence.

    Ladies and gentleman, go back before the press slimed Gore. Before Maddow darkened the airwaves wth her tap dancing clown shoes Salem
    witch dunking. Back to when BOB was a frisky forty something still
    claiming to be paid to clown himself but still mixing metaphors. Back to 1994.


    "NANCY Kerrigan grew up in Stoneham, Mass...north of Boston.

    But these days she must feel as though she's living in old Salem Village, given the witch hunt to which she's been subjected.

    .... you hadn't heard or thought much about Ms. Kerrigan until early January. Then she was criminally assaulted in a Detroit arena, an attack that easily could have left her in a wheelchair.

    In the aftermath of the assault, Ms. Kerrigan made no comments at all about her skating opponent Tonya Harding, who may....have been directly involved.... the Olympics...Kerrigan pointedly said she regretted the wide media attention she was receiving, as it detracted from coverage of the other Olympic athletes. She went about her win a silver medal...

    But now, in part because she has been insufficiently deferential to Mickey Mouse, the fickle busybodies of Salem Village have decided the time has come to judge Nancy Kerrigan. Incredibly, she and Tonya Harding have switched places in the media spotlight; Nancy's the bad girl and Tonya's now the good girl.

    And the ugliness of their assaults has been matched only by the JTC complete insignificance of the petty events for which Ms. Kerrigan (read Hester Prynne) has received public dunking.

    For example, to USA Today....Kerrigan is "at best a petulant brat, ill-equipped for the public stage...Ann Oldenburg advises Ms. Kerrigan, "When you wish upon a star, maybe you should act like one."

    And the Washington Post's Kim Masters asks -- I think shockingly -- the question that apparently will be asked of all attractive, achieving younger women..."The big question began to form on the public's lips: Is Nancy Kerrigan a bitch?"

    The answer, of course, is no, but don't expect the media puritans to want to hear it. It's too much fun to take part in Ms. Kerrigan's public dunking, however silly the "offenses" with which she's been charged.
    The media assaults on Nancy Kerrigan say far more about the character of her critics -- and the way the press in America operates in the '90s -- than they say about Ms. Kerrigan. They echo the ugly slash-and-trash tactics that increasingly damage public debate, from Washington on down (or up)."

    Bob Somerby is a professional comedian who lives in Baltimore. (Tag line courtesy of the Baltimore Sun)


    1. Yes we left out the link.

      And for the record, if a comment box existed at the Baltimore Sun and we were not in orbit around Ms. Willey's house that whole week back in 1994 tagging family pets for later collection, we would have written:

      "Bravo Bob Somerby. We agree. Nancy deserves better.
      Keep up your pressure on the press. You'll get results.!"


    2. K(ray)Z, are you under psychiatric care? If not, that might explain this.

    3. You are right. Someone must have placed an "unholy con" on us. Could it be a "career liberal" or a "witch hunter? Perhaps it was a Stalinista Salonist, or a Salonista Stalinist. We are the only one who sees (and writes about) these strange truths again and again.


    4. KZ, I also thought that space travel must have given you a bad case of whatever you would call "jet lag," and you were surely making up " Tonya's now the good girl." No serious writer could possibly pen such a sentence, not even in 1994 before all the evidence was in and all the facts were known.

      To refresh memories of those events of 20 years ago, not a peep of protest was raised when Kerrigan was awarded one of two Olympic team spots without having to compete in the U.S. Championships. In fact, America cheered the decision, even though it came at the expense of the second-place finisher, a young skater named Michelle Kwan.

      The evidence was not in yet that Harding had anything to do with the attack carried out by her henchmen. Indeed, under Somerby rules, were we even allowed to call it an attack at that moment in history? After all, it could have been a legitimate attempt to study what would happen to a skater whose knee was struck by a lead pipe, only it was bungled.

      Then America tuned into the Lillehammer Olympics and women's figure skating in record numbers, and not to cheer "good girl" Harding against "bad girl" Kerrigan. America, united in one voice, were cheering as if one for Kerrigan to take the gold.

      Then a funny thing happened. Delayed on the victory stand while the hosts frantically searched for a copy of the Ukranian national anthem, Kerrigan was wrongfully told that winner Oksana Baiul had cried and was redoing her make-up, Kerrigan was caught on camera cattily remarking, "Oh, come on. She's going to get up here and cry again. What's the difference?"

      The petals had begun to fall off the rose, and the problem was then exacerbated when Kerrigan decided to skip the Olympic closing ceremonies and return to the U.S. to participate in a parade put on by her sponsor, Disney World.

      That apparently also upset Ms. Kerrigan, especially when she was asked to wear her silver medal. "This is dumb. I hate it. This is the corniest thing I have ever done," she said, in obvious gratitude to the sponsor who gambled handsome sums for her training and expenses.

      In short, America did not wake up one morning and decide that Nancy Kerrigan was a spoiled brat. She gave people some reason for reaching that conclusion, which was not all that unreasonable, no matter how much op-ed columnist Bob Somerby wished to disagree.

    5. Anon @ 11:25 Don't ever, ever, ever doubt the OTB.

      All blame for your misimpression is ours. Due to the spatial limitations of the comment box here at the Holy Howler, we excised a portion of Bob's work and still needed extra space to add the link. If you follow it you will find BOB mastered the art of "everything is possible" before the blogging cul de sac appeared on his career path.

      "In the aftermath of the assault, Ms. Kerrigan made no comments at all about her skating opponent Tonya Harding, who may yet prove to have been directly involved in planning the attack."

      BOB, knowing she had not been journalistically disproven to have been involved, had to mention Harding's involvement as a possibility.

      We do take one exception to your point. We do not fault Kerrigan for her comments at Disney World, which attracts more visitors than Liberal World. We fault you for not mentioning that her ingracious comments were made in total confidence to her partner that day, one Mickey Mouse, who turned out to be a rat.

      You will be happy to know the rat Mickey died in late 2000 in his own bathtub after suffering an attack of butterfly ballots. He did not leave a ring. Rumor has it his spirit haunts blog comment boxes to this day.


    6. Again, again, I say unto you, if the middle-aged Somerby was holding out the possibility that Harding could be as innocent as George Zimmerman, then why was he speculating without providing evidence that she was now the "good girl"?

      It makes as much sense as page 20 of a Stephen Hawking book.

      We would also be interested, though a search has proved fruitless so far, to find the Somerby column in the Baltimore Sun after Harding was charged with criminal offenses, that rushed to her defense, calling her railroaded by an out-of-control media.

      Indeed, to this very day, Tonya Harding has never been charged, let alone convicted, of having anything to do with the actual "attack" -- again, if we are permitted to call it that -- but only of impeding the subsequent investigation, a crime for which she, the Rodeo Clown of last summer, had been wrongfully banned for life.

      Surely Somerby could not have let such an outrage pass.

    7. "It's surprising how this whole event and being attacked, it's changed not just skating, it changed my life. It changed tabloid journalism, reality television. That whole other aspect that I had no part of. It just moved the world, almost, in a different direction. Whether it's for the better or not, who knows? It just changed everything."

      N. Kerrigan Modern Day Salem Victim

    8. Well, that's true to a point, I suppose. But "tabloid journalism" was well underway by 1994. We might even recall how William Randolph Hearst pulled America into a war a century earlier.

      Before 1994, we had Inside Edition with Bill O'Reilly, or Geraldo was well into his career (who alive at the time can forget Al Capone's vault? Or his on-air fistfight with Nazis?). Even the esteemed "60 Minutes" wasn't above filming Mike Wallace chasing down evil-doers in parking lots.

      We also focused hard on horrific crimes, the more horrific the better. Jeffrey Dahmer's crimes came to light in 1991, and still provide fodder for "tabloid TV."

      What's interesting about Kerrigan was how easily she destroyed the "narrative" about her. She was anointed America's next ice princess, the heir to Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill, long before the attack. And America rallied to her side, marvelling at her courage to recover from injury and take on the world in Lillehammer. So no, of the events she had no control over, she was never a media victim.

      She took the good will and the incredibly positive press she had received and she threw it away. And she really has no one to blame but herself for that.

      As for "moved the world, almost, in a different direction," well, we were already well down that road when the attack happened. Perhaps this helped move it along in the same direction.

    9. We must also remember what else happened in 1994, just a few months later, that was also said to have "moved the world, almost, in a different direction."

      That would be the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ron Goldman murders and the subsequent slow-speed Bronco chase watched by millions.

      Then we had the criminal trial, watched by millions and making household names out of Johnny Cochran, Marcia Clark, Mark Furhman, and many others.

      If Bob's blog existed then, he would be telling us how vile, sordid and ginned up it all was as he wrote about it day after day after day, for weeks, months, years.

      And then one day, many years later as Chris Christie was getting pummelled on MSNBC and investigated by three different agencies including the U.S. attorney's office he once ran, he would tie it all together and pronounce, "If the pants don't fit, you must acquit."

  8. "But she slimed it out there anyway"

    This is either a witting an unwitting allusion to child-birth.

    What kind of sick bastard would obsess on a Lesbian woman's sweat, groans, self-stroking, and childbirth fluids?

    This blogger should stop and seek help.

    1. No, this one disallow you.

    2. No, this one is all you -- I hate autocorrect.

  9. You know, if BOB waits until Sunday to tell us about this accusation/insinuation there may be enough time for somebody to almost get killed/threatened by a mental patient.

    1. Yes, it is too too funny when a mentally ill person shows up in an innocent man's garage and terrorizes his houseguests.


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