Why not visit Tuscaloosa?


We find those photos pleasing: Tomorrow, we plan to resume our series of posts about the Tuscaloosa schools.

In the meantime, why not visit Tuscaloosa itself?

In yesterday's installment, we linked you to photos of black and white kids together in the Tuscaloosa schools (city and surrounding county). We think those photos are pleasing.

We’re glad those Alabama kids are getting that kind of experience. We’re grateful to the many people who are making those schools function. And of course, we believe in those kids.

Do you have some other suggestion? Aside from our tribal hate?

What’s it like to be black and white together in Alabama? Tomorrow, we’ll return to that gloomy report from The Atlantic, a report we think is a bit misleading in several tribe-friendly ways.

For today, why not treat yourself? Click here, then click again.

Look at some of those smiling group photos. They may not look exactly the way you may have imagined.


  1. Good Lordy, Somerby. You link to the school district Web site and discover wonderful pictures of kids there. What did you expect to find?

    You know, those kids could be having a wonderful experience in even the most segregated Tuscaloosa schools.

    But linking to pictures on the school district's Web site isn't exactly evidence of that, is it?

    In fact, it's pretty doggone laughable that you can click on a few pictures from the comfort of your Baltimore home and think you know anything about the schools in Tuscaloosa.

    1. Well, doesn't an integrated homecoming court say something, don't a variety of races represented among the students of the month, don't groups of different kids in club photos suggest more than token integration? I think you are not looking at the photos with an eye to the choices being made by the students in them. Yes, they are smiling because they are in photos and because they are kids and it is hard to be sad all the time. But notice who is standing next to whom and who is playing with who.

    2. "Well, doesn't an integrated homecoming court say something"

      Yes. It tells me it wasn't taken at the school that's 100 percent black.

      Good Gawd almighty, does Bob realize that it's 2014?

  2. "Do you have some other suggestion? Aside from our tribal hate?"


    Nah, I'm sticking with our tribal hate.

    1. From you, Confused, we expected nothing less.

  3. This post only demonstrates that Somerby has lived his life in such a privileged white bubble that he is surprised and pleased as punch to see school district PR pictures of children playing together.

  4. Why not live in Tuscaloosa! Roll Tide!

    As we know, BOB has covered well the latest comments about government dependency causing "those who were better off as slaves"
    to be responsible for thier own drowning in New Orleans.

    But don't call them racist you tribal rubes.