Breaking: International Luxury Conference now underway in Miami!


Also, the latest from T:
We rarely see the hard-copy version of the Sunday New York Times. Too expensive!

Two weekends ago, we saw it. We also saw the November 16 edition of T: The New York Times Style Magazine, which the paper publishes fifteen Sundays per year.

We’ll have to admit it—we were surprised by the utter foppishness of the magazine's offerings. Among a wide array of entries, we perused these:

A profile of “England’s most revered interior designer;” a report on the comeback of the adult tricycle; nine wallpaper studies, in which “the artist Leanne Shapton painted wallpaper from museums, stately homes and National Trust houses in England;” and a thought-provoking international probe by Cathy Horyn:
Famine or Feast?
Is it more rewarding to subsist on broth and cold mountain treks at a German clinic for 10 days or to settle into five-course Michelin-starred meals? One writer heads to the Black Forest to weigh the merits of the purge and the binge.
This is our way of offering a belated reminder. Yesterday afternoon, this year’s New York Times International Luxury Conference got started with a cocktail party at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami.

Yes, that’s the actual name of the annual conference, which is hosted by Deborah Needleman, editor of T. This morning, the keynoter spoke:
Keynote: Blurred Lines: Art, Tech and Luxury
Art. Fashion. Technology. Sustainability. What are the points of intersection? How does each discipline inform and improve the other? What have we learned from looking outside luxury’s borders, and where are we headed?

François-Henri Pinault, C.E.O. and chairman, Kering

Interviewed by Vanessa Friedman, fashion director and chief fashion critic, The New York Times
This strange event helps us discern the secret values of our journalistic upper class. To peruse the full list of speakers, you can just click here.

Final question: what is an “international luxury conference?” Truth to tell, after all this time, we still have no real idea!


  1. Have always considered this "style magazine" as not much more than an advertising supplement. As a hard-copy subscriber of the NYTimes, I seldom waste my time on looking through the magazine. Just hope that the NYTimes makes money producing it.

    Please don't waste your time on frivolities like this!

    Don't think it is even mildly worthwhile commenting on what I can only assume is not well read part of the newspaper.

    Not worth your commenting on its content, .

    1. It's the "conference"" that's the problem. How sick.

    2. The problem is that Somerby apparently didn't get a comp invitation to the conference.

  2. This was the most disturbing revelation of our journalisitc culture since the review of the Parade piece on Meredith Baxter-Vieira.

  3. As confirmed cheapskates, we have nothing but praise for the public library as a cost saver. It also allows one to expose oneself to things one might not otherwise try, because there is no risk of spending money on something one ends up disliking: just return the thing and be done with it, with no loss other than time. Many libraries also subscribe to services which allow patrons electronic access to print publications like the NYT, even the Sunday edition. And finally, libraries are one of the great examples of government working to make life better for everyone, which any liberal should appreciate.

    We will also point out that modern libraries allow patrons to check out films and music, as well as e-books and audiobooks. We estimate that one can save hundreds of dollars a year for the cost of a (free) library card. It is just about the best deal in the country.

    1. Your advice is only sound for those willing to put up with the public one has to encounter in the public library plus the rigid rules imposed on personal behavior by those elitist career information scientists.

    2. We go to the library on average once a week. We reserve what we want the prior week, using the internet. We drive there, park, walk in, return our old materials, pick up our new materials which are waiting on a shelf bundled together with our name on them, check them out, and leave. We have never been there longer than 15 minutes. The rest of our interaction is online. We have never had a problem with the other patrons. We have, however, had some less than stellar interactions with the employees, many of whom we have come to consider stupid and suspect harbor feelings of malice and anger for the public they serve. We have learned to deal with them by demonstrating an equal amount of hostility and rudeness in return, and their behavior, if not perfect, is now at least tolerable. We think there's a lesson there somewhere, but perhaps now is not the time. At any rate, perhaps once one had to spend a large amount of time in a library to take reasonable advantage of it, but that is not the case today.

  4. But Bob, when are you going to get around to telling us about the international procrastination conference? Many of your readers are becoming increasingly impatient with your continued delay. Don't keep putting this matter off for another day!

    1. When you get around to it, go away.

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