Supplemental: Can Candidate Clinton survive her emails?


Stalked by Morning Joe:
Can Candidate Clinton survive her emails?

Based on the work of the Morning Joe team, the answer isn’t obvious. This morning, John Heilemann pretty much said it all:

“I feel like we’ve said this now like about a hundred times,” the star pundit wearily said. For links to tapes, see below.

Heilemann was referring to the grotesque morning program’s obsessive devotion to its scripts about the Clinton emails. Each morning, during their first half hour, the gang run through their obsessive Hillary-hatred in precisely the ways they did the morning before.

Morning Joe is turning into Groundhog Day. And then, at 8 A.M. Eastern each morning, the program’s first hour is re-aired. A whole new group of viewers get to hear them “bring in the mail” concerning a certain vile hopeful, the one they loathe the most.

We aren’t necessarily saying that the Morning Joe savants are wrong in everything they say on this topic. We’re saying their zeal and their hatred have plainly reached the crackpot stage—and there’s absolutely no sign that Mika, Joe and Willie Jr. have any intention of ceasing their daily attacks on this repulsive hopeful.

In short, Morning Joe has cast itself in the role of Hardball 1999. Here’s what we mean by that:

In 1999 and 2000, the Hardball program didn’t have a large national audience. It did have a substantial audience among the Washington press corps and the Washington elite.

Chris Matthews was owned by GE’s Jack Welch at that time. He used his considerable influence within the elites to trash Candidate Gore in every conceivable manner, helping journalists learn the standard official approved elite establishment scripts.

According to press reports, Matthews’ salary went from $1.1 million to $5 million while he performed this ugly two-year service for Welch. We’ll leave it to you to figure out why he behaved in the disgraceful ways he did.

Morning Joe is now playing that role in the hunt against Candidate Clinton. It’s hard to know whose shtick is most heinous—the naked aggression of Joe himself; the simpering passive aggression of the utterly loathsome Mika; or the fawning, baby-faced recitations of the extremely slick Willie Geist Junior, who’s most often compared to Eddie Haskell of “Leave It to Beaver” fame.

Haskell would fawn around Mrs. Cleaver. Geist Junior performs the same bootlicking services for the loathsome Mika and Joe.

Whose shtick is most appalling? You’ll have to score that one yourself! But if you aren’t catching the program’s first half hour, whether at 6 A.M. or two hours later, you’re missing one of the principal vehicles by which establishment Washington is learning the current lines in its long, crazy war on Clinton and Clinton.

Remember—we aren’t saying they’re wrong in everything they say. We’re saying they have “just one thing on their minds,” and that they recite it each morning.

They’re devoted to trashing this one vile hopeful—the private dancer with her own private server. As poor Heilemann said today, “I feel like we’ve said this now like about a hundred times.”

Heilemann was undercounting badly. Let’s make one final point:

You can’t see the tape of Mika’s blunder at the Morning Joe site; this morning’s tapes have been “edited” to shield her blunder from your review. But we were struck by an error the simpering legacy hire made on this morning's program, as she discussed yesterday’s interview with Andrea Mitchell.

Late last week, Mitchell did a long interview with Candidate Clinton. We watched it on Friday night’s Maddow Show, where it was used to eat up most of the program.

As of this morning, the horrible Mika rather plainly hadn’t watched last week’s interview at all. In a remark which has been disappeared, she said the interview had only lasted twelve minutes. A few minutes later, she corrected herself, relaying information she said she got from Morning Joe’s producers.

The interview had actually lasted thirty minutes, the gruesome Mika now said. We were struck by what this meant:

This horrible person had never bothered to watch the interview with Clinton at all! But then, Mika knows her role on Morning Joe. She’s there to simper and purse her lips—and to recite approved script.

“I feel like we’ve said this now like about a hundred times?” Heilemann was undercounting badly on today's program.

He must put himself into a trance to make it through each morning’s program! In fairness, if you had to sit there with Mika and Willie, you might enjoy the relative bliss of a split personality too.

Erasing Mika’s admission: To watch Heilemann undercount, you can just click here. “Snarky. We’re being snarky,” Mika correctly says.

To watch an earlier part of the opening segment, just click this bullshit here. Mika’s blunder has disappeared, thanks to the abrupt cuts you will see on those tapes.

She never watched last week’s interview with Clinton. Just a wild guess:

They don’t want you to know.


  1. Morning Joe is doing liberals a favor, my spouse might say. Ms. D in C is a natural Hillary supporter, being a woman, a liberal Democrat, and even having graduated from Wellesley College 5 years before Hillary did. Nevertheless, Ms. D in C doesn't want Hillary to be the candidate for President. She considers Hillary to be a very weak candidate and she wants the next President to be a Democrat.

    1. David sez:

      My wife likes non-stop bullshit trashing one single candidate with maniacal deranged single minded purpose. No problem for David's wife.

      Is it RIGHT David? How would you like it if one entire cable network went on a relentless non-stop jihad against one of your favored candidates.

    2. Are you kidding? The 3 big stations + PBS + New York Times + many other newspapers regularly trash conservatives.

    3. cicero's blowup dollSeptember 9, 2015 at 6:11 PM

      You can't even concern troll worth a sh*t, Dinky.

    4. Another Democrat fears that Hillary would be a bad candidate.

      Clinton may win it all — for GOP

    5. I have no sympathy for the "everyone does it" defense when dealing with issues of right or wrong. Morning Joe should not be trashing HRC every morning. Or Donald Trump, for that matter. People like D in C are so self centered that they only think to complain when the media trashing offends them.

    6. Dinky, is that the best you got? Your wife and Fred Siegel's kid? BWAHAAAAAAA!

    7. In my memory, there is simply no precedent for what Scarborough and crew are doing. He gets more and more vicious every day and surrounds himself with quivering sycophants and bobble-heads. Anyone attempting even a mild defense is shouted down and ridiculed turning them into barely audible quivering Stockholm Syndrome victims. He lies, exaggerates, misinforms and never apologizes for numerous documented instances of false and misleading presentations.

      Scarborough's ratings are in the toilet, consistently a distant 3rd yet he is now given a FOURTH hour in the morning apparently because the MSNBC executives have decided that another hour of this horseshit is just what the doctor ordered.

      I have now BLOCKED MSNBC on my cable boxes entirely.

    8. Can't trust your unruly fingers, eh?

  2. "The simpering legacy hire"

    Scathing words from somebody whose only job hire was straight out of Harvard by a school district so desperate for faculty they would take folk whose primary interest in teaching was to avoid the draft and whose only classroom credentials was a teacher's "boot camp."

    1. Why do you hate Somerby so much?

    2. Why is an accurate description of Mr. Somerby's employment history hateful?

    3. Ha ha, good one. What a wit.

    4. "Why does anyone go into stand-up comedy? Fortune. Fame. Access to legitimate stage and film work. At heart though, stand-ups are in it for the attention, for the forum, for the buzz of being heard. Whether a comedian is saying funny things or saying things funny, he's mainly saying things he hopes fiercely that other people will hear—so fiercely that, at some point on the career continuum, stand-up becomes what a performer has to do.

      Somerby is such a performer."


      Bob Somerby airs his family secrets, bashes Christmas, and debunks breakfast cereals—all in the name of a better America.

      By Michael Dolan • February 17, 1995
      Washington City Paper

    5. There has been a psychological study of the motives of stand up comedians. The main motive is service -- most believe they are helping other people by creating humor and helping people laugh. Stand ups also use humor to cope with their own stresses of daily living. So, no, narcissism is not the main motive.

      I think personal theories must yield to data. Your particular theory is self-serving since it fulfills your need to bash Somerby. There are studies of the motives of trolls. They tend to have personalities in the "dark triad" of narcissism, anti-social personality and Machiavellianism. Their main motive is to hurt other people, which amuses them because they are warped.

    6. Academic studies are larded with misdirection.

    7. 5:30 - You are so tiny. Bob teaches one to see the writing tricks of many reporters, some of whom are influential. He does this with a long, slowly changing political personality. You hide. Your personality is one-note. There is no foundation. You repeatedly run away from any questions to your wider views. You are far less than the man you denigrate.

      There are jobs to do. The one you signed up for is a shameful one.

  3. "In 1999 and 2000, the Hardball program didn’t have a large national audience. It did have a substantial audience among the Washington press corps and the Washington elite."

    Of course there is absolutely no way to verify this assertion, which has been made by Bob Somerby repeatedly over the years.

    1. Maybe you just had to be there.

    2. Shorter 5:44 - If Bob says it, it must be wrong.

    3. Shorter 12:56 - My Bob, right or even righter.

  4. I won't argue with Bob's claim that Morning Joe is this cycle's Hardball. I don't watch Morning Joe. But it isn't the only media outlet obsessed with attacking Hillary. CNN will ignore her major policy speeches, but repeat the media email narrative EVERY time they mention her name. It's all day every day. I don't know if the media will match the low point they reached in their War on Gore sixteen years ago. But it's getting close.

    1. More bashing from CNN

      "Washington (CNN)—Bernie Sanders has drawn even with Hillary Clinton for the first time in Iowa, according to a new poll Thursday, underscoring the possibility that the once prohibitive Democratic favorite could lose both of the first two presidential contests.

      Sanders edges Clinton 41% to 40% in a new survey by Quinnipiac University,"

    2. If Bernie Sanders were really the principled candidate he pretends to be, he would have made a strong statement of support for Clinton, decrying the substance-less attack on her. That is what other Democratic candidates did when Obama was being attacked as a Kenyan with no birth certificate. That is what a principled candidate would do.

      These numbers are only as good as the polls. Nate Silver has been describing the major problems with polling that plagued the last presidential election and that may be behind the huge discrepancies across state and national polls during this early primary season. So, don't get too excited about Bernie's supposed lead.

      I find myself wondering what will happen to these polls when Biden doesn't run and his votes must be split between the actual candidates. What kind of serious poll includes a candidate who has not declared?

    3. "If Bernie Sanders were really the principled candidate he pretends to be, he would have made a strong statement of support for Clinton, decrying the substance-less attack on her."

      Amen to that. And Joe Biden as well, instead of pulling that low class cowardly little stunt with his dying son's supposed dying words somehow making it onto MODO's column in the NY Times. Neither one of these two guys will ever get my vote, that is a promise.

    4. The Quinnepiac poll supposedly says Sanders is more caring than Clinton. About what? For example, what has Sanders done about women's issues beyond his Senate votes? What has he done about World hunger and AIDS in Africa and what has he done about the problems of middle class people, beyond his Senate votes? He has voted as a good progressive in the Senate but what has he shown leadership on? Community health clinics that benefit people in rural areas. How can that demonstrate more caring than Clinton's lifelong work on behalf of women and families and her family foundation's efforts to help the underlying problems of poverty in the world? Bernie's been a good solid senator. Is that enough to be president? What does he care enough about to go the extra mile -- when he hasn't even gone an extra foot, beyond doing his job in the senate?

      People like his speeches but they clearly are not comparing the actual records of the candidates. That could wind up being very sad for our country.

    5. Our guess? Such cluelessness from Clinton supporters may represent her “biggest problem.”

  5. Hillary has sort-of apologized. She told ABC
    "What I had done was allowed, it was above board. But in retrospect, as I look back at it now, even though it was allowed, I should have used two accounts. One for personal, one for work-related emails. That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility. And, I'm trying to be as transparent as I possibly can."

    Since she asserts that everything she did was allowed and above board, it's unclear just what she's apologizing for.

    1. What a tiresome troll you are.

      She is apologizing because her poll numbers suggest it is the only way to get her campaign back on track. That is made necessary by the collusion of the press in proclaiming that she has done something terribly terribly wrong.

      To date, the only liberals who have been vocal in supporting her are Bill Richardson and John Kerry. Why is that?

    2. On September 8 Hillary Clinton presented a set of proposals on campaign finance reform aimed at stopping the flow of anonymous political donations and strengthening the impact of small donors through matching programs. Clinton's plan also includes support for "a Securities and Exchange Commission rule requiring publicly traded companies to disclose political spending to shareholders," a move campaign finance activists have long pushed for.

      Yet not a single major network evening news reported on her important policy proposals. Instead they focused on whether or not she apologized, or should apologize some more, or if her apology was sincere and how bad this was hurting her campaign.

      Political reporters following her campaign had moved into PHASE III or their malicious relentless attacks aimed at derailing her campaign by continuing to ask her if she would apologize at every opportunity.

      She had no reason to apologize, she has done nothing wrong. In fact, we are witnessing the extraordinary and unprecedented release of every single email to and from her as Secretary of State, no matter how trivial, mundane and irrelevant they actually are, because she is a "Clinton" and the press has special rules for the Clintons.

      So go fuck yourself, David, you horrible, cowardly little troll.

    3. Pathetic troll doesn't understand the difference between decisions in real time and hindsight evaluation of real-time decisions.

    4. "To date, the only liberals who have been vocal in supporting her are Bill Richardson and John Kerry. Why is that?"

      I don't know. We may never know. My guess:

      Liberals a lazy, dumb, of dubious morals and disliked.

      That said, it may be that Richardson is still trying to make up for having endorsed Obama and for not getting Monica Lewinski the cushy job at the UN to keep her flapping lips shut. Kerry is just sort of French.

  6. We are NOT witnessing the release of "every single email to and from" Ms. Clinton, mm, you lying sack of shit.Her minions deleted about half of her emails, and ensured that they would never be seen.

    1. Those were personal emails, nut job.

      There is no evidence now, nor has there ever been that any SD business emails have been deleted. NONE. ZERO. NADA.

      By the way, fool, all SD emails are not Federal Records. Only the ones that meet the requirements of Federal Records have to be saved and archived. Most of the ones being released don't even qualify as Federal Records, but you're getting to see them anyway. Cause she obliged and said go ahead, release them all.

    2. Sure they were. Every one. That's why they were deleted.

    3. Several of Sid Blumenthal's emails regarding Libya weren't turned over, liar.

    4. Think about this logically, First of all, Sid Blumenthal is a personal friend, and as such any communication with him would not constitute a Federal Record, and you, dickhead probably have no right to read them.


      For example, in the well-publicized hack of Sid Blumenthal's email account, a note he sent Secretary Clinton on September 12, 2012 was posted online. At first blush, one might not think this exchange would be captured on the system. But in fact, Secretary Clinton forwarded the email, that very same day, onto the system. And the email was produced by the Department to the Select Committee, and acknowledged by the Select Committee, in August 2014.

      Third, how do you even know about these Sid Blumenthal emails if she was trying to hide them. think about that.

  7. They were hacked. Keep up.


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