Supplemental: Chuck Todd rolls over and dies for Trump!


We live in astonishing times:
We live in remarkable times.

On a major morning show—Morning Joe—an utterly naked propaganda campaign is being waged against Candidate Clinton.

At the same time, the press corps is giving remarkably wide berth to the statements of other candidates. As an example of what we mean, consider the way Chuck Todd rolled over and died on Sunday’s Meet the Press.

Todd was speaking with Candidate Trump, who tosses off howlers in much the way other alleged people breathe. Once again, recent examples:

At last week’s nationally televised debate, he invented “twenty-five stories”—newspaper reports—about the way he says he opposed the war with Iraq.

Those news reports don’t seem to exist. But no one is going to say this to Trump, or ask the great man to provide them.

He has also invented six people who died in the search for Bowe Bergdahl. Last week, he invented “hundreds of thousands” of members of a veterans group—a veterans group which had seemed to endorse him.

On the down side, this alleged veterans group doesn’t exactly seem to exist. And it seems to have no members.

Candidate Trump tosses off howlers in much the way journalists breathe. But even for him, he made a remarkable statement to Todd on Sunday’s Meet the Press.

Our old pal Chuck was asking Trump about the fellow who said, at a town hall last week, that Obama is a Muslim and isn’t even an American. When Todd popped the following question, Trump made a remarkable statement:
TODD (9/20/15): Can you imagine supporting or being comfortable if a Muslim ever became president of the United States?

TRUMP: I can say that, you know, it’s something that at some point could happen. We will see. I mean, you know, it’s something that could happen. Would I be comfortable? I don't know if we have to address it right now, but I think it is certainly something that could happen.

TODD: You said you had no problem putting a Muslim in our cabinet.

TRUMP: I mean, some people have said it already happened, frankly. But, of course, you wouldn’t agree with that. And—
Good God! That was a stunning pair of remarks!

“Some people have said it already happened? But, of course, you wouldn’t agree with that?”

Trump was making no attempt to hide his loud dog-whistles. Even as he spoke to Chuck, he was whistling right in Chuck’s face!

Given his ugly, stupid history as the all-powerful King of the Birthers, it was an astounding pair of remarks. Since it was Sunday, he made them on Meet the Press!

At first, Chuck was almost willing to go there! Trump had played Birther King for years. Chuck almost semi-acknowledged that fact—and Trump answered one part of his question:
TODD (continuing directly): Actually, let’s get to that. Why won’t you concede that the president is a Christian and that the president was born in the United States?

TRUMP: Because I don’t talk about people’s faith. Now, in all fairness, he said he was a Christian and he said he is a Christian. He attended the church of Reverend Wright. And so, you know, I am willing going to take him at his word for that. I have no problem with that.
With Reverend Wright to fall back on, why not concede that point? That said, Trump had served the nation as birther king. He had mainly challenged Obama’s place of birth, not his religious affiliation.

Chuck noticed that Trump had skipped that part of the question. But when he posed that part of his question again, the birther king refused to reply, and Chuck rolled over and died:
TODD (continuing directly): Well, why not take the birth certificate at its word?

TRUMP: Well, I just don’t want to discuss it. I mean frankly, you know, when you get in to these subjects, I want to talk about jobs. I want to talk about the military, I want to talk about the vets and frankly how bad they’re treated. They’re treated like third class citizens. We’re treating the illegal immigrants better than we treat our vets.

And those are the things that I want to talk about. The other is a long, complex subject that I just don’t like talking about, and I won’t talk about it.

TODD: Don’t you think you will have people more open to your message on jobs and the economy if you sort of put that other thing to rest?

TRUMP: No, Chuck I don’t think—I think we have, you know, two things that are totally different. I just don’t discuss it and really it has not been brought up for a long time. You’re bringing it up this morning, but I am into the world of jobs. I’m into the world of military and vets. And frankly I discuss Obamacare because you see what is happening with the premiums—they’re going through the—a lot of problems with Obamacare.

TODD: Two quick questions. This week we’re going to see a lot of world leaders come to the United States, come to Manhattan and hanging out at some of your buildings that you own. Let me start with Vladimir Putin...
After whistling rather loudly again— the subject of Obama’s birth is long and complex, Trump said—he said he didn’t want to discuss it. So Chuck politely moved on.

We think that was a stunning exchange. Here’s why:

For several years, Trump talked and talked—in dishonest, disgraceful ways—about Obama’s place of birth. He even claimed that he had sent investigators to Hawaii. He said the things his agents had found were going to curl our hair.

That was all a lie, of course. But now, as the nation reaps the wages of Trump’s misconduct, Todd never even mentioned the fact that this conduct ever occurred!

Do you remember how Todd’s predecessor, the late Tim Russert, got famous? He got famous by playing tape of various things politicians had said in the past!

Now, Todd refused to even mention one of the most egregious lying campaigns any candidate ever waged. Trump said he wanted to talk about jobs, so Chuck rolled over and purred.

Todd’s refusal to even mention the past was little short of amazing. That’s especially true when you consider the way his highly professional millionaire colleagues are savaging Candidate Clinton.

Do you know who else wants to talk about jobs? Candidate Clinton wants to! But the press is refusing to let that occur. It’s all emails, all the time—or at least it was before the current week.

The week, a propaganda campaign has rolled out in which the questions about Obama’s birth are said to be Clinton’s doing.

The claim is simply absurd on its face. But even as Todd refuses to so much as mention the fact of Trump relentless birtherism, there are Mika and Joe, playing doctored tape of Clinton, accusing her of the crime.

Baby boy Todd rolled over and died. Presumably, he can’t afford to take the risk of losing Candidate Trump as a guest!

But even as Chuck rolls over and dies, Mika and Joe are waging a naked, undisguised war on the other front-runner. Willie Haskell Junior is always there to help.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at tape from their program this week. Especially with those two monsters around, we live in astonishing times.


  1. Trump befiehl, wir folgen dir.

    Why the hell not, our country is a farce.

  2. Did anyone other than the lovely Dr. Maddow expose the fake veteran's group that endorsed Trump?

  3. Chuck Todd is the top guy at NBC now. He's Meet the Press host.

    He's already explained how he views his role as a journalist. Nothing more needs to be said.

    Lewis Black asked Todd how he put up with guests who babble on with their talking points without barking at them, and Todd’s answer revealed why people don’t trust the media. The Meet The Press host said, “We all sit there, because we all know, the first time we bark is the last time that they do the show. You say something, and sometimes it is last time they will ever come on your show. There is that balance.”

  4. "Willie Haskell Junior is always there to help."

    Huh? Who is Wilie Haskell?

    I wonder if Mr. Somerby meant Eddie Haskell -- the fictional 'bad boy' character on the Leave It to Beaver.

    1. He is referring to Willie Geist.

    2. In the matter of Somerby's habit of near endlessly repeating himself it just goes to show the critics it's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

      [QUOTE]>>> Supplemental: Can Candidate Clinton survive her emails?


      ...Morning Joe is now playing that role in the hunt against Candidate Clinton. It’s hard to know whose shtick is most heinous—the naked aggression of Joe himself; the simpering passive aggression of the utterly loathsome Mika; or the fawning, baby-faced recitations of the extremely slick Willie Geist Junior, who’s most often compared to Eddie Haskell of “Leave It to Beaver” fame.

      Haskell would fawn around Mrs. Cleaver. Geist Junior performs the same bootlicking services for the loathsome Mika and Joe.... <<<[END QUOTE]

    3. Thank you, CMike.

  5. The type of obstinance Bob complains of is exactly what so many find refreshing about Trump. Any other politician would have immediately conceded to Chuck that "of course Obama was born in America, of course he's a Christian, there's no question, I'm soo sooooo sorry for ever suggesting otherwise, now can you please stop criticizing meeee?" But Trump doesn't do that. He doesn't get on his knees and beg the elites for forgiveness for his crimethink, and regular people all over America love him for that. This is something that folks safely ensconsed in the Acela corridor just don't seem to understand. But they soon will...

    1. Trump doesn't even speak English and that's supposed to be some kind of virtue? Read Kevin Drum's post today about what happened when Trump was asked about God. He explained about how he bought the pacific ocean. You have to be a moron to find that refreshing instead of jaw-droppingly stupid.

    2. maj, sounds like you would have been all for Hitler, he didn't back away from crimethink

    3. AC, sigh, you must be new at this. You can't just go in full Godwin on the 2nd comment. You need to pace yourself man. You gotta start in slow and easy. There'll be plenty of time to work yourself up into mouth foaming Nazi paranoia as the debate progresses.

    4. At least Hitler was coherent. You can find his speeches on Youtube.

    5. spengler was right, trump is our caesar

    6. maj, no mouth foaming, just commenting on the tenor of your comment. If I misunderstood your assessment of trump's appeal as not reflecting your own admiration of his style, but simply a characterization of his appeal to the mob, then it was because your comment was ambiguous. In any case, to the extent that "regular people' admire Trump for lying (somehow interpreted as being honest) and not apologizing for it, that doesn't bode well. I don't necessarily accept your characterization of what "regular people" think.

    7. What's there to debate? Your snark, maj?

    8. Not everyone has signed the Godwin pledge. I see no problem with drawing parallels with Hitler, when appropriate. For example, Hitler was a narcissist and so is Trump. They both have minimal accomplishments (Trump has been playing with his father's fortune and has lost more money than he has ever made, while Hitler was a failure at both school and work, succeeding only in the Army and as a demagogue supported by patrons and contributions, very much like Trump's campaign). They both rally people by focus on scapegoats (Trump has immigrants, Hitler had Jews and other freeloaders such as the disabled, elderly and mentally impaired). They are both appealing to national pride and promising to restore past glory (Trump says Make American Great Again, Hitler emphasized Germanic values and promised to undo the changes imposed on Germany after WWI). They both have goons (Trump's strong arm demonstrators and reporters, Hitler's wore brown shirts and did the same, removing dissenters from speaking engagements, beating up opposing candidates). They both have overzealous supporters whose behavior they turned a blind eye to, who did the dirty work (Trump's are impatiently asking when he plans to get rid of Muslims and Trump says he's working on it). Hitler was disdainful of intellectuals and educated people, so is Trump, and they both threw temper tantrums when asked inconvenient questions. They both talked about grandiose plans that no one thought would ever be implemented (surprise, surprise!), involving moving people in and out of countries by force. They both thought of people in black and white terms (Hitler called people decadent or evil, Trump calls them losers and rapists and criminals). People admired Hitler's projection of strength and willingness to talk back to others, and some people find that same trait in Trump appealing.

      See, there are lots of legitimate parallels.

  6. This is like bizzaro America

  7. Well Trump got Obama to release the "long-form" birth certificate. Does it look authentic? How the hell do you know? You can't prove it isn't authentic just like you can't prove it is authentic. This is a pointless question at this point. Just like the secret Muslim questions. Voters just have to put their faith somewhere. The main skill of our expert videojournalists when it comes to Trump seems to be one of reminding everyone about Trump's bad behavior while trying to disguise it as a serious question.

    I guess the alternative is to put your faith in Bernie's plan to "make college more affordable" by putting a lot more taxpayer money towards subsidizing college loans and tuition. This is how the government was able to help make the price of housing and health care as affordable as it is today. Obviously if you subsidize an industry with taxpayer funds, said industry will do the right thing and lower costs/prices. Let's keep putting our faith in that strategy.

    1. The alternative to agitating for serious journalism ("pointless") is a sarcastic douchebag pretending we've gotten to the crummy place we are today because government has been subsidizing housing and healthcare?

    2. Most people don't decide things by "faith" but by deciding what is most probably true based on the evidence at hand and other things they know. Faith is most relevant to arguments based on authority, which is not good thinking.

      In the case of Obama's birth certificate, which is more likely: (1) Obama is a foreign-born person faking his identity in order to run for president despite high likelihood of being unmasked as a fraud by highly motivated political opponents; (2) Obama was born in Hawaii and his birth certificate, verified by the hospital and state of Hawaii, is legit? How likely is it that someone with a major disqualifying secret about his past life would pursue a political career to the level of running for President? Not very. How likely is it that this is a pseudo-scandal cooked up by opponents? Very likely. People tend to go with what seems most likely to be true -- unless they are incapable of thinking clearly or operating from mistaken information. That's why it is important that our journalists help people by providing reliable info.

    3. You apparently believe that somehow government is responsible for the high cost of health care, when it was already way out of control long before Obamacare. This probably is the result of a deeper belief that government can't do anything right and we are so much better off at the tender mercies of corporate America. Just because you believe things doesn't make them true. Keep an open mind and pay attention to the facts, not the pundits.

    4. If you don't like Bernie's plan, Clinton has one too.

  8. Reverend Wright, what kind of lowlife would hold Rev. Wright's veiws agains Obama?

    Let's roll the video tape:

    Or check Bob's favorite newspaper:
    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton ended her silence on Senator Barack Obama’s pastor on Tuesday, sharply criticizing Mr. Obama for not leaving the Chicago church where the pastor made inflammatory remarks about the United States, spread conspiracy theories about the government and made sensational comments about Mrs. Clinton.

    Has Bob ever critized HRC for that performance? Of course not.

    Bob had a whiney fit when Brian Williams made up a war story. Did he ever say anything about HRC's made up war story?

  9. "The week, a propaganda campaign has rolled out in which the questions about Obama’s birth are said to be Clinton’s doing.

    The claim is simply absurd on its face."

    Absurd on its face? Sure, why not. Anyway, according to it appears it was started by some deranged Clinton supporters in 2008:

    "This claim was first advanced by diehard Hillary Clinton supporters as her campaign for the party’s nomination faded, and has enjoyed a revival among John McCain’s partisans as he fell substantially behind Obama in public opinion polls."

    Which goes to show you, and as evidenced on this blog, rabid Clintonistas are as looney as Tea Partiers.

    Carry on.

    1. They both support the 1%, but aren't smart enough to realize it.

    2. "This claim was first advanced by diehard Hillary Clinton supporters" feels no need to cite ANY evidence of this statement.


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