Maddow watch: Star's four days in May continue!


Susana Martinez redeemed:
Let's recall where matters stood when our story left off.

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Last Tuesday night, May 24, Rachel Maddow ended her "cable news" show by snarking about Susana Martinez, the governor of New Mexico.

Martinez is a Republican governor who doesn't like Candidate Trump real well. Trump was doing a campaign event in Albuquerque that night. The day before, Martinez had said she wouldn't attend the event.

It's hard to know why a liberal TV star would mock Martinez for something like that, but Maddow feeds viewers silly partisan snark every night of the week. As we showed you yesterday, she snarked at Martinez this night, suggesting 1) that Martinez was dumb and 2) that Martinez was "hiding out" from Trump.

Maddow happily ended her show with this partisan snark. But uh-oh! That very same night, at his campaign event, Candidate Trump insulted Martinez in strikingly similar ways.

By the logic of our tribe, this meant that Martinez had been subjected to a racist/sexist attack. It could also seem to place Maddow on Trump's side!

Result? The very next evening, Maddow opened her cable news program with fawning praise for Martinez. The snark from the previous evening was gone now, completely forgotten. Now, Maddow simpered and fawned about the governor's greatness.

Is anyone more fake and faux than corporate star Rachel Maddow? Below, you see how she began her fawning to Martinez in the opening segment of her show last Wednesday night.

Maddow opened her program with tape of Clint Eastwood screwing up at the 2012 Republican National Convention. She then told us how awful Chris Christie and even Mitt Romney had been.

Such utterly pointless piddle is constant on Maddow's show. Then she turned to what's shown below.

To watch the whole segment, click here:
MADDOW (5/25/16): But there was one speech, one moment in primetime at the [2012 GOP convention] that was great. I mean, whether or not you like the politician in question, it was a great speech, brought the house down. If there was anybody who emerged as a star from that troubled convention it was a Republican governor from a western state who's not widely nationally known.

But whatever you think about her politics, whatever you think about the points that she's making here, watch how good this was just as a political moment, just hitting the notes right, bringing people along with you, bringing them to their feet.

Just watch this.


MARTINEZ: When I was a young prosecutor, I got called to testify against my boss. I could have backed down, but I didn't. I stood up to him and he fired me for it.

So, I took him on. Ran against him for district attorney and beat him by a landslide.


The tape of Martinez's speech continued. When it ended, Maddow continued her fawning about Martinez, whose dumbness she had snarked about exactly one night before:
MADDOW: Notice how she finishes that, she gets this huge applause. She doesn't even smile. She waits for it and then allows herself a slight smile to recognize the response she's getting. That was really good.

That was Governor Susana Martinez, Republican governor of New Mexico. She just brought the house down.

Susana Martinez is a two-term governor of new Mexico. I will tell you, my personal—my honest assessment of how she has done as governor, that she hasn't had that distinguished a tenure. She's had problems in that state, including embarrassing personal problems, personal moments that she wouldn't have wanted to be caught on tape that were.

But you can tell from the fact that she had the one star performance at the Republican convention in 2012, you can tell she has real talent as a politician. She did get elected twice statewide in New Mexico as a Republican. She's the only female governor that state has ever had. She's the only female Hispanic governor any U.S. state has ever had.

She's the highest profile Latina Republican, not just nationally now but maybe ever,
and she also right now has a really important job in Republican politics. In addition to being the two-term governor of New Mexico, she's also chair of the Republican Governors Association.
Trust us. Maddow doesn't have the slightest idea "how Martinez has done as governor."

Despite this fact, Maddow shared her "personal, honest assessment" of Martinez's tenure. After that, she continued to fawn about various points for which Martinez had been mocked exactly one night before.

Maddow seemed to feel that none of her viewers would be struck by her odd change in tone. This is the way the game is now played on this highly tribal, low-IQ TV program.

From there, Maddow described the offense created by Candidate Trump the previous night. She described the ways the candidate had mocked Martinez, failing to note that she had snarked at Martinez in rather similar ways.

Maddow played tape of Candidate Trump as he criticized Martinez. She then pretended to puzzle about what Trump's statements seemed to convey.

The hideous Trump had seemed to be saying that Martinez was "slow," Maddow said, two separate times. The night before, Maddow had mockingly conveyed that impression herself.

In the past few years, Maddow has become one of the biggest fakes on the TV machine. If you watch the videotape of these segments from last Tuesday and Wednesday nights, you'll be seeing a sorry example of what we mean.

Here's something else we must warn you about. You can't believe a single thing you hear on the Maddow program. You have to double-check every fact. Consider where she went next.

As she discussed Trump's remarks about Martinez, Maddow conveyed her sense that Trump had launched a sexist and likely a racist attack on the governor. Then she reported what Trump had said about Elizabeth Warren.

Maddow's gorge was starting to rise. Inevitably, this led the major cable star to state some inaccurate facts.

Maddow played tape of Candidate Trump mocking Elizabeth Warren by calling her "Pocahontas." In response, she said this:
MADDOW: In New Mexico, Donald Trump mocking Elizabeth Warren for having Native American heritage.

Now, it's not that she doesn't have the heritage. She does. She's part Native American.
Donald Trump just finding that disgusting and hilarious and worthy of derisively calling her "Pocahontas" all the time.


Calling Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas," mocking her specifically for being partly Native American, as if that's something she ought to be ashamed of.

It's not like he threw out a script and ended up backsliding into that kind of racist, sexist, name-calling at his political events again. This is how his events are structured now. This is how he's running.
"Pocahontas" is one more in Trump's endless list of derisive, insulting name-calls. But in fact, it isn't clear that Senator Warren has any Native American heritage.

Maddow may remember the story the way she told it this night. If so, her memory seems to be wrong. As a result, Maddow seemed to misdescribe what Trump was mocking Warren for. In the process, her viewers got misinformed.

It's a problem when Candidate Trump name-calls Senator Warren this way. That said, it's also a problem when multimillionaire corporate liberals go on the machine night after night and clown in the ways Maddow does.

In her closing segment last Tuesday, Maddow snarked at the dumbness of Governor Martinez. In her opening segment the very next night, she attacked Trump as a racist and sexist for doing the very same thing!

As a matter of tribal decorum, we liberals aren't supposed to notice when Maddow plays the game this way. That said, she plays it this way almost every night. Tomorrow, we'll move on to the appalling complaints she made last week about another governor.

Maddow merely snarked about Governor Martinez. Her complaints about Governor McAuliffe were so dumb and so politically clueless that they constituted a case of political and journalistic malpractice.

At this point, is anyone dumber than Rachel Maddow? The cable star has become a ginormous corporate clown. Thanks to the power of tribal script, we liberals seem disinclined to notice.

Tomorrow: Four days in May continue

Videotape of both segments: In her closing segment on May 24, Maddow snarked at Martinez, specifically noting her dumbness. To watch the segment, click here.

The very next night, in her opening segment, Maddow fawned about the governor's greatness. As good liberals, we weren't supposed to notice the switch.

To watch that tape, click this.


  1. The troll is going to hate this one.

    1. Those who are critical of Somerby, however, will love it. It is vintage Bob.

      We are glad, however that for you, the sun rises and sets at Somerby's house based on what those you call "trolls" have to say.

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    3. The troll projects it's blankness. Wastes its time. Their right.

  2. More evidence of the most transparent administration in history.

    "The State Department admitted Wednesday that a 2013 press briefing video was purposefully altered to remove a portion of a discussion about the Iran nuclear talks, after an unknown State Department official asked that it be edited out."

    1. cicero

      It's laughable if you are suggesting this indicates anything negative about the transparent nature of the Obama Administration. Check out that fourth word in your quote.

      The State Department also detailed the part that was edited out, revealing how inconsequential this issue is.

      Indeed, this issue only appeals to those struggling with a very immature and dimwitted nature, that's what is transparent.

    2. Kirby admitted the missing sequence was intentional only after trying to explain it away as a technical glitch. If you want to credit the admission as anything other than getting caught after first attempting to deny the intentional edit as proof of transparency one can only imagine your skepticism if this occurred under the Bush 43 administration.

      Obama flunky Ben Rhodes bragged about how easy it is to lie to the media regarding the Iran nuke deal. If the edited part of Rosen's question and Psaki's response was so "inconsequential" why go to all the cloak and dagger to edit it out for posterity?

    3. cicero

      Your portrayal of events is grossly misleading. Here is a fairly straight forward report:

      Kirby never claimed it was a glitch. In fact, cicero, the full transcript has always been available on the State Department website and the full video has always been available on the Defense Department server. Fox News clownish cast memberJames Rosen has always known this.

      Additionally, cicero, Rhodes never bragged how easy it is to lie to the media. That is merely a laughable spin of Rhodes' comments explaining how he got Obama's message out about the Iran deal. There is in fact not one lie that Rhodes passed on to the media.

    4. Yahoo is not a reliable search engine. Watch link to video and learn. James Rosen is "clownish" because he does his job of being cynical about what Obama Administration peddles? Ok.

      "State Dept.: Missing Video Potentially Showing Iran Deal Deception Was a ‘Glitch’

      Learn about Rhodes actually said and how Josh Earnest was flummoxed defending him.

    5. cicero

      If you think anything is wrong in that report, please speak up.

      James Rosen is a clown because he uses innocuous information to portray his opposing side in a negative way. He is extremely dishonest. In fact, Rosen knows much more about the State Department video than he admits to.

      Again, cicero, Kirby never claimed it was a glitch. The spokeswoman in the youtube video you link to does an excellent job explaining the situation as best she knew it at the time. At the time, Rosen actually knew more about it than she did, he will never admit to that however.

      There is nothing wrong with what Rhodes actually said. He complained about the shoddy work of journalists these days. Fox News clowns are trying to spin that into him saying that their shoddiness made them easy for him to lie to. Rhodes makes no such claim, nothing like it at all. In your youtube link Krauthammer outright lies about the Obama administration and Iran missiles. Here is Obama in real time:

      "Iran's recent missile test, for example, was a violation of its international obligations and as a result the United States is imposing sanctions on individuals and companies working to advance Iran's ballistic missile program. And we are going to remain vigilant about it"

      You may not know this but it's the republicans that have been causing trouble in Iran. Reagan sold weapons to them, Cheney's Halliburton sold nuclear weapon technology to them. The current Iran missile issue may actually lead back to republicans and republican supported companies.

    6. So much for your spin this is all drummed up by FNC's James Rosen. The same guy whom the Obama Administration seized his phone records. Now Kirby says it is impossible to find out who ordered the editor to delete the 8 minutes out of the video.

      "CNN Jake Tapper Rips Into State Dept's Lies and Deceit on Video Editing"

  3. Bad Writer Bob ReviewJune 1, 2016 at 6:19 PM

    "Her complaints about Governor McAuliffe were so dumb and so politically clueless that they constituted a case of political and journalistic malpractice."

    Since Bob has never, to my knowledge, indicated he has practiced any politics whatsoever, as a professional or a volunteer, and since his long voluntary practice as a journalist is often described as Futile, I am not sure how his judgement of the work of others in either politics or journalism has any relevance at all.

    1. mkay. don't talk about politics unless you're a politician. don't talk about journalism unless you're a journalist.


      Gamroc's pleasure in your turbid prose notwithstanding, shut the fuck up and go home, Bad Writer troll. Don't choose a new name. Just remain indoors away from all keyboards, permanently. You embarrass yourself. As wretched as the internet is, you still manage to embarrass it. Withdraw from the things of the world to contemplate the perfect unfitness of your being, silently.

    2. "don't talk about politics unless you're a politician. don't talk about journalism unless you're a journalist."

      I didn't see BWBR say that. But perhaps the fact that you read that extreme interpretation into it, and then decided you should order someone to do something is an example of cultural breakdown or what have you. Or maybe a mental breakdown on your part.

  4. Since Bob has never, to my knowledge, indicated he has led a lunar space mission, as a professional or a volunteer, and since his long voluntary practice as a commentator of things in the air, on the air, up in the air and in SPACE is often described as Futile, I am not sure how his judgement of the work of others in anything has any relevance at all. {You are a bad writer} And please don't leave. Bob says HE IS a comedian. He has nothing on YOU! LOL!

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  6. "Pocahontas" qualifies as within the subset of genius, Trump Genius, the basis for Trump's victory as GOP nominee and his impending general election victory. Meaning it's funny, astute, and effective if juvenile, whether you like it or not.

    1. Did Maddow really try to pass this off as racist by Trump? I mean, he does say racist things all of the time, but by mischaracterizing this insult, it gives Trump supporters a way to present liberals as both simple-minded and too quick to cry racism.

      How does she help liberals, again?

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