Yesteryear watch: Predecessor to Comey the God!


The reign of the Starrs and Barrs:
Hillary Clinton is dishonest. She simply can't be trusted!

This has been a relentless theme, aimed at both Clintons and at Candidate Gore. The liberal world has always accepted the gong-show manner in which this theme has been promulgated. In just a few months, our relentless liberal lassitude may give us a President Trump.

You can't trust Hillary Clinton! In his new column at The National Memo, Gene Lyons journeys to yesteryear to show us the birth of this narrative on the national stage.

His column begins in September 1992:
LYONS (7/13/16): Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear: specifically to September 1992, when Attorney General William Barr, top-ranking FBI officials,
and—believe it or not—a Treasury Department functionary who actually sold “Presidential Bitch” T-shirts with Hillary Clinton’s likeness from her government office, pressured the U.S. Attorney in Little Rock to open an investigation of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater investment.

The Arkansas prosecutor was Charles “Chuck” Banks, a Republican appointed by President Reagan, and recently nominated to a Federal judgeship by President George H. W. Bush. It was definitely in Banks’s interest to see Bush re-elected.
As Lyons continues, we learn that a rare thing occurred. Banks, the Republican prosecutor, refused to bow to the pressure from Barr! He refused to pursue the phony Whitewater claims. Bill Clinton went to the White House.

That said, there's a serious downside to Lyons' story. He relates it here:
LYONS: [T]hat was the end of the Bush administration’s “Hail Mary” attempt to win the 1992 election with a fake scandal. Also the end of Chuck Banks’ political career.

The prevailing themes of the Clinton Legends, however, were set: imaginary corruption, and a “Presidential Bitch.” Eight years and $70 million later, Kenneth Starr’s Whitewater prosecutors folded their cards, proving the Little Rock prosecutor had been right all along.
As Lyons tells the story, the phony claims were passed along to Kenneth Starr—and Kenneth Starr didn't refuse to pursue those phony claims. According to Lyons, this theme continues in the current day through the conduct of Comey the God.

We strongly recommend Lyons' column. Let's annotate some key points:

The official with the t-shirts: The Treasury official with the "Presidential Bitch" t-shirts was the appalling L. Jean Lewis. Wikipedia has a fairly decent capsule account of her ridiculous conduct.

For more, see Lyons' important book, Fools for Scandal: How the Media Invented Whitewater. It's one of the books the "liberal" world has always agreed to ignore.

With regard to Lewis, it's important to be clear on a basic point: Some genuine crazies have been involved in the wars against the Clintons and Gore, the endless wars the liberal world has always been willing to tolerate.

Judge Kenneth Starr the God: Today, John B. Comey has been anointed the press corps' latest god. His rectitude is apparent to all. His obvious moral greatness cannot be challenged.

At one time, Kenneth Starr preceded Comey in the role of Washington insider god. "Judge Starr" was known, by one and all, to be a figure of rectitude. He was widely regarded as a future Supreme Court pick when he humbly accepted the task of taking down Clinton and Clinton.

By now, Starr has been humiliated several times, most recently for his role in the Baylor sex assault scandal. He's no longer seen as a press corps god—but so what? He has been replaced in that role by the unassailable Comey.

Helderman does it again: Lyons assails the Washington Post for Sunday's appalling front-page retrospective. The lengthy piece was written by the gruesome Rosalind Helderman, Harvard 2001, a one-person affirmation of Nietzsche's leading theories.

To read Helderman's ridiculous piece, click here. Lyons says this about that:
LYONS: Shamefully, several of Starr’s assistants recently showed up in the Washington Post reminiscing about how they almost indicted Hillary Clinton. Except that they never did, and for the same reason FBI director James Comey wouldn’t dare take his largely adverbial case (“extremely,” “carelessly,” etc.) into a courtroom against her.

Because when the accused can afford competent defense counsel, a bogus case endangers the prosecutor more than the defendant. Indict the former Secretary of State and lose? Goodbye career.

If the Post had a sense of humor, they’d have illustrated the article with a photo of “Judge Starr,” as he liked to be called, dressed in his cheerleader costume leading Baylor University’s felonious football team onto the field.
Lyons doesn't mention Helderman. We'll take over from here.

How horrible is Helderman's work? Even after Starr's latest moral disaster, she managed to write a lengthy front-page report in which she didn't show a hint of skepticism about the gang of Ahabs Starr assembled to pursue the Clintons.

Helderman was Rachel Maddow's favorite in the cable clown's Ahab-like pursuit of Governor Ultrasound. That said, Maddow is almost cosmically clueless about the politics of the entire Clinton/Gore era. We liberals will never understand a basic point—you can't empower crazies like these just because they're pursuing someone you may dislike.

The history of this era is clear. In the end, it's the liberal and progressive world which takes the ultimate biggest hits when this kind of hang-em-high "journalism" is permitted. This is how we got President Bush at the end of the Clinton era. This year, it may give us President Trump.

Tomorrow, we'll return to the recent conduct of Comey the God. The more we've looked at what he has done, the less we're able to feel that he behaved in good faith.

Starting tomorrow, we'll explain.

The more we look at what Comey did, the more we feel that he's pulled a bit of a con. But so what? Dana Milbank made him a god, and one Democrat after another praised him for his obvious rectitude when he testified before the House committee last Thursday.

Meanwhile, Rachel has run away from this topic, as she always does. She's now busily wastingyour tim,e trying to guess Trump's VP pick.

Meanwhile, has "The Puppy," pushed back? Do you even have to ask?

Believe it or not, L. Jean Lewis actually had those "Presidential Bitch" t-shirts. Along the way, we got Ken Starr.

Kenneth Starr is no longer a god, but in his place, we have Comey the God. With regard to his recent conduct, how much pushback have you seen from multimillionaire TV clowns like the ridiculous Maddow?

Rachel Maddow is working a con. Inside our clueless tribal tents, we view her as Rachel the God.

Tomorrow: Comey the God and his apparent con


  1. This one'll tongue tie the good ole' troll. But that ain't sayin' much.

    1. The good ole' troll has just been elected Chief
      Executive of Liberal World and as such will probably conspire to pretend to sleep though all this on behalf of liberal world's owners.

    2. Liberals helped elect Bush. If they hadn't done that, Iraq would not have happened. So, yes, it is partly the fault of "Liberal World" that people died in Iraq.

      Too many of today's voters weren't around when this stuff happened. They need to be informed so that it doesn't happen again. Begin with the millennials who think Bernie was the bee's knees. Continue with the folks who think the email scandal is worrisome. Continue with the BLMers who will devote more time to attacking their supporters for being not-quite-enthusiastic about their protests while Trump gets a pass on his obvious racism. Hillary's campaign is working very hard while everyone else shrugs and says "What do you expect -- news shows are just entertainment and these guys are just doing what they always do?"

    3. You left out that Hillary's supporters are her biggest problem. Once you add that to the historical mix I am sure the millennials will understand, the e-mail worriers will be calm, and the BLM'ers will bring Trump to heel.

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  2. Comey is definitely pulling a con. Noticed it off the bat in my comments here responding to hapless cicero. Eager to read Bob's take on it.

  3. Comey, a Republican appointed as FBI director by President Obama, crossed all three of those lines. Very few commentators noted that Comey shouldn’t have said anything at all, and how unusual it was that he did. One exception was Benjamin Wittes, editor in chief of the Lawfare blog and a senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution.
    When they do provide an announced recommendation of non-indictment, the FBI should limit their statement to just that,” she said. “There is no need to tarnish a person's reputation in the process—especially when there is no concrete evidence to support the hypotheticals.”

    1. It's called "due process" and what Comey did is appalling and totally inappropriate.

      Clinton Rules in action.

      This will be an unusual statement in at least a couple ways. First, I am going to include more detail about our process than I ordinarily would, because I think the American people deserve those details in a case of intense public interest.

      Another big fat waste of money ends as we all knew it would, a big fat nothing burger.

      So once again, a politically motivated witch hunt of Hillary Clinton ends not with a bang but a whimper.

      But everybody gets to take a few cheap shots.

  4. Chapter 1 in the Clinton playbook: Destroy anyone who criticizes the Clintons.

    1. Prime Directive for Clinton attack dogs.

      No defense of Clintons is ever permitted.

      Clinton Rules mean you can say any damn thing you want, and when you're proven to be full of shit, act horrified and incredulous that anyone would dare to point to that load in your pants.

  5. Millbank praised him in advance because he wanted the "no indictment" call treated as golden. Too bad the fix wasn't far enough in, or Comey was uncomfortable being part of the fix. Poor Hillary! You tell a few lies and people call you a liar! How unfair is that?

    1. It's pretty damn unfair, since Director Comey explicitly testified in that ridiculous show hearing that she did not lie.
      So I'm sure you know more than the investigators and can support your malicious slander calling her a liar.

    2. Trevor Noah has decided it is hip to oppose Hillary. He featured a series of juxtaposed clips suggesting that Hillary is a liar. Because his audience includes potential Democratic voters, that hurts. Millennials need an education about how politics works -- especially someone with both influence and a basic ignorance about American politics like Trevor Noah.

  6. "and one Democrat after another praised him for his obvious rectitude"

    Yes. They did.

    Once again, as it was in the first War on clinton-GORE, it is the job of the press, not members of the partisan team, to refute all criticism of a Clinton. In Bob Somerby's mind.*

    * In Bob Somerby's mind, the press pretends to cover things, while Bob comforts wailing child-like analysts who sleep in a large, orphanage style room
    where he channels Socrates.

    1. It is the job of the press to be fair and accurate. They are not doing their job.

      If you don't like Somerby's literary devices, go read some other blog.

    2. Somerby uses literary devices in his serious coverage of our collapsing culture and adult discussion of our devolving discourse? Like a novelist?

    3. Yes, he uses words. Like a novelist.

      That's about as deep a "critique" as yours, 10:34.

  7. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is signaling that the Supreme Court won't roll over again to give the US a conservative president.

    1. Don't worry, it will never get to that. This thing is headed for a landslide. Almost 20 republican senators won't even attend their party convention. Astounding.

    2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is signaling that she now realizes being a Supreme Court Justice means being discreet about revealing your views about candidates during a campaign.

    3. Wingnut Media Industrial Complex Hissy Fit Machine wins again.


    4. Truth be told, mm, current polling seems to day it is headed the other way. Astounding.

    5. Donald Trump Gets 0% Support From Black Voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania: NBC/WSJ Polls

      And he's not too much better with Hispanic/Latino.

      Landslide coming.

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