BREAKING: The Thunderclap That Was!


Landlord saves the day:
On Monday evening, a thunderclap blew out our connectivity and our TV set.

This morning, ComCast couldn't solve the connectivity problem. Our landlord just came by and did, though even he couldn't save the TV.

In many ways, denial of access to cable news has been a bit of a treat. Suddenly, it was 1980 again. What was wrong with that?

At any rate:

Over the past few days, we've worked on a series of posts about Amy Chozick's recent campaign bio of Hillary Clinton.

The piece appeared in last Thursday's New York Times. Assuming the landlord's solution holds, we'll start posting tomorrow.

On the other fairly obvious hand, none of this makes any difference. You have time to realize things like that when you're thrown back to 1980.


  1. Omigod Bob, thank God you're alive. I thought for sure you had burst an aorta rereading Dowd, or someone had served you a cyanide-laced apricot cocktail and the neighborhood's feral cats had already crawled in your window and were eating your epidermis.

  2. Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bob, you don't get it. It doesn't make any difference what Chozick or anybody else writes about Hillary because Trump won't let any thing -- good or bad -- about Hillary dominate the news.

    He's got to be front and center at all times, no matter what. He thinks it's a winning strategy, because, after all he won the GOP primaries like that, didn't he?

    Ted Cruz could have drowned puppies in a rain barrel, and Trump would have said something completely outrageous to keep Cruz and the puppies out of the news cycle.

    He really believes that "any publicity is good publicity."

  4. Welcome back. I've been worried...

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