Paul Krugman arrives at the scene of the fire!


Exactly sixteen years late:
Truly, this post is pathetic. Can this possibly be sincere?

More on this topic tomorrow. Can Krugman possibly be sincere in the puzzlement he expresses?


  1. Your post is pathetic. Can you not understand why nobody can take you sriously?

  2. I want answers to the 20 questions Clinton has asked Trump, based on today's Newsweek article.

    Which reporter will be brave enough to confront Trump over these questions? Who will keep asking, over and over, when he refuses to answer?

    1. Bob does not cover 20 questions asked by Clinton. Bob only covers questions asked by Bob. And holds grudges against those who do not answer questons asked in his blog.

      Do not clutter Bob's blog with questions by others than Bob.

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