Candidate Clinton's lead keeps growing!


Big star can't figure it out:
Let's make this a day of data!

According to the Cook Report site, Candidate Clinton's lead in the popular vote has continued to grow:
Popular vote, 2016 election
Candidate Clinton:
64.9 million votes (48.2 percent)
Candidate Trump: 62.5 million votes (46.4 percent)
Oof! Candidate Clinton now leads Trump by almost two full points.

If Clinton got so many more votes, how in the world did the other guy win? Incredibly, the "wasted votes" in California now exceed four million:
Popular vote, California, 2016 election
Candidate Clinton:
8.34 million votes (62.1 percent)
Candidate Trump: 4.31 million votes (32.1 percent)
The "sorting" of the population has produced a giant cache of excess votes in the Golden State. As we noted last week, Obama only won the state by margins of roughly three million!

For reasons which strike us as blatantly obvious, we think the public should be told about these results. They undermines the impression that Candidate Trump won a walloping "mandate," even some sort of "landslide."

The Trumpist-elect doesn't seem to want people to think he lost the popular vote. One big cable star was utterly baffled by this fact Monday night:
UNNAMED CABLE STAR (11/28/16): Just in terms of what is going on right now, right, the president-elect is behind now in the popular vote by about 2.2 million votes.

That would be the largest losing margin in the popular vote by any incoming president in 140 years and that may be trivia to civics dorks at some level but that fact appears to be driving the president-elect a little bit nuts, to the point where he's now insisting that actually he won the popular vote. He says he won the popular vote, quote, "if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally."

The millions of people who voted illegally? A, There's no evidence that that is true. B, Why would you say that if you're the person who won the election? Are you questioning the validity of the election that you just won?

I mean, who knows?
One day earlier he was enraged about the recount effort in Wisconsin, saying the results of the election should be respected instead of being challenged. That was Saturday. By Sunday, the whole election was a scam and it was millions of fraudulent votes.
This unnamed star just couldn't imagine why Trump would want to do that! Soon she returned to her mugging and clowning and the whole world seemed OK.


  1. Conan O'Brien does a better job of talking about his stuff. But then, he is arguably a bigger star.


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  2. In 1876, New York Democrat Samuel Jones Tilden thumped his Republic opponent Rutherford B. Hayes by three full points when he won a majority of the popular vote for president.

    How the republic wound up with President Hayes is too complicated to recall here. But I would recommend Gore Vidal's "1876" for anyone who might prefer a novelization of that series of events written by an actual novelist.

    Tilden may have had the right attitude when he said of the results: "I can retire to private life with the consciousness that I shall receive from posterity the credit of having been elected to the highest position in the gift of the people, without any of the cares and responsibilities of the office."

    Are you listening, Hillary and Al?

  3. I find myself wondering why California has so many surplus Democratic votes. Supposedly the Hispanic and Asian American voting blocs are not monolithically liberal. Is it because most of the state's people are in urban areas?

    I also find myself wondering whether living in an urban environment better equips people to think about the complexities of the world and thus makes them more open to a message like Hillary's. The more ethnically and racially diverse areas seem to have gone for Clinton, especially NY and Hawaii. Urban areas are also expensive and require that someone be fully employed, so maybe the job-loss theme didn't resonate as much there.

    Just speculation. Maybe we need more big cities to beat the Republicans next time.

  4. Trump was right, the election was rigged - by Republicans with Pootie's help.

  5. Even if the press got the people riled enough to try to change the constitution and get rid of the Electoral College vote, the necessary amendment would fail to pass. It takes only 13 states to block it. The people of the 13 smallest states would be easily convinced by campaign ads that they would be made into slaves by the elimination of the EC. Distrust of the fairness of our fellow American far exceeds the believe in the democratic principle that each vote should have equal weight.

    1. This situation is as much a relic of deference to slaveholders as was the situation of the Confederate flag flying over any state capital -- only, this is of far more serious consequence.


      Undoing what "the founders" did in service of slaveholders would be un-American!

    2. The electoral college was created out of racism? Has there ever been a better proof of Somerby's accusation that liberals loooooove to play that card?

      What is the *name* of our country? Why should we get rid of a structure that gives the collections of people that make up individual states a small measure of extra control deciding the most powerful position in the federal structure?

    3. Dave the Guitar PlayerDecember 1, 2016 at 1:04 PM

      The Civil War ended the argument over whether we are a single nation or a collection of independent states. The Electoral College is a remnant of the debate and should be ignored. This *can* be done if enough states decide to assign *all* of their Electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote regardless of the winner in their own state. This would not require changing the Constitution, since states are allowed to allocate their votes however they wish. Work to make that change in your state.

    4. LOL, you folks know that the Electoral College was the brainchild of one Alexander Hamilton (who we are reliably assured by our thespian betters was a strong black man)?

    5. Dave,

      Because I live in Massachusetts, I am very glad that we are certainly a collection of independent states and not a single nation. Many, many, many laws here are different than those of other states. If our laws here were a reflection of the nation as a whole, we would have a far less progressive culture here.

  6. The real takeaway from all this is that California is now effectively a province of Mexico, so thoroughly has it been colonized.

    From wikipedia: "As of 2015, California has the largest minority population in the United States. Non-Hispanic whites decreased from about 76.3 - 78% of the state's population in 1970 to 38.0% in 2015."

    45 years for the proportion of whites in California to be halved. Remarkable. This is how our elites plan to divide and conquer us; they know, as California reliably proves, that in a multi-ethnic society, ethnicities will vote in a tribal manner. No longer will policy matter -it will all be a game of pandering to various ethnicities, and setting them against each other.

    So, yeah, have fun with that. BTW, millions of illegals surely voted, and no one's willing to investigate it. That's the entire reason there's so much opposition to voter ID, despite one needing ID for all kinds of mundane, but necessary, matters.

  7. As liberals, before we get all in an uproar about the electoral college, maybe we should take a look at the non-democratic process of the democratic primary, with its version of the electoral college, namely the superdelegates.

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