Christmas falls on the 25th again!


Producing holiday travel:
Just as predicted by major news orgs, Christmas had fallen on the 25th once again. This has us heading for the train and for northbound travel.

We don't expect to post again until the end of the week. At that time, we'll continue our posts about the year(s) in review.

We spent two years pretending to conduct an election. During all the folderol, which topics didn't you hear discussed?

Which topics never get discussed? Which facts never get explored, even by liberals and progressives? If we liberals could get people to listen to us, which we can't, which topics would we have a hard time explaining?

We'll plan to pick up there. It's relatively easy to react to the things which do get said. Sometimes it's more instructive to go in search of the things which get disappeared.

On that cheerful, upbeat note, we head off for a family romp.


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  2. When you kept shouting "I told you so" about Maddow I held back, thinking you might be too harsh, since I never took her that seriously.

    BUT her recent "interview" kiss ass lovefest with K. Conway was too much. Maddow is now an official collaborator in my book, evil. She is implicated in all the garbage about to transpire.

    You are 1000% correct about Maddow.

    1. Even I am guilty of avoiding what IS IS [not those fools in the Middle East] when IS pertains to something I disagree with. Maddow was once a staple, along with Keith Olbermann on that MSNBC. At times, people just can't handle the truth because neither one has been helpful. There are people in this world that can never do wrong, and you've heard the saying "must be twice as good" to be considered equal. Liberals/Progressives have to be flawless, especially since nothing Liberal or Progressive has been passed in my lifetime [MLKing JR was killed April 1968, I was born days later the next month] You don't give up on the country, you just figure ways to cope, adapt, and let THEM fuck up, because their reality is unsustainable. Trump's nuke talk scares me, but nothing else about him does. I really fear they will let him spend 2 trillion dollars on new nukes, and when some one says "Prove they work", he will try and then say uh-oh, and delete the tweet. As an evolving Christian, I think somethings are already decided, God knows, so I am a little bit comfortable with that concept "... you will only get as much as you can take" Then you see Maddow and Kelly-Ann-Conway/Fitzpatrick/Conway and ... that was probably more than I could take, so I didn't watch. It was on at my house, so I know it happened. I don't watch Direct v anymore. I have my reasons.

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  4. You quipped we liberals can't get anybody to listen to us. Our analysts reminded us that Clinton, the liberal candidate for president, won approximately 48% of the popular vote as compared to Trump, the conservative candidate, who garnered 46%. Does this reflect the relative strength of the two arguments? We have to say that we don't know for sure. The relative apportionment of liberals to conservatives in the Senate and House paints a more lopsided picture -- in favor of the conservatives.

    It occurred to us that perhaps the mantra "you are so dumb" isn't a cogent argument. Our analysts wonder what the optics are of chanting derisively "you are so dumb."

    Our analysts wondered who is listening to what. Liberal arguments squeaked out a small lead in the presidential race. Conservatives have a much more substantial majority in Congress. The picture of who is listening to what -- and when -- seems to be quite complex.

    That said, it is an inarguable truism that people simply *can't* listen to a policy argument that is never made.

    1. Well said, David. I continue to ponder how Trump got almost half the votes. He was a boor whose behavior was un-Presidential. He had no government experience. The media attacked him more viciously than any candidate in history.

      I think his platform must have appealed to a lot of people. And, what's almost the same thing, the liberal platform was widely disliked.

      BTW Trump was free to define his platform however he liked. But, the liberals' platform was defined by the actions they'd been taking during the Obama Administration.

    2. Most of the "attacks" the media made on Trump consisted of quoting him (or showing him speaking).
      However, this didn't change his supporters' minds.

    3. I agree with you, Karl H., that the media attacks didn't change Trump's supporters' minds. That's because the media lost their credibility in their anti-Trump vendetta.

      I had hoped that after the election, the media would try to be unbiased, in order to regain their credibility. Unfortunately, they redoubled their anti-Trump efforts. Again it's not working. Trump's approval rating has been increasing. E.g., see

    4. "That's because the media lost their credibility in their anti-Trump vendetta."

      Total bull

    5. Everyone ignored the media because they did not cover Trump objectively. They targeted him for conduct a fraction as offensive as Bill Clinton's and it failed because the agenda was obvious. They defended the Clintons because the Clintons and their party are pro-abortion race baiters and abortion and feeling like righteous culture warriors (not to be confused with progress) are the only two things that motivate the prog left.

      Watching them challenge the results after weeks of "Trump is threatening our very institutions by saying he might not accept the result if he loses" was the funniest thing that has happened in politics in a long time. It wasn't surprising to anyone however, because they and the media lost their credibility early on in this race.

      Hillary's deplorable speech cost her the election. Regular people who don't sit around all day and wonder how they are being victimized are sick of bratty lefty tactics and the only thing the democrat party is accomplishing now by doubling down is doubling the margin for republicans in those new Trump states.

    6. Hillary's deplorable speech cost her the election. Bullshit. Just like that CLINGING TO GUNS cost Obama the 2008 election. Republicans have a solid 44% bottom when it comes to elections. When you hear 1000+ reasons why Hillary lost... email... bengarglez... she was awful... WHY did TRUMP win? Well, I sure hope Chuck Todd is able to explain it because no body has explained it yet. Deplorables cost her the election? THIS ELECTION was over WAY BEFORE she said THAT! This website said over and over again, Trump could win... and he is a loser who acts like he was never given anything. I am ambivalent about Trump. I really don't care he is President, because of Hillary's vote to give George W. Bush the right to use force in Iraq. She also said she would close all failing public schools... She said he private email server usage "Was allowed" ... by whom? Jeff Sessions? She has bad instincts, but I don't HATE the woman. I think Carly Fiorina and Nikki Haley would have gotten FEWER votes than Trump or Clinton... but would have won too, via Electoral College, because of those quirks in that system... back to Republicans have a solid 44% popular vote no matter what. It is HARD for Republicans to lose Presidential elections, yet they did in 2000, possibly in 2004, 2008 and 2012 for sure and they lost the popular vote again in 2016. Winning on a fumble is a win... ok. If it is not the title game, WHAT NEXT? Oh, more fumbles next week? And the NFL officials will show up to make bad calls... Are you any good? Not being any good catches up with you... that is what Trump fears. I have empathy and I fear it for The 45th President of The United States. We are about to find out if Donald Trump has ... wait, I will say now. Donald Trump won't LAST unless he pivots and if there are mental problems, Pence will take over... I like Pence, for be about what he is about. He is NOT a liar but he has always been on my radar screen as the next Reagan like cartoon character for their side.

    7. There aren't many things I like about Trump but one thing I love the hell out of is that he beat her and all that side stands for now which is mainly silencing any objection to any of their goofy ideas with screams of racist sexist this or that ist on and on ad nauseam. Democrats don't represent the poor and oppressed they represent resentments they harbor with no basis in reality.

    8. Why don't trolls ever proofread their comments?

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  7. On Christmas Day, 2016, the NYT published "Inside the Trump Organization". The article involved real reporting. It would have been far more beneficial for voters and our country if it had been published in April, 2015, 2 months BEFORE Trump announced that he was running.

    1. People had enough information. I agree with you timing is very important.

    2. Good point, Big Guy. That article could have been written long ago and published before the election.

      The article leads to wondering how much of Trump's business management style he will carry over to his Presidential responsibilities. Obviously, leading the government is much different from leading a private, family-owned company. Trump will have to make big changes in order to be effective as President.

    3. The NYT did run a few months before the election a long, detailed article about Trump's business practices - how his performance with his casinos was worse than other Atlantic City casino owners, the circumstances behind his bankruptcies; how he screws small businessmen contractors who do work for him all the time, how he screwed his bank lenders (some might cheer him for that). I don't think it got much publicity elsewhere. Whatever it was, Trump had some magic, but I don't think it's correct to say the MSM unfairly attacks him. Compared to Trump, Clinton is a cross between "Honest Abe" Lincoln, and "Never Told a Lie" Washington - virtually everything he says is objectively untrue, a distortion, an exaggeration, or based on no evidence - evidently a vast bloc of the public is fine with that, being unable to differentiate what is true or untrue. He was excoriated by big figures in his own party. But we will have to see what happens, it promises to be weird.

    4. "...his performance with his casinos was worse than other Atlantic City casino owners..."

      IMHO this is negative spin. Here's why: The statement can be roughly generalized as
      "Trump earned enormous amounts of money. But he was a failure, because some others earned even more money."

    5. Trump lost enormous amounts of other people's money on his casinos at a time when other casino owners were making large amounts of money. That does make him a failure.

    6. D in C - you perhaps get your understanding of what is in the NYT and liberal media from Breitbart and similar sites; in any event you misunderstand. Trump always excuses his financial failures leading to his bankruptcies by claiming that all the casinos were in the same boat, it was the economy, it wasn't his fault (nothing is). But the long NYT article goes into detail how
      Trump's excuse is questionable in that his casinos did worse than non-Trump casinos - losing more (not earning less) money than the industry as a whole.

    7. AC/MA -- You have a interesting point, that this comment responds to Trump's excuse.

      Nevertheless, the unbiased way is to report on the whole, and then go into all the parts, good and bad. The whole is that Trump started with a lot of money and in the net made a fairly large abount of money. Trump's opponents and the opposing media focus on his casino that failed, rather than other businesses that succeeded.

      I have no doubt that President Trump will be a much better manager than President Obama. Look at the comparison between Steve Bannon and Ben Rhodes. Bannon was a top MBA student at Harvard and ran a very successful media business. Rhodes wrote fiction.

    8. Being a novelist is good preparation for being a speechwriter, which is what he did for Obama. He was not the head of the OMB. His job title was: Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications. Note the word "Communications."

      Earning an MBA apparently didn't teach Bannon values or how to tell the truth instead of manipulate people with fiction.

      Too bad success is only defined by money for these people (and you).

      There are men and women in this world who would never let a business fail and then not pay back investors. Paying back debts for people who helped you build a business would be considered first priority. For Trump, the people who lose money in his enterprises are chumps -- he comes out fine because he doesn't put his own money on the line, then goes on to the next project leaving others holding the bag. It is exactly what he did during his supposedly self-funded campaign. He billed his campaign for office space in his building (at inflated rates) while his supporters paid the bill with donations, and he claimed to be self-financed. As if.

      No man who lies like Trump does is any kind of success. If he were successful, he wouldn't be living in a world of self-aggrandizing lies.

    9. D and C interesting that you would advocate for 'unbiased' news, and at the same time laud Bannon's website, close to the diametrical opposite of unbiased. You're upset because of alleged biased reporting about Trump - if anything the press wasn't up to the challenge of dealing with someone who even Ted Cruz said lied every time he opened his mouth. Clinton was the one who was subjected to MSM (never mind right wing) bias with the bogus Benghazi story and relentless, over the top coverage of her emails. As far as Trump being a much better 'manager' than Obama, I think you meant to say a much better propagandist, with Bannon.

    10. I agree that Trump is a big liar. He told malicious lies about his opponents. He made exaggerated promises with no thought of how he could actually fulfill them.

      I think the press did a good job of pointing out Trump's lies. He had the good luck that his opponent was also a big liar as was the outgoing President.

    11. Where you are off is: (a) Trump presents an entirely new category for a US President - he's in an alternate dimension when it comes to disregarding the norms of being truthful (b) it is absurd to equate Obama or Clinton with Trump in this area, or to simply characterize them as 'liars.'. All politicians 'lie' - (all people do too, some worse than others).There are different kinds of lies also. They almost have to. Clinton and Obama are within the norm of politicians on the average, probably above average - I don't know how you measure it. By equating those two Dems with Trump in the truth department is ridiculous - though, deplorably, a large swath of people seem to think that's the case. There's reason to worry about this.

    12. Trump is more honest than Hillary who reveals what she really thinks about "deplorable" people and then lies again when she says she regrets thinking or saying it. Trump tells you what he thinks and tells you the same thing if you try to wrest a fake apology out of him.

    13. But what he thinks is deplorable!

    14. 7:07 Trump has told malicious lies about his opponents. He encouraged birtherism. He accused Cruz's father of involvement in the JFK assassination. And, many of his campaign promises are offered where there's no realistic plan of how to accomplish them.

      Obama, as President has told really big lies. We all know about the ACA misrepresentation (you can keep your insurance, keep your doctor, and $2500 saving per family). It was recently admitted that the Iran deal has secret provisions allowing Iran to keep more fissionable material than the public was told. And, now there's lots of evidence that despite denials the Obama Administration played an active in the recent UN Israel resolution.

      As AA/MA points out, all politicians lie. But, mostly they do this while campaigning for office. It's special for the President to fool the American public about the content of our laws and of our international agreements.

    15. Anon 707 - in Trumplike fashion, what you say doesn't make any sense. Why was it a lie for Clinton to say she regretted saying it? And when did she ever say she regretted "thinking" it. I'm sure she regretted the "deplorable" remark - look at all the flak she got for it; Trump and his supporters exploited it to the hilt. How do you know what Trump thinks? When he says things that are demonstrably untrue, and in spite of evidence that what he said isn't true, he doesn't issue a "fake apology" it is bizarre to claim that makes more honest than anybody. One egregious example - he went around propagating the absurd (but popular to wingnuts) claim that Obama wasn't born in the U.S., also claiming to have sent agents to Hawaii to investigate, whose findings we would be amazed at. Total bullshit. So he finally, under pressure, had to acknowledge Obama was born in the U.S., he adds to it that it was Clinton's fault for the false rumors- a complete lie - and that he deserved credit for squelching the false claim. Bullshit on a world class level. Does this mean he will be a worse president than Obama or Clinton would have - no way to tell right now (or ever, because it's subjective and since how effective Clinton would have been we can't tell). But your statement about Trump being more honest is lacking in logic.

    16. D and C - that idea that politicians, especially as it applies to presidents, do most of their "lying" when campaigning, and not so much when they are in office is just wrong. I don't know how you come up with these ideas, other than to advance your irrational preconceptions. Also, I don't think you have much of an understanding of what is a "lie." There are different kinds of untruths - flat out intentional perjury, tricky distortions of truth, out of context statements, wishful thinking, half-truths, and unintentional misstatements, suspected lies etc - people tend to confuse these and not distinguish between them, as I think you do also


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  9. By Kelly Kleiman at The Reality-Based Community:

    "There’s been a lot of rumbling about how the 2016 election reflected a failure on the part of elites to understand the atavistic attitudes of a significant portion of the electorate. But we understand perfectly well: people have been getting new ideas—about who gets rewarded for what kind of work, about what color or gender person will be acknowledged as someone who counts, about who’s in charge—and that’s never easy. Trump voters decided they didn’t like the new ideas and said so at the ballot box. But that won’t prevent those ideas from taking hold, unless the central idea of American life—that of popular self-government—is destroyed by the lying fool they chose.

    And if it is, it won’t be something elites, or Democrats, or women, or black people, or Jews, or gays, or liberals did or didn’t do. If we really believe in self-government we must hold people accountable for their choices, and the destruction of American values and institutions will be the predictable result of a choice made by people who failed or refused to understand that it’s never easy to get new ideas, but it’s fatal not to."

    Somerby is wrong. Liberals are not to blame for Trump's election. They are not to blame for the angst of the white working class. Those who voted for Trump are responsible and remember, if you break it, you own it.

    1. This hardly proves Somerby wrong. Just because you found another zealot (on the internet, no less!) that spews the same disrespect at those you disagree with, does not an argument make.

      "[T]he destruction of American values and institutions"? Now the people you disagree with aren't Americans anymore? Their values aren't American values? Says who?

      You don't have a very good grasp on American history.

      1) Genocide. Elites knew that the original inhabitants were "savages."
      2) Slavery. Three-fifths.
      3) Patriarchal. ERA passing anytime soon?
      4) Business first. GDP must always grow, because we have unlimited natural resources.

      And, last but not least,
      5) Military belligerence. The United States used to disband our Army in peacetime. When liberals start up with their gun control scolding, can anyone ask where were they when the US military budget got increased to over $500 billion?

    2. This is the problem with quoting. You lose the larger context. The word "current" is implicit before the phrase American values because the author is talking about what will happen if today's voters do not change with the times.

      Current American values do not include genocide of native peoples, slavery, patriarchy, unfettered business or military expansionism (formerly known as colonial imperialism).

      Current American values include democratic elections, government with respect for and protection of minority interests by the majority, equality before and within the law, opportunity for improvement, public education as a means to that opportunity, and leadership in the world community of nations. Business growth and innovation encouraged by investment in workers, not their exploitation is also an American value.

      The people threatening those values are those who will not learn from history, who will not change with the times.

      But who cares what some other author says when it is so easy to superimpose your own views on someone else's comment.

    3. "Current American values do not include genocide of native peoples, slavery, patriarchy, unfettered business or military expansionism (formerly known as colonial imperialism)."

      You got two right out of five.

      Who determines when "current" starts? Some might say the last election.

      "But who cares what some other author says when it is so easy to superimpose your own views on someone else's comment."

      Kelly Kleiman's *first* sentence that you quoted calls a whole group of people's views "atavistic." Is she superimposing her views onto the people she is insulting?

      "Current American values include democratic elections, government with respect for and protection of minority interests by the majority, equality before and within the law, opportunity for improvement, public education as a means to that opportunity, and leadership in the world community of nations. Business growth and innovation encouraged by investment in workers, not their exploitation is also an American value."

      Oh, boy, did you get that from Disney World?

      Do you think that innocent people being bombed by drones agree with you about Current American values?

    4. No, you don't get it. I love our country, but I live in the real world where we aren't perfect. It does harm if you are an adult and believe in fairy tales.

      And this was a response to liberals despising other Americans, because they don't agree with them.

    5. If your standard is perfection, then all regimes are equally evil.

    6. Trump wasn't afraid to praise America and show pride in its achievement in becoming the only remaining hope for freedom in the world. He has nothing of the neurotic compulsion to trash this great country and its founders and ideals, or to apologize for them. Quaint perhaps, but many voters do not despise the demographic that established this country enough to prefer Chinese communism or Islamic terrorism over the product of genius and humanity those great men founded. That hate drives the left now. Maybe I just need a course on "The Problem of Whiteness" or to watch an MTV spot to get some straight talk about what white males need to get woke on.

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  11. The NY Times is behaving oddly today. It is reporting Obama's sanctions against Putin for manipulating the election, but criticizing him for being too late in imposing them.

    Cable news conservatives have picked up this chorus by asking why the spys weren't just picked up and summarily deported, instead of being given until a deadline to leave the country. The implication is that Obama is being weak or taking half-measures or is somehow tolerating spying.

    These are members of Russia's diplomatic corps. As such, they have diplomatic immunity. Obama cannot pick them up and deport them -- he has to ask the Russian embassy to remove them, which he has done. So this criticism makes no sense at all.

    I am wondering why the NY Times is joining conservatives in criticizing Obama over his retaliation against Russia. This is not what you would expect of a so-called liberal press. It is what someone currying favor with Trump would print.

  12. Also, today the NY Times declared feminism officially dead. Tell that to the marchers on Jan 21.

    1. One op-ed writer did, not the NYT. Are you an idiot?

  13. Michael Moore is trying to rally resistance to Trump in the form of support for Ellison for DNC Chair. In the comments, former Bernie supporters were rejecting the two party system and suggesting that Democrats are a dead party, that Clinton and Obama are "New Democrats" whose leadership should be rejected in favor of third-party or a multi-party system. Those proposing this seem to be millennials and Sanders supporters. In other words, they believe the way to defeat Trump is to destroy the Democratic party. They claim that protesting is a bad idea because the anarchists inevitably coop such efforts.

    This is not the time for Somerby to be weakening the Democratic party from the inside, with his criticism that we are being insufficiently understanding toward conservatives and their confused supporters. We need party unity, not dissension.

  14. "she wouldn't have pimped lies about "racist" shootings."

    Your fantasy, Mr. Bunker.

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