Bruni gets off to a very good start!


Liberal scold on a plane:
Frank Bruni got off to a very good start in today's New York Times. If not for the cheap shot he took last week, we'd be inclined to applaud him.

Bruni was discussing our liberal team's familiar ridiculous conduct. As conservatives are told (we liberals get shielded), there seems to be an endless supply of that.

Bruni cited one of the ways a dangerous crackpot like Donald J. Trump is able to stay afloat. Sadly, what he says here is accurate:
BRUNI (1/25/17): You know how Donald Trump wins? I don’t mean a second term or major legislative victories. I’m talking about the battle between incivility and dignity.

He triumphs when opponents trade righteous anger for crude tantrums. When they lose sight of the line between protest and catcalls.

When a writer for “Saturday Night Live” jokes publicly that Trump’s 10-year-old son has the mien and makings of a killer.

“Barron will be this country’s first home-school shooter,”
the writer, [Name Withheld], tweeted. I cringe at repeating it. But there’s no other way to take proper note of its ugliness.
Frank Bruni was getting it right!

Is there any end to the cringeworthy dumbness of our liberal tribemates? Conservatives get spoon-fed examples of ridiculous liberal conduct like this. At our for-profit liberal news orgs, we liberals get shielded from knowledge of conduct like this.

How clueless does somebody have to be to tweet something as foolish as that? We'll assume that Name Withheld is a good person who did something dumb. But is there any end to our team's relentless dumbness, which we increasingly develop and enjoy inside our low-IQ tribal bubble?

If not for Bruni's cheap shot last week, we'd almost want to applaud him. As he continued, he spoke about the gruesome hustler who damaged our interests last weekend:
BRUNI: Look elsewhere on Twitter. Or on Facebook. Or at Madonna, whose many positive contributions don’t include her turn at the microphone at the Women’s March in Washington, where she said that she’d “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” erupted into profanity and tweaked the lyrics to one of her songs so that they instructed Trump to perform a particular sex act.

What a sure way to undercut the high-mindedness of most of the women (and men) around her on that inspiring day. What a wasted opportunity to try to reach the many Americans who still haven’t decided how alarmed about Trump to be. I doubt that even one of them listened to her and thought: To the barricades I go! If Madonna’s dropping the F bomb, I must spring into action.

All of this plays right into Trump’s hands. It pulls eyes and ears away from the unpreparedness, conflicts of interest and extreme conservatism of so many of his cabinet nominees; from the evolving explanations for why he won’t release his tax returns; from his latest delusion or falsehood, such as his renewed insistence that illegally cast ballots cost him the popular vote; from other evidence of an egomania so profound that it’s an impediment to governing and an invitation to national disaster.
Once again, Bruni was getting it right.

In our view, Donald J. Trump seems like a truly dangerous figure—until our tribe drags in a hack like Madonna to pimp her fading brand at the nation's expense. Fox then plays tape of her self-dealing hustle, and Trump starts looking good.

(We're sad to say that Ashley Judd wasn't a whole lot better. Will Dems and liberals ever stop getting burned by these tone-deaf Hollywood types?)

For decades, our team has reveled in the claim that we're the good, smart people. For whatever it's worth, we aren't!

A lot of crazies can be found Over There in the conservative camp. But as a trip down Comments Lane will reveal, our team is rich with ridiculous people too—and conservatives and undecideds are relentlessly told about that.

Madonna, Judd and Name Withheld are all public figures. Conservatives are also being told about the the liberal who police removed from a Baltimore-to-Seattle flight last weekend because she wouldn't stop haranguing and lecturing the flight's Trump voters.

Her husband had to leave too!

We'll assume that she's a very nice person who had an extremely ridiculous day. That said, for BuzzFeed's report, with videotape, you can just click here.

On Fox, conservatives are being shown that tape. They're being told that that's what Those People, The Liberals are like. Concerning the way this strikes other people, note the way the other passengers applaud as this thoughtful, smart, caring liberal is being removed from that plane.

(Fox plays tape of such incidents. In fairness, our impresarios do the same thing. Every time some conservative does something stupid, Josh Marshall hurries to tell us about it. As the nation slides toward the sea, it's how you make money on line.)

In truth, that woman's behavior is increasingly what We Liberals are like. For one more example, consider the ridiculous rant by Sally Boynton Brown, who is currently running for DNC Chair for some unimaginable reason.

Brown, a youngish white Idahoan, gave a ridiculous campaign speech on Monday in which she said, among other things, "My job is to listen [to minorities] and be a voice and shut other white people down when they want to interrupt." Also: "We have to teach [people] how to communicate, how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white."

Given this ridiculous thinking, it's hard to know why Brown would run her white ascot for DNC chair against, let's say, Keith Ellison. But this is how politically clueless and totally weird we "liberals" increasingly are.

Needless to say, the tape of Brown is airing on Fox, and at RealClear Politics. At our orgs, we get shielded from hearing about this latest ridiculous conduct.

Bruni made some excellent points in this morning's column. We almost would have applauded, if not for the amazing cheap shot he aimed at Jenna Bush Hager.

Bruni, please! He opened with his cheap shot at Hager, then largely let a male movie star slide. Neither one had committed an offense which called for Bruni's ridiculous scolding.

Presumably, we all remember the early days of the liberal web, when ratty young liberal males got their rocks off, day after day, with misogynistic attacks against the young Jenna Bush and her appallingly female sister. Despite the praise we heap on ourselves, it was an early glimpse of how ratty we really are.

Inside our bubble, we're quite self-impressed. Again and again, it turns out that we're secretly dumb and perhaps not real nice. Fox plays the tape again and again. At our orgs, we never get told.

We play tape of their biggest nuts. To expand on Bruni's original point, the mutual loathing which results serves the interests of Trump.

Concerning Hager and Keaton: In separate episodes, each made a certain mistake at the Golden Globes. We wondered if this might mean that they were being fed bad info by some producer.

Aside from that, people do make mistakes! In response to this mistake, Bruni engaged in the type of stiff-necked scolding you might expect from Comey the God, or from the "liberal" web.


  1. The two most effective spokespersons against the political left are Trump and Kellyanne Conway. Trump is labeled mentally ill and diagnosable and Conway is labeled mentally ill and crazy by the political left. Right out of the playbook.

    "The "anti-Soviet" political behavior of some individuals — being outspoken in their opposition to the authorities, demonstrating for reform, and writing critical books — were defined simultaneously as criminal acts (e.g., a violation of Articles 70 or 190-1), symptoms of mental illness (e.g., "delusion of reformism"), and susceptible to a ready-made diagnosis (e.g., "sluggish schizophrenia").[8] Within the boundaries of the diagnostic category, the symptoms of pessimism, poor social adaptation and conflict with authorities were themselves sufficient for a formal diagnosis of "sluggish schizophrenia."[9]

    The psychiatric incarceration of certain individuals was prompted by their attempts to emigrate, to distribute or possess prohibited documents or books, to participate in civil rights protests and demonstrations, and become involved in forbidden religious activities.[10] The religious beliefs of prisoners, including those of well-educated former atheists who had become adherents of a religious faith, was considered to be a form of mental illness that required treatment.[11] The KGB routinely sent dissenters to psychiatrists for diagnosing to avoid embarrassing publiс trials and to discredit dissidence as the product of ill minds.[12] Highly classified government documents which have become available after the dissolution of the Soviet Union confirm that the authorities consciously used psychiatry as a tool to suppress dissent.[13]"

  2. I don't recall electing Madonna or [name withheld] as spokespersons for liberals everywhere. I also haven't seen anyone much condoning their behavior. I've seen lots of condemnation from the left, especially of the SNL writer's tweet.

    Usually comics defend the misfires of their colleagues with the excuse that comedians need to be free to create comedy and sometimes their jokes cross the line and aren't funny but that's a hazard of the job, which involves pushing the envelope.

    Instead, Somerby almost seems to be advocating for a liberal police force to keep liberal celebrities from embarrassing the movement. Count me out on that one. It's bad enough when Trump wants to silence people, without the left doing its own suppression in the name of good taste.

  3. "In our view, Donald J. Trump seems like a truly dangerous figure—until our tribe drags in a hack like Madonna to pimp her fading brand at the nation's expense. Fox then plays tape of her self-dealing hustle, and Trump starts looking good."

    Ours too.

  4. As they abandoned figures like MLK and Susan B. Anthony in favor of BLM and hostile crazies dressed like vaginas, the progressive left careened off the rails right into Trump's wall.

  5. It usually takes a long time, if at all, for a dupe to realize that they have been conned and manipulated.

  6. You mentioned the unhinged plane evictee and the DNC racist fascist but you forgot the most important one that ran again and again on Fox, one candidate's speech, the substance of which was crude rendition of a tired mode of attack. That one didn't give defenders much room for nuancing the attack as an exceptional representation of the substance of her tribe, she being their leader and all.

    1. This is a liberal blog. Filling the comments with conservative trash is annoying. Please stop trolling here.

    2. Yeah you're trespassing on a safe space.

    3. Safe spaces exist for victims of rape and domestic violence. If you think that's funny, I know an MR subreddit that would welcome you.

    4. Rape and domestic violence should not get special safe space treatment. Other kinds of trauma of equal impact and importance exist, like PTSD, muggings, bar fights, auto accidents, dog bites, hunting accidents. No one who has been victimized by any of these can expect others to be forcibly silenced anywhere especially on a college campus. A private entity can provide whatever they want but no other accommodations should be made that infringe on the speech of anyone else.

  7. To restate Bob's warning, Trump is skilled at crude pissing contests. To engage in such is losing strategy for Democrats. And, it's losing strategy for the large portion of the media who oppose him.

    1. Isolating out a few highly visible examples of INDIVIDUALS expressing themselves and attributing that behavior to the entire march is inappropriate, whether it comes from you or Bruni or Somerby.

      There are some very angry liberal people out there. Some of them are expressing themselves in harsh ways. I believe it is understandable given the degree of their (our) disappointment and the depth of the damage Trump will do to our country. Cut them some slack. They aren't behaving that way as any part of a coherent strategy. They are upset and angry.

    2. This excuse making for anti-social vulgarity and rioting is why Trump won.

    3. Trump's rallies were the essence of anti-social vulgarity. If people had a weak stomach for that kind of thing, they wouldn't have voted for the pussy-grabber.

      Please take your trolling elsewhere.

  8. Liberals can make fools of themselves, but the played tapes you fear that make it worse are strictly for the converted.

    Whatever embarrassments liberals commit do not match up to the turning stomach behaviors of the "conservatives."

    1. You might be right, Lewis. But, whatever Trump is doing seems to be working from PR POV. Despite incessant media criticism, his popularity is rising. "The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 57% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-three percent (43%) disapprove."

    2. Both excellent points. I enjoyed Bob’s post, but he’s a little off-base here. I was compelled to see the tape of the airline incident, and while I do think the woman passenger behaved inappropriately, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy for her. The door is off the hinges. The Religious Right and Corporatism have cleaved to one another as never before under the “big tent” of the Republican party, and I stand aghast.

      Her reaction was somewhat understandable, in my view.

    3. Trump today did two things that will cost a great deal of money to no good end. First, he commissioned the building of an expensive "wall" that even Homeland Security thinks is not the best way to address border security, at the cost of about an estimated $11 billion. Second, he initiated a study of voter fraud even though there is no evidence of it and all 50 of the Republicans and Democrats who oversee elections in the states believe is not a problem.

      Wasting money to pursue conspiracy theories while cutting support for people in need (deauthorizing CHIP for example) is not good governing. The bar is set very low for Trump. He is behind in his appointments and is spending time on vendettas and garbage (like taunting the CIA and Mexico) instead of tending to business. Those who "approve" of the job he is doing are no doubt listening to his self-promotion. You can still fool a substantial percentage of the people, apparently. Setting aside ideology, I give him a C- for his first few days, only because I expected worse.

    4. Rasmussen Reports is a joke.

    5. Today's Quinnipiac poll gives Trump a 36 percent approval rating. Did Trump's first weekend stink that badly or is there a significant difference in polling methodology?

  9. it may also help the right when scolds like Somersby make a federal case out of one speech at an impressively show against Trump or some blogging comedy writer nobody has heard of. All in the face of the "possibly dangerous" Trump. Nice to know Bob is capable of tuning into Fox, even if his wife beating buddy still gets a pass.

    1. Bruni is plucking low hanging fruit. He is no friend to women or liberals when he does this.

  10. Bob, this must be the thousandth time you have offered your complaint about "our tribe," Yet I have not once seen you explain what it is you think we should do about it? Stop pointing out that conservative politicians are lying their way to power? Spend our time policing the behavior of those who might embarrass the liberal cause? Publish snide observations about "our side" from our cozy campuses?

    I'm not responsible for every nut who goes on a tirade aboard an airplane. Madonna and Ashley Judd don't seek my advice on how to address rallies. But I'm not going to go hide in the closet because Fox News might tell its viewers that Modonna and Ashley and the nutter in 23B all speak for me.

  11. Oh, and did Bob neglect to mention that [Name Withheld] was promptly suspended from her job? When did you last see that happen at Fox?

    1. If she had said the same thing about Malia, she wouldn't have been suspended. She would have been fired.

    2. I remember watching back in the 90's on Limbaugh's TV show, when he announced that the camera would cut to a picture of the White House dog, and the camera cut to a picture of Chelsea Clinton. So, liberals must never do that, but the poor mistreated conservatives can do it to their little heart's content? Got it.

    3. "I remember watching back in the 90's on Limbaugh's TV show, when he announced that the camera would cut to a picture of the White House dog, and the camera cut to a picture of Chelsea Clinton."

      You remember nothing. You saw that inaccurate description of events somewhere on the internet, assumed it was true, and lied about watching it yourself.

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