One of our tribe's most glorious seers!


Frankly, it keeps getting Richer:
Let's recall the latest glorious statement by "the great Frank Rich:"
Frank Rich, March 19, 2017: In Portsmouth, Ohio, the epicenter of opiate-pill mills and of Quinones’s book, Trump won by a landslide. As he did in Ohio’s Butler County, where Vance grew up and which now ranks eighth among all American counties in the increase in the rate of drug-related deaths between 2004 (when opioid fatalities first spiked) and 2014.

As polls uniformly indicate, nothing that has happened since November 8 has shaken that support.

Quinnipiac University/Poll, March 22, 2017: President Donald Trump is losing support among Republicans, white voters and men, leaving him with a negative 37-56 percent job approval rating from American voters, his worst score ever, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.
Frankly, we're just saying.

Rich has been like this forever. But our tribe hangs on his every word, as their tribe is inclined to do with an assortment of seers.

Despite all this, we call Them dumb, insist that We are quite brilliant. This is the age-old logic of tribe, a logic in which our own tribe is deeply invested.

Our own tribe hit rock bottom last year. In line with the age-old logic of tribe, our tribe is unable to grasp this.

(Mandated tribal reaction: Why in the world would anyone engage in such odd disparagement?)


  1. It seems that polls are all over the place. WaPo reported New poll: only 3% of Trump voters regret their vote

    Strangely, the article doesn's say what per cent of Hillary voters regret their vote.

    1. I wonder if Tim Caughman was one of the 3 percent?

    2. When you win the EC by 70k votes in three you can't afford to lose even 1 % of your support.

    3. Not surprising, Comrade DinC. These are the deplorables Clinton spoke of. They would stick with the flimflam traitor if he nuked Chicago tomorrow. I am certain you are not among the 3%.

    4. Right you are, mm. I'm quite pleased with Trump's job so far:
      -- Moved ahead on improving life in the inner city via school choice and support for police, who are so vital for all the black crime victims.

      -- Appointed a strong group of cabinet and advisors.

      -- Chose an excellent Supreme Court nominee

      -- big boost in stock market, business expansion, and employment.

      -- Illegal immigration appears to already be down.

      -- Improved relations with some key allies.

      -- Greater support for Israel in the UN and generally

      -- FWIW he gave an excellent State of the Union address

    5. He promised steps that would help business, thus encouraging businesses to expand and to hire people. In particular, he promised to
      -- Reduce taxes, including the corporate tax rate
      -- Reduce burdensome regulations
      -- Have a more honest Justice Dept.
      -- Reduce crime
      -- Not be under the thumb of labor union kingpins
      -- Not be anti-business
      -- Reduce the burden of the Paris accords on climate change

    6. Jeh Johnson, who served as the Secretary of Homeland Security under President Obama, shocked an MSNBC panel when he said, "I actually believe that Donald Trump has the potential to be a great president in sort of the Nixon-goes-to-China way, or Reagan-goes-to-the-Soviet-Union way." The media folks just sat there mouths agape.

  2. I know Bob would appreciate this, from DCJ:

    There are some fellow reporters at The New York Times I worked with who are worth millions and millions of dollars. Their perspective on the world tended much more to be: “The world is a pretty just place. Things seem to be going well,” which reasonably is their life experience, and that has absolutely turned people off. And they began making newspapers move up the income ladder and the wealth ladder in terms of readership, and lost sight of this mass audience they used to have. As a result, the coverage, and what newspapers defined as important, tended to be the concerns of the upper-middle class – people like me and you – and people above us economically, and not so much [those] who are working in a factory or a cafeteria or the floor of a retail store. I think a lot of people are like, “Yeah, this has nothing to do with me. I don’t read the newspaper, it has nothing to do with me. Maybe I’ll read the sports section.” Bad, long-term commercial decision.

  3. So Frank Rich writes somewhat dubiously that Trump's support might be stronger than it is. Looking around today, this is what Bob finds to be concerned about. I guess it's easier than admitting Rachel Maddow has basically been proven correct on Trump and Russia. Pathetic.

    1. Dave the Guitar PlayerMarch 23, 2017 at 12:33 PM

      Rachel Maddow can be 100% correct on all of her "predictions", but that does not make her bending of the truth and comics insults any more acceptable. Pathetic.

    2. Yeah She is the real problem we need to be conserned about, chump. Meanwhile, the Time cover story signals the consensus moving further and further away from Bob.....more Americans viewing Trump Supporters as the redneck trash they are.....

  4. Dave the Guitar PlayerMarch 23, 2017 at 12:27 PM

    What exactly do you mean? What precisely does Bob say that makes you think he is not a "liberal"? Is it purely because he primarily slams "liberal" media types?

  5. People who think the media is "liberal":
    (End of list)