Tomasky says Comey didn't fear Dems!


The long list hardy stops there:
Last Sunday, the New York Times did a long, front-page piece about James B. Comey's serial intrusions on last year's election.

The first such intrusion occurred on July 5, 2016; it included inaccurate and highly misleading statements about Clinton's behavior by the man who is most often referred to as "Comey the God." Two more intrusions occurred late in the campaign.

Why did Comey feel free to stage these intrusions? In this recent piece, the Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky offers a key takeaway from the Times report.

According to Tomasky, Comey feared what Republicans would do if he didn't interefere. By way ofcontrast, he didn't fear what Dems would do if he did interfere:
TOMASKY (4/24/17): [H]ere’s another takeaway for you, and I haven’t seen anyone make this point, and it’s an important one: If the Times is to be believed—and stories like this one, based on 30 interviews, might get some facts wrong but are generally accurate in the gist of what they convey—Comey was often motivated by fear. Fear of how a certain group would react.

We see in three instances that he feared the wrath of the Republicans.
One, if he didn’t break precedent and speak harshly of Clinton while officially exonerating her last summer. So he spoke harshly. Two, if he didn’t announce in late October that the investigation was reopened. So he announced the investigation (which, as we learned too late, again amounted to nothing) was reopened.

And three, if the Republicans in Congress decided post-election to include him and the bureau in its inevitable Clinton witch hunts. So he beat them to the witch hunt.


We also see at least one instance in which he feared the anger of his own agents (again, with respect to speaking harshly of Clinton last summer. And we know...he had reason to fear them, as agents leaked freely to Rudy Giuliani, who then broadcast them on Fox News).

We even see one instance when he feared the Russians—he knew they had a certain pivotal document, and he was afraid at one point that they would leak it.

So fear of political fallout seems to have motivated almost everything he did. Kevin Drum made this point over the weekend.

But Drum didn’t emphasize what is to me the most telling thing, which is that there is one group Comey appears not to have feared at all: Democrats.


[N]owhere does the article say that Comey feared how Democrats would react if he raked Clinton over the rhetorical coals without bringing charges. Of course he didn’t! Democrats don’t scare anybody.
Comey feared almost everyone, Tomasky says. He especially feared Republican pushback if he didn't slime Clinton.

According to Tomasky, he didn't fear pushback from Democrats. And Tomasky says this made perfect sense. Democrats don't push back!

For ourselves, we don't know who James B. Comey feared. We have little faith in giant Times reports.

Sadly, we do know this. There's another group Comey had no reason to fear: liberal and pseudoliberal pundits!

Comey the God had no reason to fear our fiery liberal pundits! More specificaly, he had no reason to fear Tomasky himself, or Kevin Drum, who seconded Tomasky's assessment.

According to the Times report, Comey was spooked at one time by fury from the National Review. No such fury was coming at him from our hapless tribal weaklings over here on the "left."

After Tomasky's piece appeared, we reviewed the reactions from Tomasky and Drum after Comey's initial intrusion. Pretty much as we had remembered, the boys ran off and hid in the woods. On the Maddow Show, things were much worse.

Good God! The corporate world's most effective car salesman was enjoying a well-deserved vacation on the week of July 5. Steve Kornacki guest-hosted that week—and for two straight nights after Comey's intrusion, he strongly defended Comey's behavior and attacked Candidate Clinton.

Rachel returned, relaxed and refreshed, on Monday, July 11. She never mentioned Comey's name again until late October. There was exactly zero reaction from our tribe's number-one con man.

The children have behaved this way for the past twenty-five years. Back in the Clinton/Gore years, one generation rolled over and died. They've been replaced by the Maddows and them. Last summer, this new gang of careful corporate players carefully followed suit.

For twenty-five years, con men like Comey the God demonized Clinton, Gore, Clinton. People like Tomasky, Drum and Maddow persistently refused to fight, in much the way their predecessors had refused to fight before them.

For this reason, Candidate Clinton was fighting twenty-plus years of demonization as she entered the race. Mix that with her lousy campaign and we got the outcome our corporate children have been seeking for the past twenty-five years.

Rachel would jump off the Golden Gate Bridge before she'd ever take the lead in challenging an establishment figure like Comey. She doesn't play it that way, and we're too dumb to notice. By last summer, Drum was feeding us the race-baiting bullshit our tribe so enjoys, thus hiding his failure to fight.

Go ahead—search the Web the way we did! You'll see Tomasky and Drum failing to go after Comey last summer. Even after Slate's Fred Kaplan detailed the bullshit in Comey's report, the 90-pound weaklings we love Over Here refused to go after the God.

(All through the fall of 2012, they had played the same cowardly game as Susan Rice was crazily slimed and the Benghazi story was born. The bullshit they enabled that year helped defeat Clinton last fall.)

It was all Comey's fault, one ardent pundit now cries. Look who's talking, our analysts typically say.

Final point: Comey's July 5 non-indictment indictment was full of bullshit and embellishment. By now, this basic fact has completely disappeared.

You've seen no one mention that fact in the wake of the Times report. The Times forgot to mention it too. This is precisely what it means to be James Comey the God.

No one is reminding you of that part of Comey's behavior, in part because no one discussed it in the first place. They were too busy telling you that The Others are racists and that Professor Wang was sure that Trump couldn't win.

Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! Things were going well!

We're stupid and feeble and thoroughly hapless. On the brighter side, very good jobs at very good pay go to those who behave.

None of this will matter a whit. We've discussed this game since 1998. This con game will go on forever.


  1. Who would democrats? They are cowards, undisciplined, not loyal, shifty and overall stupid. They are only eager to destroy their own party.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. "For ourselves, we don't know who James B. Comey feared. We have little faith in giant Times reports."
    A bit of reasoning would lead one to believe that Comey failed at his task in July and was encouraged to do it better this time, or else.
    A bit of reasoning would lead one to believe that Comey was encouraged by powerful Republicans that counseled, in the words of Drill Instructors, "We can't make you do anything. What we can do is make you very unhappy."

  4. Comey feared Republican reactions because he was one; another of Obama's unforced errors by not replacing him. You don't see Trump keeping any Dems on, save for Janet Yellen.

  5. Comey feared Republican reactions because he was one; another of Obama's unforced errors by not replacing him. You don't see Trump keeping any Dems on, save for Janet Yellen.

    1. Yellen was appointed to a four-year term which doesn't expire until 2018. Yellen has said she won't resign and Trump doesn't have the authority to remove her.

  6. "According to Tomasky, he didn't fear pushback from Democrats. And Tomasky says this made perfect sense. Democrats don't push back!"

    It isn't necessarily that Democrats don't push back but that they didn't have the power to affect Comey's life in the way Republicans did. It isn't just who has the will to push but who has the power to do it. We are talking about a Republican senate and house coupled with a vocal and vindictive Republican party.

    On the left we had an incumbent lame duck President with no control of congress and a demonstrated desire to avoid conflict. It has further been reported that everyone believed Clinton would win, so Obama was reluctant to become involved in a problem he fully expected to pass along to her in a matter of months. The tradition is that the outgoing President does not create new messes for the next occupant of the office.

    In retrospect, it would have been better if Obama had pushed back, but it is understandable that he didn't and it does not reflect badly on Democrats that they did not adopt the amok behavior of their opposition. Clinton couldn't push back because it would appear self-serving, appear too defensive, and perhaps cost her votes.

  7. "Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! Things were going well!"

    Sentences like this make me hate Somerby.

    Clinton and her supporters continued to run their competent campaign right up to the election, complete with GOTV. There was no complacency, as implied by this sentence. If it was felt by those Sandernistas who thought it would be OK to go 3rd party, because Clinton was a sure thing, that isn't what the Clinton campaign and Clinton voters thought. We held our breath in case victory would be taken from us once again -- and guess what happened?

    There was bad behavior among liberals -- but it wasn't among the Clinton supporters. It was among those foolish Sanders children, the purists and idealists, the no-compromise pseudo-Socialists who thought it was fun calling Clinton a neo-liberal and bad-mouthing the DNC. The same people still doing that stuff, while Bernie criss-crosses the country telling everyone how bad and burned out Democrats are and how we need to be remade in his image. This makes me want to puke!!!

    I remember the tears on election night -- the cameras couldn't look away. No one danced, yay yay yay except Trump and a few misguided Bros who thought they'd won something of value.

    The media took down Clinton as methodically as they always do. They didn't celebrate her victory to come or encourage anyone to "yay" -- they took her down.

    How has Somerby gotten so tone deaf, so out-of-touch with what liberals feel about the election?

  8. Based on their behavior the DNC deserved to be badmouthed. The anointed candidate ran a lousy campaign, take responsibility.

  9. There were a few voices who called out what Comey had done; not many. The Dems were looking for unity at that point, and tensions between the Sanders and Clinton camp were high. Most thought we needed to unite against Trump, and so a view it as forgivable. Now we must hope we do well enough in the off year elections to remove President Scumbag from office. There is hope.

    1. Democrats took it as a win that Comey tried really hard and couldn't find any way to indict Clinton. The rest of Comey's statement was venting conservative frustration. The problem is that voters didn't take it that way.

    2. Some of us saw Comey's extraordinarily unprecedented and unfair press conference for what is was at the time. Comey should have lost his job the next day.

      Clear battle lines have already been drawn over FBI Director James Comey‘s announcement that no charges will be brought against Hillary Clinton in the “Emailgate” investigation, with one side convinced that Comey is a bought-and-paid-for Hillary puppet (a side that includes both Republicans and Bernie Sanders fans), and the other correctly wondering just where “Bitchy Press Conference” falls in the chain of due process.


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