We liberals happily take the bait!


Judge Moore's son arrested:
Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! Also, yay yay yay!

When our team turned to TPM today, we quickly took the bait. We quickly clicked on a clickworthy link, drawn in by this wonderful front-page headline:
Son Of Roy Moore Arrested In AL On
3rd-Degree Criminal Trespass Charge
Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! Meanwhile, "3rd degree!" Is that better or worse than 2nd?

For one brief shining moment, we liberals were allowed to be happy. But when we started to read the report, we saw that we'd swallowed some bait:
GADSDEN, Ala. (AP) — The son of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore has been arrested in Alabama on a third-degree criminal trespass charge.

Etowah County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Natalie Barton told local news outlets that 27-year-old Caleb Moore turned himself in Monday on the charge related to an arrest last year. He was accused of hunting without permission and hunting over bait
That sound you hear is the gnashing of teeth. Lucy had pulled the football away again!

In fairness, the folks at TPM really do know how to play us! Won't you please reward The Founder by signing up for Prime?


  1. I hadn't heard about this until I read it here in TDH. (Thanks, Bob). It's utterly unimportant, but Somerby trumpets it as yet another example of our "tribe's" dumbness.
    He is like the devout who see Jesus in their cornflakes. He searches for examples to support his grand theory. It's unscientific.
    It's also tiresome. I don't know what Somerby thinks he is doing, but it ain't "media critic", at least not anymore.
    His main theme seems to be the failure of liberalism. His sarcasm is inappropriate and childish, given the gravity of the problems we face. He almost seems to relish the opportunity to bash
    our "tribe", that he inexplicably claims to belong to. He catastrophizes every utterance, every story from so-called liberals. He would have liberals
    cowering in their beds, dreading the next statement by LeBron James or Kathy Griffin. It's illogical, and it's a double standard, since similar right-wing
    foolishness passes without a peep from Somerby.
    Said it before, and I'll say it again: If liberalism is a failure, Bob, then why beat the dead horse? Why inflict more pain on a corpse?
    Just leave it.

    1. Bob isn’t the only one trumpeting our tribe’s dumbness. Try Chris Hedges on for size.

      “Well, don’t get me started on the American left. First of all, there is no American left—not a left that has any kind of seriousness, that understands political or revolutionary theories, that’s steeped in economic study, that understands how systems of power work, especially corporate and imperial power. The left is caught up in the same kind of cults of personality that plague the rest of society. It focuses on Trump, as if Trump is the central problem. Trump is a product, a symptom of a failed system and dysfunctional democracy, not the disease.

      “If you attempt to debate most of those on the supposedly left, they reduce discussion to this cartoonish vision of politics.”


      Hedges also calls to task the very orgs Bob criticizes regularly. Used to work for one of them, reads it daily, and probably has more to say about it’s failures than even Bob. Well worth the read.

    2. Trump is a product of Russia not America.

    3. I tried reading Chris Hedges at Truthdig but he talks in jargon. That's a huge red flag for me.

    4. @11:12 I read Scientific American - not that makes me in any way special. Talk about jargon! It's sometimes frustrating, because you might have to further explore the topics being discussed in order to understand them, since the articles sometimes assume some knowledge of the topic.

      Don't let that stop you.

  2. Don't hunters know how to avoid such arrests? The rules must be well known. And someone was mad enough to call the cops and press charges. There is often a story behind these kinds of arrests. Wonder what actually happened.

  3. The yay yay yay nonsense is from a DKos Cheers and Jeers column. I haven't seen it anywhere else. Somerby uses it in some very inappropriate contexts that I have seen no one cheering. I find this majorly offensive. I don't know any liberals cheering like this, especially not the stuff Somerby accuses us of cheering.

  4. A letter to TPM says "Caleb is a little more colorful than the article suggests:

    He's had seven arrests in less than four years, including DUI arrests in both Florida and Alabama, and three drug-related arrests in Pike, Baldwin, and St. Clair counties in Alabama."

    It seems to me that this background might hurt Moore somewhat in the election.

  5. And in this (and so many other) instance, when Bob says "We", Bob means Bob.

  6. As for Alabama's law? Glad it has that on the books. What Texans call hunting actually IS "baiting" deer by plopping a bag of deer corn at the bottom of a tree, waiting for Bambi to walk by (usually in a cozy, custom deer stand in middle of said tree) then blowing its head off.

  7. How different might Daily Howler be if Somerby decided to criticize the people who are really destroying liberal politics, Bernie and his bunch.

    Cannonfire today says:

    "Pillory Hillary. Trump still has loyalists, and they have decided to defend their God Emperor by beating up a woman. Specifically: They blame Hillary Clinton for the sexual sins of a movie producer named Harvey Weinstein. She made him do it.

    During the primary battle, a BernieBot on Democratic Underground posted an instantly-notorious post blaming Hillary Clinton for not ending apartheid while she was the wife of the governor of Arkansas. You won't be able to find that post now because the avalanche of hilarious responses shamed the original poster into removing his inane claim. (A clever Googler can retrieve a cached version of the thread.) The non-Berniebots really got into the spirit of the occasion, blaming Hillary for the JFK assassination and failing to prevent 9/11 and not coming over to do the dishes.

    Somewhere along the way, one Hillary defender pointed out that Nelson Mandela greatly admired the Clintons. In response to this news, another BernieBro sneered that Mandela was a sellout corporatist phony who played no role in ending apartheid; true credit for that victory should apparently go to the Messiah from Vermont. All hail Glorious Leader Bernie Sanders, savior of South Africa!

    Who writes this nonsense? Are these "bros" actually Russian trolls? I can't say for certain, but I wouldn't hesitate to ask them where to find the best Shaslik in St. Petersburg."

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