Math from the planet of the chimps!


One plus one makes five:
Did Roy Moore assault Leigh Corfman in 1979, when she was 14 years old?

We can't necessarily tell you. We can report some of the things which transpire when the press corps starts a stampede.

According to New York magazine, Gloria Allred is going to present a new accuser today. And sure enough!

Here on the planet of the chimps, one plus one makes five:
PAIELLA (11/13/17): A fifth woman is scheduled to come forward with a sexual-assault allegation against former Alabama judge Roy Moore. On Monday afternoon, famed attorney Gloria Allred will hold a press conference with the latest woman to claim that Moore assaulted her when she was a minor.

Last week, the Washington Post published a bombshell story in which four women came forward to say that Moore—who is currently running for a Republican Senate seat—pursued them when they were between the ages of 14 and 18. He was in his thirties at the time.
Interesting, isn't it? Consider:

So far, one (1) woman has made "a sexual-assault allegation against former Alabama judge Roy Moore." But here on the planet of the chimps, if one more woman makes such a claim, that will add up to five such claims in all!

Remember: we're talking about our journalists here, not about Roy Moore. You may be (sensibly) focused on Moore. We focus on our journalists.

With respect to our puzzling press corps, Lincoln dropped by with a question last night:

When a major continental nation's journalists behave in such puzzling ways, could "government of the people" maybe, perhaps and even possibly perish from the earth?

That's the general bet Vladimir Putin has made. We'll be frisking that bet all this week.


  1. Moore seems to have had a pretty successful life. I wonder if it was all the pre-marital sex he enjoyed.

  2. "Remember: we're talking about our journalists here, not about Roy Moore. "

    Somerby's disingenuousness is monumental.

    He has argued that Moore shouldn't have to withdraw from the race just because he "gave wine to a minor" or "dated teenagers." He related a *personal* story about himself and a teenage girl that serves to insulate Moore from charges of abnormal behavior.

    He points out flaws or misrepresentations by the media, or even just cites the reporting of this story as evidence of advocacy by the media. It does not constitute such evidence.

    He conflates the "media" (again with his inexact usage: we are supposed to infer "liberal media") with "liberals", i.e. media, Democrats, politicians, voters.
    Or what else to make of this childish bullshit from a previous post:
    "We can't beat them at the polls, so we pray pray pray pray pray that we can get them locked up! Oh please please please please please please please! Please let us helpless liberals get The Others arrested!"

    Who is "we" in that statement?

    When his dissembling is found out, he always retreats into his "media critic" guise.

    1. My sister was recruited by a 30 year old when she was in middle school. She ran away from home to live with him. They had a fight and she got mad and sold all of his furniture. He then called the cops and she was charged with grand theft. That's how she wound up as a ward of the state. They took better care of her than her 30 year old boyfriend. After experiences like that, it is hard to go back to high school, so her life was kind of a mess from then on. But I don't think his name was Moore -- but it might as well have been.

    2. One addition to my original post (Anon 2:22pm): Somerby also conflates the term "journalists" with "TV talking heads" or "op-Ed writers." It's clever but deceptive.

    3. Bob probably has skeletons in his own closet. His endless defense of child-toucher Roy Moore, wanting Moore to win clearly, Bob feels more sympathy with Moore than with the victims.

    4. No, Bob just read the article. Which no one else apparently did.

  3. How about this math:

    2 robberies plus 3 attempted robberies makes 5 crimes.

    In Moore's case, he was clearly seeking very young girls because he recruited them in high schools and at high school football games and at the malls where young teens hang out. It is only his bad luck that 3 were legal and 2 were not. Just as it is only bad luck perhaps when a robbery is foiled. His intent to "date" young girls is shown by his choice of stalking ground. If he had visited bars instead, his chances of finding older women would have been better, but he would have had more competition from men his age. He liked competing with young boys, obviously. Easier to succeed at whatever his game was.

    These women do all belong in the same category: teenagers "dated" by Moore. I have to ask where the dance chaperones and school security were -- the adults who are supposed to protect the kids from predators like Moore.

    1. One was illegal. The other four weren't.

      Alabama age of consent is 16. Most of Europe's is less. So except for the one 14, there was no crime regarding age consent. There of the women made NO charges of sexual misconduct, either.

      People, read the original Post article. You'll also find that there were not 30 corroborations. That was total number of people interviewed.

  4. Our Own Harvard PecksniffNovember 13, 2017 at 7:27 PM

    Bob, like Johnny Cochran, doesn't like rushes to judgment. Maybe if Roy tries on the glove ....

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  6. Bob, you're damaged in the fucking head, and a monstrous nasty sexist old man. You are so dismissive of this fifth accuser, whose assault by Moore was violent and nasty and abusive, and here you are trashing her account like you know better what the hell you're talking about. You know better than she, you split hairs on garbage. I honestly come here for entertainment purposes because you are such a misanthropic crackpot, taking every little thing or mistake on MSNBC to operatic drama. Yet you never ever ever have jack SHIT to say about the hourly atrocities on Fox News.
    Whether you know it or not, it sounds like you are completely supporting Roy Moore in denying this woman's harrowing account of a brutal attack she suffered at his hands. Shame on you Bob. Disgusting of you.

    1. She hadn't even gone on yet! So he never trashed her.

      I'll trash her: some of her written statement sounded like an 80s TV show; Gloria Allred's terrifically unreliable; and the tears were the mark of an emotionally unstable individual.

  7. Bob Somerby: “We’ll be frisking that bet all this week.”

    I suspect you meant fisking.

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