WHEN STORMY MET NOBBY: When Nicolle succumbed to the pleasures of sex!


Part 4—Confessore's warning:
On Tuesday morning, the New York Times published three letters about Stephanie Clifford, who says she engaged in various rolls in the hay with our president, Donald J. Trump, back in 2006.

It's hard to imagine why any sane person could possibly care about that. It's hard to imagine why anyone would care if Donald J. Trump paid money to Clifford to keep her trap shut about that.

That said, people care about these matters a very great deal, even the liberal Digby. Digby published a very large photo of Clifford's very large body parts this Monday. Also, a leering speculation about what Donald J. Trump may have done with this transfixing specimen, back in 2006.

As we've noted in the past, it's all anthropology now! It's silly to think that we the people are going to extricate ourselves from our current deeply dangerous mess.

As has become abundantly clear, we don't have the smarts to do it. All that's left is the scientific explanation of how we managed to get ourselves into this dangerous mess.

(We may extricate ourselves, of course. But it's silly to assume that we will.)

We managed to get here, in large part, because of the small tiny btains of people like even the liberal Digby. Also, because of the small tiny minds of people like one of those New York Times letter-writers, the one who seems to think that Stephanie Clifford is some sort of freedom fighter.

The New York Times published its letters under this stirring headline:
"The Pressure to Silence Stormy Daniels"
Various buttons were pushed! That said, it's hard to imagine why any sane person should actually care if Donald J. Trump is trying to "silence" Stephanie Clifford about their wholly consensual interactions back in 2006.

That said, how gullible can we the prehumans be? We can be extremely gullible! The person who wrote the third letter in the Times presented Clifford like this:
Hooray for Stormy Daniels. She has more guts than any of the cowards, traitors and fools who are destroying this country.

How do we manage to get that dumb? Alas! As the past years have shown quite well, it's easy for us prehumans!

The letter writer seems to think that Clifford is bravely—well, that she's bravely doing something! As published, his letter doesn't exactly say what she's doing so well.

That said, she apparently isn't one of "the cowards, traitors and fools who are destroying this country." She's trying to keep from being "silenced" in the story the Times chose to tell.

Or is she? increasingly, we in the liberal world are portraying Clifford as an heroic role model. We would suggest the she, like Putin and Gennifer Flowers, may be one of the many people who have been"attacking" our elections in deeply destructive ways.

Flowers interrupted the 1992 election, made tons of dough in the process. Clifford's history seems to go something like this:
Clifford's history as a freedom fighter:
In 2006, she had a consensual sexual relationship with Donald J. Trump. She knew that he was recently married and that his wife had just had a child. "So what?" she fearlessly said.

As of 2016, Donald J. Trump was running for president. For unknown reasons, Clifford decided she wanted to blab about her interactions with this fellow—but when she was offered a big sack of cash, she decided to take that instead.

Her acceptance of this big bag of cash, like her previous acts, was consensual.

Now, in 2018, Clifford has decided once again that she wants to share her truth about Donald Trump's sex acts. In the process, she is becoming one of the most famous people in the world. Much larger sacks of cash may lie in her future.
Is Stephanie Clifford a freedom fighter? Or is she chasing the cash?

We can't answer your question, but she is injecting herself into our discourse, like Gennifer Flowers before her. In so doing, she seeks to continue a cultural norm which has existed since 1987:

As part of this new cultural norm, we talk about politicians' sex lives. We love to talk about such drivel. In the end, when all the faking is done, it almost seems that our small tiny brains want to discuss nothing else.

Politicians have died in these culture storms—mainly Democratic politicians.

Gary Hart was the first to go. Bill Clinton got impeached.

Al Gore then died, as did Hillary Clinton. We haven't mentioned Henry Cisneros and Elliot Spitzer; these fellows were taken out too. Unless you don't yet understand that Al Gore died for Bill Clinton's sins, we'd say that Democrats may have lost three presidential campaigns thanks to our love for this topic.

How many races have Republicans lost? They've lost exactly none, but birdbrains like even the liberal Josh and Digby want to continue this culture. They're weirdly drawn to those large body parts. Prehuman, they can't help but look.

Why would anyone want to discuss what Donald J. Trump did, or may have done, with Stephanie Clifford? What he may have don with Clifford twelve years ago, back in 2006?

Don't worry! Our small tiny brains will generate answers which make us heroic too! For ourselves, we think of the famous lines from Howl, a poem we didn't write:
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the [NAME WITHHELD] streets at dawn looking for an angry fix...
Ginsberg was describing the need for a fix in the face of an addiction. We're describing the longing to which many others have now been lost—the extremely deep, prehuman desire to discuss other people's "sex lives."

The floodgates opened on this practice in 1987. One week later, Hart went down. In the years since then, this longing has harmed progressive interests again and again.

Despite this fact, we liberals are eager to stampede down that trail once again. Consider the way MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace has been sliding beneath the waves.

Wallace, of course, made her name pimping for President George W. Bush. Today, we liberals are so desperate for glory that we make seers of the people who sold Bush back in the torture days.

Good God! CNN and MSNBC crawl with the advice of Richard Painter, the S. Walter Richey Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

From 2005 to 2007, Painter was also "the chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration." Today, though, he's NeverTrump, so we've made him a cable news star.

Have you ever seen anyone ask him what his ethics advice was concerning all that torture? We haven't seen that either! Also, we never will! Just as long as he's NeverTrump, we'll thrill to the slightly animatronic sound of his bold NeverTrump voice.

(Note: If Painter had sex with Stephanie Clifford, we'd almost surely want to hear all about that too. Anthropologically speaking, that's who and what we are.)

Wallace sold torture right down the line. Today, she's a liberal favorite. Last Friday, we watched her spend the bulk of her hour-long show clucking about Donald J. Trump's sex life with Stephanie Clifford.

There was plenty of laughter, good solid fun and healthy tribal enjoyment. Various cable stars took their turns saying how much they disapproved of what Donald J. Trump had done with Stephanie Clifford. Their high moral values were clears.

Something else was evident. It was obvious that the cable stars were hoping and praying that Stephanie Clifford's freedom-fighting might end up taking Trump down. At one point, Wallace made this point quite clear:
WALLACE (3/9/18): It's a tired story, but we should never normalize it.

Do you think a sustained sex scandal, like this could become,
if Stormy Daniels' case goes forward and it continues to get the kind of attention that every other sex scandal—MSNBC's airing a doc on Gary Hart—

Literally every other politician that has engaged in any sort of conduct, even in this category, has had their career ended.

[Trump] has had none of that treatment, and some of it's on us, we ignore it because we're so used to it, and some of it's on his evangelical base that has made perfectly clear they don't care.
We should never normalize the fact that Donald J. Trump had sex with someone without seeking Nicolle's permission! Fellow liberals, let's keep that in mind!

It was clear that Wallace, and everyone else, was hoping that this would be a "sex scandal ex machina"—that a "sustained sex scandal" might do what we're too inept to do ourselves, that it might bring Donald Trump down.

This was the obvious tone of the rollicking hour-long program, which featured lots of moral preening along with a whole lot of laughs. But uh-oh! At 31 minutes past the hour, one of the pundits, an actual journalist, offered some good sound advice.

The voice belonged to Nicholas Confessore, he of the New York Times. Like Nestor the seasoned charioteer who talked the headstrong Diomedes on down, he frequently offers the best advice.

On this day, he offered a buzzkill. Oof! Here's what he said:
CONFESSORE: I will point out, though—the Clinton example, how did that end?

He was impeached, and most of the country came to conclude the whole thing was a terrible waste of time and money and effort, and [that] it was a bad thing to have gone after him on sex.

It's not impossible to imagine that the country comes to the same conclusion on this
in the end: "Why are we going after this guy for an affair? We know he's sleazy, it's not the most important thing. It seems over-aggressive."

I'm not saying that will happen, but history shows that it can happen.
To watch that segment, click here.

Watching the previous half hour, it had already occurred to us that pundits like these might actually save Donald J. Trump, the most disordered person ever to serve in the White House.

Their big long noses had actually made us feel sorry for Trump. It had already entered our heads that people might feel so repelled by their stupid behavior that some could even end up supporting Trump.

We'll likely experience Donald Trump's war before votes have to be cast. Congressional elections are coming up, and in the tradition of the president Wallace and Painter proudly served, a war is now the proven way to manage an off-year election.

That said, Confessore offered the chimps some good advice. He remembered what happened the last time they started—the sympathy their big long noses generated for that earlier target.

Five years after Hart succumbed, Bill Clinton survived that stampede. In the longer run, Al Gore and then Hillary didn't.

Now, Josh and Digby are hoping and praying that we'll decide to sit around ogling Clifford's body parts and thinking how bad Donald is. It's all anthropology now, dear friends—and Cassandra has come to us very late in the night to say that we're all going down.

Tomorrow: What Norman O. Brown—"Nobby"—said

Wishin' and hopin': The liberal stars were wishin' and hopin' all through Wallace's hour.

If you click here,
then use the "any date" search, you can watch segments with these titles:
Segments from the March 9 Wallace show:
Alleged Stormy affair now a "full scale sex scandal"

Could payment to Stormy Daniels be a campaign finance violation?

"Stormy" could pose more immediate trouble for Trump than Mueller

Can the Trump base ignore the Stormy scandal?

Why the "Stormy" lawsuit could spell more trouble for Trump
The various pundits were wishin' and hopin', standing behind our new leader.

Stephanie Clifford mustn't be silenced! "Why not?" our analysts sadly asked. They all thought that Confessore had offered some good sound advice.


  1. "it's hard to imagine why any sane person should actually care if Donald J. Trump is trying to "silence" Stephanie Clifford about their wholly consensual interactions back in 2006. "

    It's hard to imagine why any sane person who is newly married and with a young child would have sex with a porn star, then get that porn star to sign a non-disclosure agreement, then, while running for president, have his lawyer/henchman bribe her into silence.

    I'm afraid the issue may be irksome for Bob, but Ms Daniels is determined to speak, and Trump will have to decide how important it is for him to shut her up.

    Ms Daniels is waging her own campaign here, regardless of what the media is doing.

    And there are citizens who find Trump's behavior here disturbing, and they also have a voice.

    1. In all fairness, it's hard for Bob Somerby to imagine what a sane person thinks about anything.

    2. What are some of the things she could say that would make a difference? Knowing he likes to he dominated doesn't change anything .

    3. Neither will "Yawn. It's not just his hands that are tiny", but it will be entertaining to watch the reaction anyway.

    4. I think it does have the potential to change a few minds.

    5. It'll be interesting to find out what she says about their sex and his penis and maybe any kind of bizarre idiosyncrasies. It doesn't shed a light on our most important problems. But it is entertaining for sure.

      Maybe it's speaks to our powerlessness with regard to our most important problems. Is there anything we can really do about global warming or the military industrial complex or the power corporations have over our government?

      Maybe that train has left the station! Maybe these capitalistic institutions have taken such control over our lives and rendered us so powerless that we can't bring ourselves to even discuss them and what they are doing.

      They squashed Occupy Wall Street. They'll squash anything. We really don't have a chance. Do we?

      Maybe that's why we are content to primarily just talk about dick size . There's nothing we can do about that either but at least it's entertaining.

    6. Apparently Trump like to be bent over a stern lady's knee and spanked. He has a derogatory nickname for everyone. Maybe they should start calling him "Spanky".

    7. At this point in his life, he'd probably settle for Howard Stern's knee.

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  2. What else has the liberal Josh been up to?


    Even the conservative Mr Trump is now sanctioning Russia.


    He says Russia is responsible for the poisoning in Salisbury. But Uncle Vova would never do a thing like that, would he, Mao? David, is Mr Trump to sanction Russia? Is Uncle Vova really such a bad guy?

    1. Caesar -- first liberals created a false picture of Trump as being subservient to Putin. They faulted Trump based on that narrative. Now, when Trump's behavior doesn't follow the liberal narrative, they blame him for inconsistency or hypocrisy.

      Traditionally, the Dems have been more supportive of Russia than the Republicans. Trump may have said nice things about Putin, but he didn't do bunches of favors for him. We all know that Trump's words should be taken with a grain of salt.

    2. David -- no they didn't. No they didn't. No they don't. No they haven't. Yes he has, and yes he has. When Trump's words aren't jibberish, they are lies.

    3. "We all know that Trump's words should be taken with a ton of salt."

      Fixed it for you.

  3. "We'll likely experience Donald Trump's war before votes have to be cast."

    Promises, promises. Had the psycho-witch won, we all would've been dead by now.

    1. More scum-speak from the bottom of the IRA barrel.

    2. "we all would've been dead by now"?!

      Based on what?

      BTW, Putin is no socialist, he's a kleptocrat.

    3. "Had the psycho-witch won, we all would've been dead by now."

      Oh my dog. Did you just make that up?

  4. Republicans who have lost elections or resigned because of sex scandals:
    Phil Crane
    Tim Murphy
    Roy Moore
    Here’s a complete list

  5. Isn't Nicolle Wallace formerly an official of the W. Bush administration?

    If she supposedly is, I don't know why she would be a favorite of liberals. A fine example of corporate media re-purposing. MSNBC trots out at least two others, William Krystal and that Frum guy on a regular basis to promote liberal ideology on the so-called liberal network. They even tried out Linda Chavez on-air for a brief time. Somerby is right, "liberal" corporate media is a sham.

    1. Somerby is wrong. There is no "liberal' corporate media.

  6. Philanderers prosper because the women they have sex with keep quiet about it. If they start talking the whole game changes, for everyone.

    This is like the bro code being broken, except it is happening because women have broken the rules and are not playing the game by the original rules. If he paid her, she should keep quiet, right? If she agreed to the nondisclosure, she should keep quiet right? If she said she would keep quiet, she should follow the rules and say nothing, right? When women stop keeping quiet, the whole game falls apart. The wives will find out, other women will know, other MEN will know too. It will no longer be possible for these guys to play around. Good for Stephanie Clifford! She understands where women's power lies. It is in speaking up.

    Now we have to ask what interest Somerby has in keeping women, especially those with remarkably large body parts, quiet in service of the games men play. Is he really on the side of the philanderers like Trump? It sounds like he is. He is the guy saying "nothing to see here, move along, nothing to listen to, nothing important going on." Way to be on the wrong side of a revolution, Bob.

    1. I don't know if in the name of revolution making every sex act a part of the public record is such a good idea.

      It's not just men. She was playing a game too.

    2. It makes more sense that she's doing it for money. When she took the hundred thirty thousand it looked like Trump was going to lose and it was their only chance for a pay day. Well, that didn't happen as we all know and now she's ready to break her agreement for a much bigger payday.

      And she fucked for money as a job anyway.

      You have her leading a feminist revolution that will end all philandering which is far less plausible for many, many reasons. Not the least of which is that such a scenario justifies your panty sniffing and interest in the case and would prove your monster, Bob, wrong.

    3. I don’t want to end philandering. It should occur on equal terms. No one is going to end sex.

    4. If you think she's in it for anything other than money and fame, you're just another mark getting played for a fool by a seasoned hooker.

      But that's really what this blog is about writ large. Naive liberals who don't realize their representatives in the media are playing them.

    5. Who is "representing" liberals in the media?
      And are they "representing" the way Kudlow "represents an economist" and William Shatner "represents a futuristic space traveler" on TV?

  7. Hillary Clinton is dead? When did that happen?

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