BREAKING: The Washington Post gets it right!


Plus, the Post and the Times get it wrong:
All praise to the Washington Post's Joe Heim, who authored an outstanding report in Thursday's print editions.

In our view, it should have been an outstanding front-page report. Instead, it got pushed inside, to page A10, where it was an outstanding report about an appalling state of affairs.

Heim reported on the squalid culture which obtained at DC-area private schools in the 1980s, when Brett M. Kavanaugh was a student at Georgetown Prep. We think you should read every word.

Heim produced an outstanding report about an appalling state of affairs. This morning, the Post offers an outstanding front-page report about the drinking and debauchery, during that era, engaged in by Mark Judge, another victim of Georgetown Prep's appalling culture, and a likely victimizer to boot.

Parts of today's report are simply astounding. The report was written by Fisher and Stein. We think you should read every word, especially the part about former "Marriage and Sex teacher" Bernie Ward.

These were, and are, outstanding reports about a disgraceful state of affairs. That said, one day before Heim's report appeared, the Post offered a peculiar front-page report about Diane Feinstein—a puzzling report which the New York Times has finally matched, and has managed to top, on today's front page.

Let's focus on today's report in the Times. It was written by Nicholas Fandos, who's more than three years out of college. (Harvard, class of 2015.)

These high-flying kids today! Fandos seems troubled by the thought that Feinstein honored a pledge of confidentiality to Christine Blasey Ford, a constituent who says she was the victim of a sexual assault when she was just 15. On this basis, Fandos suggests, at several points, that Feinstein, who is 85, may have been slipping a bit in the noggin when she behaved in this manner—when she honored her pledge to Blasey Ford.

Absent the suggestions of senility, the Washington Post's Sean Sullivan authored an equally puzzling, front-page report on Wednesday. Which part of "I made a pledge of confidentiality" don't these scribes understand?

Reading these scribes' reports, we'll admit that we have no idea. But all week long, we've seen cable news hosts who seemed to be similarly challenged concerning this bone-simple ethical point.

Let's be fair! The idea that Feinstein should have broken her pledge seemed to gain wide purchase in the past week or so—and this wasn't simply a cable news talking-point of the right.

Some Democrats seemed to suggest that Feinstein should have outed Blasey Ford too. In this part of Sullivan's report, he blew right past an obvious irony as he described this state of affairs:
SULLIVAN (9/19/18): Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee were tepid about Feinstein. "She did her best," said Sen. Mazie Hirono (Hawaii). "I can't fault her," said Sen. Kamala D. Harris (Calif.). "Extremely difficult circumstances," noted Sen. Richard J. Durbin (Ill.)

Privately, some Democratic senators wished that Feinstein had come to them sooner with the allegation, according to a Democrat with direct knowledge of internal Senate dynamics. The Democrat spoke on the condition of anonymity to be candid.

It was late July when Feinstein received the letter from Ford detailing the allegations from decades ago against Kavanaugh. Ford is a constituent of Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D-Calif.), who relayed the letter to Feinstein.

Ford was insistent on confidentiality. It was not until a private meeting last Wednesday, after a report by the Intercept, that Feinstein revealed the letter to her Democratic colleagues on the Judiciary Committee. In a Washington Post article published Sunday, Ford told her story publicly for the first time.
Based on that passage, some Democrats apparently felt that Feinstein should have broken her pledge to Blasey Ford. In a wonderful bit of unintentional irony, Sullivan attributes that report to "a Democrat with direct knowledge of internal Senate dynamics"—a Democrat who spoke to Sullivan on the basis of a pledge of confidentiality!

Such highly principled people! Later in his report, Sullivan quoted a few of the three million Republicans who have pretended that they never heard about Feinstein's pledge to Blasey Ford. That said, a range of highly principled Democrats also seem to have wandered onto the list of those who favor breaking such a pledge concerning a report of a sexual assault:
SULLIVAN: Feinstein's decision to keep the accusation away from her own party, at a moment when liberals were applying immense pressure to defeat Kavanaugh and moderate Democratic senators were debating whether to support him, has triggered second-guessing among Democrats. Now, some lawmakers simply want to turn the page.

"I'm not going to go back and revisit that," said Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.), who represents a Republican state and is up for reelection in 2020. "I just think we need to deal with where we are now, not where we might have been."


Feinstein's challenger this November is Kevin de León, a state lawmaker running to her left who finished a distant second in California's all-party primary. He slammed Feinstein last week for "failure of leadership" and questioned why she waited to give information about the accusation to the FBI.
Running to Feinstein's left, de Leon thinks a senator should break a pledge of confidentiality to a person like Blasey Ford. In other words, Feinstein should have "outed" Blasey Ford. Just as "Father" once famously did, we lefties now know best!

On the brighter side, Sullivan (like his editor) seems to be ready for a cable news hosting spot. As he records all these criticisms, he challenges no one to reconcile their criticism with the ethics of Feinstein's pledge. But so it went, again and again, on cable news this week.

On cable news this week, somnolent hosts like Anderson Cooper repeatedly let hard-bitten pseudo-conservatives play dumb about the circumstances surrounding Feinstein's behavior. Why didn't she bring it up earlier, these con men kept asking, skipping right past the fact of her pledge with their host's acquiescence.

On Wednesday morning, Sullivan adopted this stance. Today, Fandos takes us one step farther, suggesting that Feinstein honored her pledge because she's getting soft in the head—because she seems to be senile.

This is how Aristotle's "rational animals" will behave when Plato's "guardians" abandon their posts. When our logicians devote their lives to pondering 2 + 2 = 4, children all over the newsosphere are going to reason this way.

Next week: The guardians file

One more example: Last weekend, on AM Joy, Joy Reid and Zerlina Maxwell criticized Feinstein's behavior. They failed to discuss the ethics of breaking a pledge of confidentiality concerning a sexual assault.

Can they explain why Feinstein should have broken her pledge? If so, they didn't bother.

You can see their exchange in the first two minutes of this tape. We no longer expect much better from Reid. We do expect better from Maxwell.


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  2. Somerby wishes to treat Feinstein's pledge of confidentiality as absolute. Only in the last paragraph or two does he admit that there might be a discussion of the ethics of breaking such a pledge.

    Doctors, therapists, priests, all have a duty of confidentiality because of the nature of their work. There are circumstances where they can and even must break confidentiality. Senators have no such duty beyond their word. Perhaps the expectation of breaking one's word to a constituent goes with the low expectations for ethical and honest behavior held for politicians in general.

    Democrats are upset with Feinstein because there was a greater good to be served by revealing Ford's identity. They are not being callous or irrational in blaming Feinstein. They simply disagree with her evaluation of the ethics of standing by her pledge weighed against the other values at stake. Republicans routinely sacrifice all to advance their party's goals. Democrats sacrifice to advance the needs of people they represent, not their party. There is a major difference there. DeLeon's criticism can be dismissed as politically motivated, except that he has already lost the nomination. The Bernie/progressive wing considers Feinstein part of the establishment, so they might criticize her no matter what she did -- and their ethics are not sterling, so unsurprising they wouldn't recognize a principled stand. But there is a legitimate argument for revealing Ford's identity and Somerby has not considered it at all today. But he is certainly enjoying feeling holier than thou, after saying nothing whatsoever about several craven things that have appeared in the news lately, not least the NY Times attempt to get Rosenstein fired, the paper's complete willingness to serve Trump's staff by repeating their lies and providing Trump with an excuse to fire Rosenstein. But defending Feinstein from liberal attack is more important, I guess.

    Meanwhile, Somerby has nothing to say about the coverage of Kavanaugh, his lack of qualifications, his perjury, his gambling problem that no one has the guts to talk about, his receipt of dark money to pay off his debts, not to mention his demonstrated hostility toward women throughout his life. The coverage of these things by the press has been abysmal. You have to read dark corners of the internet to find out he isn't particularly qualified and has a shady past full of compromising secrets and bad behavior. The press portrays him as Ned Flanders and Somerby sits mute.

    1. Shut the fuck up idiot.

    2. Nowhere in her letter to Feinstein does she insist on permanently remaining confidential. In fact, she clearly wants her to contact her. It's not just an FYI.

      Why bring the story up then? She clearly wanted it out there, but they both sat on it way too long.

    3. 1. You haven't seen all communication s. 2. She wants Kavanaugh off the court. Exposure is a last resort. A normal candidate would have withdrawn himself already. Trump probably won't let him because he needs the court on his side.

    4. Well said. I really do think at this point Bob is being quietly paid off by a right wing sugar daddy.

  3. Why would The Intercept reveal Ford's identity? Where would they have gotten the info in the first place?

    The Republicans already knew Ford's identity. They were investigating her online before the news broke about who she was.

    Who does The Intercept work for these days? They weren't friends to Hillary Clinton during the hacking of her emails. There is no reason to believe they have any positive feelings toward Feinstein or the Democrats now. Lately, Greenwald has been accused of aiding Trump and Russia, and of supporting Bernie's progressive wing against the establishment Democrats. They have a vested interest in hurting Feinstein and the Democrats in general. Making Ford a target does harm to both Feinstein and Ford, and helps Republicans push through Kavanaugh's nomination.

    But Somerby isn't talking about the ethics of revealing Ford's name by the press, who mostly likely got that name from the Republicans. The attacks on Feinstein for being too ethical are only part of the generalized attack on Democrats and Ford, to discredit her story as political maneuvering, delaying tactics. Somerby doesn't point out the motive for the criticisms the press has been raising.

    Why doesn't Somerby talk about the broader context in which this behavior is occurring. It isn't because people just don't reason well. This is motivated behavior, with a goal rooted in politics. Somerby should be talking about that bigger picture, not pretending the press is simply stupid. Why does Somerby ignore what is going on? Is he perhaps getting senile, or does he not want to help people see what is happening? Or is this his backhanded way of making his own criticism of Feinstein and the Democrats? He has done that before.

    1. That's a good point. I think the worst thing that happened here was the leaking of Ford's name to the press. But I do think it was done by a democrat. The Intercept is looking for clicks, so they will publish leaks like this no matter who they come from. Somerby is right to briefly highlight all the republicans who act like this whole thing was an "11th hour ambush."

    2. Feinstein should have worked with the woman to get the story out there -- or at least go to the FBI early on.

      The woman hired an attorney right afterwards. She clearly had exposure in mind. Otherwise, why bring it up?

      The Dems waited too long.

    3. She didn't have exposure in mind. She wants the nomination stopped. No one who has behaved as Kavanaugh did should be on the Supreme Court. She may have hoped he would withdraw himself. There is still time for that.

  4. Hey, you want relevance? Try this:

  5. Somerby should moderate these messages. They look like coded communications.

  6. The similarities to the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas brouhaha are many. I don't know whether it was DiFi's fault, but I do not believe this happened just by coincidence. SOMEBODY structured a political zoo following Anita Hill's script IMHO.

    1. Both charges were brought after the normal investigatory period and at a point where the nominee appeared certain to be confirmed.

    2. Both charges were unprovable but also unrefutable.

    3. Both were brought against men who had been regarded as being of the highest moral caliber.

    4. Much of the media ran with the charges and gave them maximum credibility.

    5. Both sets of charges ought not have been considered decisive. Ford's, because it happened decades ago when Kavenaugh was a teen-ager. Hill's, because all she accused Thomas of was talking crudely to her. No accusation that he used his superior position to force her to do anything. No accusation that he punished her in any way for allegedly rejecting his alleged advances.

    6. Because of the way the charges were handled by the Democrats and the media, they WERE decisive. Anyone who believed the accuser pretty much had to reject the nominee.

    1. Anita Hill's claims were investigated before the hearing by FBI. Three other women were ready to testify but not permitted to do so by Biden. Anita Hill was vilified. Thomas was not affected by her charges, he was confirmed. Hill was not treated fairly. Ford is trying to have a different experience but it doesn't look like that will happen. The GOP is despicable.

    2. On what basis had either man been regarded as being of the highest moral caliber?

    3. "6. Because of the way the charges were handled by the Democrats and the media, they WERE decisive. Anyone who believed the accuser pretty much had to reject the nominee."

      It cuts both ways. The republicans never bother to do anything but deny-deny-deny. That plays into the notion that you have to reject the nominee if you believe the charges. If you're arguing that some nuance gets lost in the public discussion of scandals, well...

    4. Caesar -- When Kavenaugh was introduced, as I recall, they pointed to his
      -- performance as a appellate judge, highly respected, free of criticism
      -- Excellent husband and father
      -- Huge amount of volunteer work for various organizations
      -- Co-author of legal textbook
      -- taught classes in law school
      -- no greed. In fact, Kavenaugh is relatively un-rich for a lawyer of his eminence
      -- Helped women advance by choosing an especially large number of women as legal assistants

      Clarence Thomas's life is inspiring. For some reason, I can't convince liberals to read his very readable autobiography, " My Grandfather's Son: A Memoir". I recommend that you read it.

      He was raised by very strict grandparents. Went to mediocre, segregated schools. Lived close to poverty and had to work very hard all his life. Due to a dispute with his Grandfather, he had to support himself while still in school. Despite all these impediments he graduated from college and from Yale Law School. He had an impressive career in various public service positions.

    5. Stephanie Mencimer:

    6. Caesar - questions are appropriate at the beginning of an investigation, but they have been answered by now. Mencimer suggests that Kavenaugh received an improper gift of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wouldn't the FBI have found evidence in his bank history?

    7. This is why Trump won't let the FBI vet Kavanaugh.

    8. "On what basis had either man been regarded as being of the highest moral caliber?"
      Well, if excessive drinking, gambling, and being oblivious to your superior's misconduct does not qualify....I don't know what more you want.

      It's not true that charges can be neither refuted nor proven. Both are possible, albeit unlikely.
      - In Hill's case the behavior happened about a dozen or so years earlier, while Thomas, as a "mature" adult, occupied a high position in the government.
      - True, sexual harassment, was not, perhaps, as precisely defined as it is today. Certainly, creating a sexualized environment at work does qualify. To say that he talked "crudely" to her is disingenuous, or, rather, a plain lie. Thomas talked on sexual topics. Does that strike you as being appropriate at work? He asked Hill out on a date.
      - The media has reported the allegations. Wouldn't expect anything else.
      To sum up David: stop spouting bullshit.

    9. Only a truly appalling white bigot would celebrate Clarence Thomas, you can't convince us, David, because you are as piecer of shit.

    10. Someone who celebrates a poor black man working hard and becoming a success is a bigot? Sounds backwards.


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  8. Thom Hartmann said on Bill Maher's show: When Republicans say elites they mean smart people; when Democrats say elites they mean rich people.

  9. Maureen Dowd's column today is descriptive about Hill but it is hard to find any position she has taken on Kavanaugh and his accuser. It is difficult to write a column with so many adjectives that reveals so little of her own opinion about Thursday's hearing.

    1. Mo is walking the line on this one, eh? No surprise.

  10. ---Begin---

    David in CalSeptember 22, 2018 at 6:57 PM

    3. Both were brought against men who had been regarded as being of the highest moral caliber.


    Clarence Uncle Thomas - Long dong silver and pubic hair on coke can
    Bart O' Kavanaugh - Devil's triangle and cigar in the vagina.

    This reflects YOUR High moral character. Were you at the VALUES VOTERS SUMMIT this past week? Frankly, I want nothing to do with their or your values.

  11. David says:

    "-- performance as a appellate judge, highly respected, free of criticism
    -- Excellent husband and father
    -- Huge amount of volunteer work for various organizations
    -- Co-author of legal textbook
    -- taught classes in law school
    -- no greed. In fact, Kavenaugh is relatively un-rich for a lawyer of his eminence
    -- Helped women advance by choosing an especially large number of women as legal assistants"

    1. Loyal party hack promoting Republican agenda, denied 17 year old immigrant girl under detention an abortion she was seeking
    2. Sexual abuser of women, compulsive gambler (how does that fit with good family man?)
    3. Promoted conservative causes, these are not charities
    4. Co-author of legal textbook -- more hackwork, this is not considered legal scholarship but a money stream
    5. teaching is OK as long as it is not indoctrination
    6. no greed? compulsive gambler living above his means with his debts paid by shady source not revealed to committee, where did house payment and country club fees come from?
    7. Surrounded himself with female law clerks selected for their model-like appearance according to Yale professor

    No one with his attitudes towards women can be considered a benefactor toward women or a good family man. A judge who accepts financial favors from others is corrupt. Kavanaugh was nominated because he signaled he would offer help to Trump when ruling on potential constitutional issues. He has been nothing but a party hack and loyalist throughout his career and is now being repaid for that support. This is not someone with a strong legal track record, devotion to the values of the law and concern for the people and upholding our constitution. He is someone who will decide cases based on Republican goals as dictated by his party. That makes him unfit for the job.

  12. I don't visit Salon very often, but when I do I always find this guy an interesting read, when he's not talking about Trump.


  13. Finally, we are back to the issues of the day. I would support Feistein's opponent if I lived in California, but she did the correct thing in honoring Ford's request of confidentiality.

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  16. I'm a man. I'm a feminist and I believed Anita Hill. I'm a father of sons going to college in the next few years. I'm done with Democrats. The boiling frog metaphor is especially relevant and I'm jumping the hell out of the water. Spooked by the Kavanaugh business but that's just the final catalyst.

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