Who do we liberals trust:
Starting in the late 1950s, Who Do You Trust? was a popular afternoon game show.

Johnny Carson was the host. He went on to larger things. But that basic question—who do you trust?—now lies at the heart of our politics.

The Others seem to trust Donald J. Trump, even as he makes endless wild misstatements.That said, there's also the question of who we liberals trust, along with the question of who we liberals have trusted in the past.

On Sunday, in the New York Times, Frank Bruni made it hurt. In the main, he lamented the way The Others tend to trust Donald J. Trump. Along the way, in glancing fashion, he mournfully thought about some people we liberals trusted in the past:
BRUNI (10/21/18): Trump enjoys a kind and degree of immunity that few if any politicians in my lifetime have been given. His own exhaustively established indecency inoculates him. As a result, all manner of ugliness slips by—unnoticed, barely noticed or noticed and accepted as Trump being Trump.

His interview last week with The Associated Press was a doozy that didn’t get its due. His bragging was off the charts: He said that no president had ever exerted the kind of positive effect on his party’s midterm prospects that he was exerting. He called the current economy the best in the country’s entire history.

And we once got worked up about Al Gore’s exaggerations?

In that A.P. interview, Trump also cast himself as an expert on climate change by noting that an uncle of his was an M.I.T. professor. So, he explained, “I have a natural instinct for science.”
We included the part about climate change as a tragic irony, given Bruni's fleeting reference to Candidate Gore.

In one large way, Bruni's column didn't make much sense. Right from the start, he seems to imply that "journalists" and "the media" don't criticize Donald J. Trump for his endless howlers. This is the way he started:
BRUNI: Elizabeth Warren screwed up. That’s clear. Her big confirmation of Native American blood offended some Native Americans, did nothing to muffle or muzzle Donald Trump and left many journalists—me included—questioning her tactical smarts.

But the media focus on her misjudgment, her character and whether she had the right stuff for the White House underscores the absurdity of our current politics, in terms of the advantage it confers on the president. We expect much of anyone stepping forward to challenge him. We expect absolutely nothing of him.
That's how Bruni started. He seems to imply that "the media" focus exclusively on misstatements and misjudgments by everyone else, while giving Trump a free pass.

That notion is plainly absurd. Donald J. Trump is called a liar all day long, then on into the night. But many of The Others don't seem to trust the big stars of the mainstream press, the folk giving voice to this judgment.

The issue here turns on the question of who The Others trust. Then too, there's the question of who we liberals trust. Also, there's the question of who we were foolish enough to trust in the not-too-distant past—in the years when people like Bruni pretended that Gore was the world's biggest liar, like his boss, Bill Clinton.

Back then, mainstream figures spent twenty months inventing Gore as the person Donald Trump actually is. We liberals trusted those mainstream figures when they staged that destructive war. If we were better people, we might recall how foolish we were when we see Others putting their trust in the crazy things stated by Trump.

We liberals believed the stupid things we heard from people like Bruni. We swallowed the things we heard from Maureen Dowd. In the most astonishing case, we even swallowed the crazy things we kept hearing from Chris Matthews—the crazy things he kept saying about Gore, the ugly things he said, for ten years, about Hillary Clinton.

The Rebecca Traisters swallowed it down when Olbermann was putting his misogyny on display on a regular basis. As it turned out, the Traisters were discussing this is private, but they refused to speak up.

Today, we liberals rush to trust the true belief of Traister. We find her very hard to watch due to this horrible past.

We want you to note one point about what Bruni said. Ironically, he makes a key point about Trump v. Gore, while keeping an old tale alive:
BRUNI: [Trump's] interview last week with The Associated Press was a doozy that didn’t get its due. His bragging was off the charts: He said that no president had ever exerted the kind of positive effect on his party’s midterm prospects that he was exerting. He called the current economy the best in the country’s entire history.

And we once got worked up about Al Gore’s exaggerations?
Implicitly, Bruni is saying that Gore's exaggerations don't hold a candle to the crazy misstatements of Trump. Implicitly, he's saying that "we journalists" were perhaps a little bit daft to get so worked up about them.

He's certainly right about the way his guild failed the world from March 1999 through November 2000. But even now, he isn't going to tell the full truth—that the "exaggerations" to which he refers were basically inventions of a runaway mainstream press corps.

Even today, people like Bruni won't discuss that fact. People are dead all over the world because of what Bruni and the rest of them did, but they'll never take a step back to review the past and offer a full confession.

As for us liberals, we were dumb enough to trust Bruni and Matthews and Seelye and Connolly and Williams and Rich and Dowd. We were dumb enough to trust them back then. We remain dumb enough to trust such people now.

Today, those corporate players are attacking Trump for his endless howlers. But many of The Others are inclined to put their trust in Trump rather than in them.

In our view, The Others have misplaced their trust. But it isn't like this isn't something We Ourselves, in all our imagined brilliance and greatness, have also foolishly done, with disastrous and deadly results.

We liberals! Like all tribal groups, we're strongly disinclined to see how dumb we are. We're strongly convinced that The Others are dumb, especially in the question of who they choose to trust.

(They're also racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, deplorable and irredeemable. So the tale has always been told within the world's tribal tents.)

Why don't The Others trust the people We trust? We'll examine this important question all week.

Tomorrow, we'll start with a very slimy thing Laura Ingraham did last night. Ingraham did make a slimy play, aimed at Cory Booker. But quite correctly, she took down one of our own Most Trusted Figures as she mucked around.

We hope to tie up some loose threads this week. Along the way, we hope to help you better imagine how We may look to The Others.

It's a very important question. Why won't The Others trust Us?

Tomorrow: Overt misconduct, by ours

Bruni makes it hurt: When he refers to "Gore's exaggerations," Bruni links to an analysis piece from the Los Angeles Times.

The analysis piece appeared on September 22, 2000, just as the mainstream press was inventing two new lies by Candidate Gore. (We refer to the "lies" about the union lullaby and the doggy arthritis pills.)

Excitement over Gore's new "lies" wiped away a ten-point lead he'd amassed over Bush in the polls. The piece began like this:
GERSTENZANG (9/22/00): Which of these statements did Al Gore make?

A) I invented the Internet.

B) I discovered Love Canal.

He said neither. But in popular mythology, he said both. Therein lies a problem for the vice president...
That's the way the piece began. But at this point, Gerstenzang turned on a dime. He blamed "the mythology" on Candidate Gore, then quoted Leon Panetta seeming to say that Gore needed to see a psychiatrist.

Gerstenzang went on to offer novelized, misleading accounts of Gore's various "lies." This was required by law in that day.

So it went as the people we trusted struggled, fought, maneuvered and schemed to spread death around the planet. The Brunis will never discuss this history. We make one final point:

In Gerstenzang's piece, he discusses the efforts of a web site, The Daily Howler, "to counter some of the stories circulating about" Gore. Included on line is a formal "correction" by the Times (we'd be inclined to call it an amplification) concerning Gerstenzang's description of that particular site.

We lost that twenty-month fight; many people died as a result, and global politics changed. The war continued against Hillary Clinton. In November 2016, it sent Donald J. Trump to the White House.

That war was a war of the mainstream press. It was conducted by people we liberals trusted and continue to trust to this day.

We're very dumb about who we trust! It isn't simply the clueless Others, the deplorable folk Over There.


  1. The odd thing is, every left-leaning blog I visit, and there are many, EVERY single one of them, contain endless criticisms of the mainstream press, from the bloggers, and from the commenters. So, Somerby is just wrong when he claims that "we liberals" (whoever the hell he believes that group to consist of) simply trust the msm. He would know that if he paid attention to ACTUAL LIBERAL DISCOURSE.

    1. I was gonna say much the same thing. I am not sure Gore lost all that much LIBERAL support in 2000 because of the M$M attacks on him. He lost more of that because of Nader and Bradley's attacks on him, and because some liberals (myself included) were sick of 8 years of triangulating from Clinton.

      It was voters in the middle, the Republican wing of the Democratic Party that probably supported Bush. They, after all, were told by the M$M and by Nader, that there was NOT all that much difference between Gore and Bush.

      Plus there was the Republican bribe that has worked since Reagan - vote for me and I will pay you with tax cuts. Even Clinton and Obama used that - they promised "middle class tax cuts" and they attacked their opponents as somebody who would (or in the case of Bush Sr. HAD) raised taxes.

    2. I was unenthusiastic about Gore because he chose Lieberman as a running mate and because he distanced himself from Clinton, also because of Tipper's campaign to censor rock music. Too prudish for me. Nader was an idiot. I didn't realize how much Bush was lying to us (but I didn't vote for him either). I held my nose and voted for Gore, then was sorry he didn't win after I saw his film.

      Michael Moore is an idiot too. Right up there with Susan Sarandon and Bernie Sanders. I love Hillary. She should have won, and would have won if not for the Russians, Trump's mob connections, and Comey. I worry about our democracy, not economics or war or even the planet. We cannot cope with any of that other stuff if we cannot make our democracy work.

    3. Tipper's campaign to put ratings on music CD's determined your level of enthusiasm because you thought it was "prudish"? No doubt you convulsed over Trump's private grab em by the pussy remark and droned on about rape culture, but you're good with teenage boys pumping cunt ho bitch rape beat kill into their ears for hours every day. It's true what they say. Democrats are stupid.

      "I used to love her, too bad I had to put a slug through her

      Dumped her body in the trash like I never knew her

      Blood runnin down the gutter into the sewer

      Her body stunk for weeks like horse manure"

      "L's the nigga that crime follows

      I'm hittin' fine models and stabbin' punks with broken wine bottles

      I beat chumps til they head splits, then break em like bread sticks

      I sex chicks, I'll even fuck a dead bitch"

      "You know why my hands are so numb

      Cause my grandmother sucked my dick and I didn’t cum

      Smacked this whore for talkin' crap
      So what if she’s handicapped; the bitch said Bizarre couldn’t rap

      I fuckin' hate you; I’ll take your drawers down and rape you

      While Dr. Dre videotapes you"

    4. Of course not, and I don't like what the white nationalists, the neo Nazis pump out either, but they have first amendment rights too. Deplorables have the right to be deplorable. Did you get off on posting your comment?

      I don't support people sending bombs to former candidates, just because Trump yells about them at his "rallies."

    5. Whoa, such a virulent objection to record-labeling...

  2. "It's a very important question. Why won't The Others trust Us?"

    Dear Bob, may I suggest that you need to make an effort and stop being a zombie? Assuming you still have any brains left.

    If you want to trust someone, go to a fucking church.

    And if you want American jobs to move back from China, Mexico, and other places abroad - then vote for Donald The Spectacular.

  3. "the efforts of a web site, The Daily Howler, "to counter some of the stories circulating about" Gore."

    Was Somerby keeping a ledger of his mentions in the press?
    Is this gratuitous patting oneself on the back? Reliving old glory? Proving his liberal bona fides?

    Did Somerby capitalize on that mention by "James Gerstenzang?"

    Whatever happened to that book about that election "How He Got There?" Did the connectivity gods zap it out of existence? Did the author of that website really make enough of an effort to educate the public about that dire election?

    What about now? What effort is this web site making *now*?

    Agreeing with the mainstream media in their criticisms of major Dem politicians like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, attacking Pete Seeger, all while furthering ludicrous defenses of Trump, attacking and mindreading "liberals" while pretending it's just about the media.

    Somerby can't even bring himself to call Trump's statements "lies." They're just "misstatements."

  4. I just saw a play called "Sweat". It depicts the tragic reactions of ordinary people in Reading PA when the big plant closes and many people lose jobs they've held for decades. I suspect that the playwright is hardly a Trump supporter. Yet, she portrays the feeling that the government has let them down and specifically mentions antipathy to NAFTA. It's easy to see why people like this trust Trump -- or at least why they trust him more than the alternative.

    P.S. another reason why many people trust Trump is that, despite all his lies and wild exaggerations, he has been truer to his campaign promises than most Presidents.

    1. Conservative schtick is to make believe Liberals look down at the working class, and think they are dumb. That isn't Liberals, that's Conservatives, who think the working class is stupid. Liberals know the working class think Trump can be trusted, because they listen to Limbaugh and the Right-wing MSM tell them Liberals have it out for them. If we had an MSM, which plainly told them that supply-side economics is a crock, and that tax cuts for the rich trickling-down to the workers is a fairy tale, these people might not think a lifelong grifter, who has a history of stiffing his contractors and running fraudulent businesses is someone who can be trusted.

      Let me fix it for you, 12:20:
      Because they've had their heads filled with bullshit from the Right-wing noise machine, it's easy to see why people like this trust Trump--or at least why they trust him more than the alternative.

    2. "...he has been truer to his campaign promises than most Presidents."

      I was reading over Trump's tax returns, which he released, down at the border wall we built and Mexico paid for, when I got a terrible chest pain. Luckily, I have the cheaper, better, healthcare that Trump gave me, so I went to the hospital to deal with it.
      Turns out, i just had a bad case of gas(lighting).

    3. Obama desribed how "jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not." when describing the working class and it's bitterness. That was in 2008 and after 8 years of being president, even Obama was not able to change the situation for those people. So one can see if one looks at 24 years of Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama, Obama ie. Two parties and two supposedly divergent ideologies that were both unble to change their situation,that these people would exercise their right of choice by scattering rationalism to the winds in the form of a vote for Trump. Why the hell not? They may have even gotten the idea in their heads that those parties each both only pretended to act in their interests and actually acted, in reality, against them! So it wouldn't matter to them Mickey Mouse, or Donald Duck or even Chuck Woolery was president. Anyone outside of those two systems, those two parties that have failed them for so long would suffice to send a message to both that says "we are on to you and if you keep doing nothing and don't protect our interests, we use our power of choice to get back at you."

    4. "or at least why they trust him more than the alternative"

      Why, you can trust the alternative as well -- the alternative is a bunch of scumbags worshipping "global economy".

      Vote for H.Clinton's party if you want to compete against Bangladesh.

    5. Do Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or Chuck Woolery have a long history of being a grifting, cheating businessman (but I repeat myself), and running fraudulent business enterprises, that take advantage of people just like them?
      Let me know when you get to the part where I'm supposed to understand how Trump (of all people) got elected by people who think the economy is rigged against them, and are looking for someone to un-rig it.

    6. Maybe you'll never get it. The people are already being taken advantage of. Why would it matter if Trump is a grifter or cheater? They are already being grifted upon and cheated. They may not even be looking for omeone to unrig it. They may be looking at the system as a joke. The two party system. So it could be Mickey Mouse or Donald or Chuck Woolery or Al Capone or Charles Manson or Lenny Bruce or Constantine or Raphael or Billy Leon and Benny Loyd McCrary or Satan or Yul Brynner or Jesus or Belshazzar or
      Kip Addotta or just think of the most unsavory person you can besides Trump himself. Why would a constituency who has had the ultimate terrors of globalism and modernism and its power thrust in their face is not thrust back an equal terror? We all know he's a grifter sweetheart. They know he's a grifter. They absolutely love it. The more terrible the better. That's what I'm saying. That's the whole point!

    7. It's the same reason why gangsterism is embraced by poor blacks. They are embracing cheating, lying murderers because they upend the status quo, the failed system and the compromised functionaries who run it.

    8. Meh, grifter-schmifter. Name one politician who isn't.

      And surely the sweet-bullshitting ones (Clinton, Obama) have to be far more devious than the plain-spoken ones, like Trump.

    9. @1:08PM You're right about the Trump having done nothing to fulfill his health care promise. OTOH pundit Roger L. Simon argues, "The Caravan Means the Wall Will Be Built." Time will tell if he's right.

    10. Flashback sequence commence...there was a movie long, long ago, about GM shuttering its plants in Flint...I think that it was called "Roger Rabbit and Me"...wait, maybe it was just "Roger and Me".
      Yes, indeed, Trump is the gagging reflex of the American electorate.

    11. Yes, actually the director of Roger and Me said exactly what I am saying when he predicted Trump would win in 2016. Omg he even mentions Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!

      "And because of the anger that so many have toward a broken political system, millions are going to vote for Trump not because they agree with him, not because they like his bigotry or ego, but just because they can. Just because it will upset the apple cart and make mommy and daddy mad. And in the same way like when you’re standing on the edge of Niagara Falls and your mind wonders for a moment what would that feel like to go over that thing, a lot of people are going to love being in the position of puppetmaster and plunking down for Trump just to see what that might look like."

      You all should read it because it says a lot of things the commenters her still don't get.

    12. "Just because it will upset the apple cart and make mommy and daddy mad"

      The guy is just full of himself, as usual.

      In reality, people voted for Trump because they liked his message: sovereignty, economic protectionism, and isolationism. Things that the American public (its non-zombie segment) has always wanted, since 1776.

    13. Mao, NAFTA was passed with votes from both parties, but mostly GOP. The majority of dems voted against it. Trump has now renegotiated the treaty - but can you tell me in what substantive way? Will factory jobs be flocking back from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Nicaragua, etc? Who knows. Dems and those who you call zombies mostly fail to give Trump credit for campaigning on this issue. I don't know how much the issue put him over the top in the swing states. Seems to me he got a lot of votes from people who vote Republican all the time; dislike of Clinton (not because of globalism but because of years of smears, for one thing); and abortion. There were all kinds of reasons. Is Trump pursuing isolationism? doesn't seem like it, expecially Iran, Yemen. And if your world were perfect and Trump managed to get every policy you want enacted - would that bring about something better or worse? There are often unintended consequences. When Bush was president, things looked rosy, he was popular, probably moreso than Trump is now, and look what happened.

    14. Mao 2:27 -- are you admitting that Uncle Vova is a grifter?

    15. We're preaching from the same Bible, 4:08.
      We know the reason was Trump's B-I-G-O-T-R-Y, but the liars in the MSM make believe otherwise.

    16. Thank God you idiots aren't pinning it all on racism anymore.

    17. Oh shit. Spoke too soon .

    18. 4:49,
      Or "economically anxious".
      As if the Trump-voting, fat, pasty white suburban golfer, driving an SUV is worried about the rigged economy. LOL.

    19. 455 Actually those well fed deplorables get fd over by banks and healthcare companies as well. But have it your way, it's racsim! That way you won't have to look any further or digging a deeper and you can maintain the two party system. Everything will work out fine. ;)

    20. Yes, indeed, Moore nailed it. But Trumpism also a cult, and having attached and invested themselves into this cult they are reluctant to let go.

    21. 5:19,
      The key is not to notice they gladly elected a guy who is is okay with letting corporations pollute their land, air, and water for another nickel of profit.
      Also, research shows the "economically anxious" who aren't blaming immigrants and people of color, voted for Clinton in 2016.

    22. Trumpism? That's a weird thing to call standard-issue Reagan Republicans.

    23. 5;19,
      No wonder those Trump voters attacked the White House when Trump put Wall Streeters in charge of the economy.
      Oops. i meant, "didn't make a peep", not "attacked the White House". My apologies for the error.

    24. @4:47 PM, the discussion there was about why people voted for Trump, not how GOP voted on NAFTA.

      However: 1993 was a long time ago. The Ds have become decisively neoliberal and imperialistic, and the election of Trump has changed the R 'party', obviously. Another realignment; happens all the time. After all, Lincoln was a Republican.

    25. Oh, and for isolationism: Paul is still elected as R, but where's Kucinich?

    26. 2:32,
      Who's it going to be, you or Roger Simon, that pulls Trump's other finger?

    27. "Trump has changed the R 'party', obviously."

      Quit the gas-lighting. Trump is a standard issue Reagan Republican. How do you expect people to take you serious, after making such a silly claim?

    28. 803
      Were not Wall Streeters in charge of the economy under Obama? Why would you expect the fat racist trump voters to make a fuss about Wall Street in charge of the economy when they always have been in charge in our lifetimes. That's the point. I'm starting to think you're a complete moron. What did you do when Obama gave Wall Street an inexcusable $306 billion bailout? Trump put Wall streeters in charge of the economy and fat Trump voters are racists because they didn't do anything about? What did you do about Rubin or Summers when Obama put them in charge of the economy? You are a racist if you didn't do anything according to your idiot logic. Speak. Tell me now. How is Trump's putting Wall Street in charge of the economy different from Obamas?

    29. Trump appointed some people who used to work at Wall Street.

      One can work at a DA office today and be a criminal defense attorney tomorrow, doing exactly the opposite. There's no problem with that.

      Dembots are just being dembots, doing their Soros-paid hate-mongering job. No need to pay attention to them.

    30. I don't know about all dems but the commenters here seem to have a very strained relationship with reality. They do indeed seem hypnotized and lost, like cavemen, desperately struggling to understand and come to terms with their existence. Trump put Wall Street in charge of the economy? Jesus, that's rich after what Obama did. I guess this is the manifestation of bifurcated, media information system.

    31. Trump voters think Democrats are stupid and immoral. Look no further than the reaction to Hillary's "deplorables" meltdown. Laughter and "deplorable" T shirts.

      Democrat attacks on Trump and his supporters are their strategy for winning but they don't get it. They won't work because no one cares what a Democrat thinks.

    32. "a Democrat thinks"

      an oxymoron right there...

    33. Trolls commenting on cute.

    34. Like it or not, Wall Street has been and is "in charge of the economy." If the stock market crashes, the economy likely will too. It isn't clear what the alternative is, or whether it will makes things better or much worse. The banksters are doing quite well under Trump, stock market up (for the time being), taxes and regulations down, estate tax reduced, etc. Meanwhile we have a president who ghost wrote his own medical report, claiming to be the most healthy POTUS ever. Mao - your views seem cartoonish.

    35. If my views seem cartoonish to you, why are you addressing me and soliciting them all the time?

      In reality, your "ghost wrote his own medical report" bullshit is much worse than just being cartoonish. It's completely irrelevant and pure demagoguery.

      You don't notice the rewriting of NAFTA and tariffs on Chinese products - move along, nothing to see there - but HEY, LOOK OVER THERE: THE MEDICAL REPORT!

      IOW: you're a garden variety dembot.

    36. 10:16 - who is the troll though? you are here trolling Bob and hate everything he says. You are the troll!

    37. Notice no answer from 803 - "How is Trump's putting Wall Street in charge of the economy different from Obamas?"

    38. Sppoge,
      Thank you.
      Your reply should put an end to the whole, "we're not bigots, we hate the rigged economy, which favors Wall Street elites" schtick, which has been the excuse since the Trump-voting bigots put Trump in the White House.

    39. Did you see that Mao, DinC, and 5:19?
      Sppoge just pointed out that Trump is exactly the same as Obama on the economy.
      Not a lick of difference between them there. It must be some other difference that makes Trump-voters trust Trump way more than Obama. Let me checkout these photoshops of Obama with a bone through his nose and eating a watermelon first, then I'll try to look into it.

    40. Yes I notice the re-writing of NAFTA and tariffs on China - as far as NAFTA, have we seen how it was rewritten? is the rewriting significant? More dairy sales to Canada? Higher prices for steel? How will the China trade war work out? Will life for U.S. citizens improve? Which ones? Maybe for some? To the extent it is a positive, Trump deserves credit. Don't be so thin skinned. You post here more than anyone, with constant barrages of zombie and dembot, isolationism, sovereignty, tariffs - all conclusory with no back up. It is cartoonish - if there's substance behind it, it's not apparent. I'm a skeptic; you don't seem to be. As for ghost writing the doctor's letter - in and of itself it's not substantive, but that along with a whole lot of other stuff seems weird, and diminishes his credibility.

    41. I don't know anything about ghost writing the doctor's letter. But whatever it is, I don't see how it could be relevant to NAFTA.

      As for being "thin skinned", we've been here before. If you can't conduct a civil conversation, I'll respond in kind, or I'll stop responding.

    42. The re-written Trump NAFTA has longer and stronger patents in it.
      IOW, it continues the long con of protecting the profits of elites.

    43. "thin skinned"

      We've been over this plenty of times. Like all Right-wingers, Mao will whine and cry like a baby if you question the bullshit he spews..

  5. After hearing the MSM discuss (and not laugh at and dismiss) a made-up story about a caravan of illegal immigrants (many from Middle Eastern countries) coming to invade the United States, it's easy to see why people trust Trump-- or at least why they trust him more than the alternative.

  6. Trump, the global businessman with properties in many foreign lands, is not a "Nationalist", but the imaginary persona the media allow Trump to make believe he is, might be one.

    1. I think Trump is using the word "nationalist" a little differently from its proper meaning. The definition is, "a person with strong patriotic feelings, especially one who believes in the superiority of their country over others". But, Trump seems to be using the word to mean someone who puts his own country's interest first.

    2. Trump's hierarchy of interests: Trump, Trump, Trump, other people like Trump. The notion that Trump puts "his own contry's interest first" is just your flight of fancy.

    3. What nonsense. Billionaires who only care about themselves behave like Howard Hughes in his last decade. They don't build golf courses, host TV shows, or run for president.

      Donald The Greatest has so many different interests as you won't have if you live 1000 years.

    4. Trump has way more interest in filing bankruptcies than me, that's for sure. We're going to need his experience as we continue down the "Conservatives just have a different view of mathematics" cover-up from the MSM.

    5. They don't build golf courses, host TV shows, or run for president.
      Good lord...I mean...okay, I just assume that this is brilliant sarcasm. You forgot founding universities, e.g. Trump University. Oh, and then there's tracking down birth certificates...

    6. Trump University was a scam, not any kind of actual university.

    7. No sarcasm. Yes, those too, and many others, like organizing beauty pageants and running football teams.

      When you have a billion dollars, you don't need to do anything, y'know. If you only care about yourself, you can watch yourself in a mirror, all day.

      Donald The Magnificent is an American legend. Has been since probably the 1980s. He's The Donald.

    8. "A billion dollars"
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
      Only a moron would think the third-rate grifter has $50 to his name.
      A billion dollars.
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You people slay me.

  7. When I'm in your arms and I feel you so close to me, all my wildest dreams come true.

    1. "The Nearness of You" is a popular song written in 1938 by Hoagy Carmichael, with lyrics by Ned Washington.

      I had never heard of Ned Washington. Turns out he wrote lyrics for lots of songs we all know, was nominated for eleven Academy Awards, and is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. For some reason, people who write songs for musical comedies are more well-known than those who write for the movies.

    2. I didn't know his name either, David. I just wanted to post a link to a Hoagy Carmichael song, and now we've both learned about the highly prolific Ned Washington, who won the Academy Award twice: for "When You Wish upon a Star" and for "Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin'".

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  9. "They're also racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, deplorable and irredeemable. So the tale has always been told within the world's tribal tents"

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    This is not what liberal candidates across the country are saying, at all. Thanks for not noticing, Bob.

    Also, thanks, Bob, for not only buying 100% into the right-wing bullshit characterization of liberals with zero nuance, but actually expanding on it to encompass all liberals everywhere on earth at all times.

    Anyone still believe Somerby is a liberal?

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