We hope Paskin didn't watch Maddow last night!


Ludicrous conduct continues:
We can only hope that Slate's Willa Paskin didn't watch the Rachel Maddow Show last night.

(For background, see yesterday's report.)

If she did, she'll probably send to some diploma mill to get her psychiatrist's license. Maddow's lunatic treatment of "the mystery case" involving "the mystery foreign company" dominated her program again last night, without the slightest explanation of why the bulk of her program was being burned up on such an obscure topic.

On the brighter side, Maddow played her entertaining mystery sound four times for the amusement of viewers—at 9:07, 9:08, 9:09 and 9:15 PM Eastern. To enjoy the cool clowning and all the big fun, you can just click here.

According to the Nexis transcript, she referred to "the mystery case" 15 separate times in the course of the program. She referred to "the mystery company" 8 separate times, with 5 additional references to "the mystery corporation."

After an excruciating opening segment took Maddow to 9:25 PM—it involved the obligatory side trip across the valleys and streams for a discussion of Watergate's Judge Sirica—Maddow returned from commercial break at 9:29 for a pointless interview with someone who has filed a Freedom of Information request with respect to this apparently trivial topic.

Late in that first unbearable segment, Maddow seemed to suggest that this so-called mystery case is somehow "going to be key to us understanding as a country what happened in this scandal and the president`s potential liability."

As best we could tell—we occasionally astral projected ourselves to the ceiling, desperately seeking release from the unbearable tedium of Maddow's discussion—she never explained why anyone of sound mind and body should be inclined to think any such thing.
Maddow returned from her second break at 9:39 PM. To all intents and purposes, she had discussed nothing except "the mystery case" through that point in time.

In fairness, she had also treated her viewers like fools with another absurd mischaracterization of William Barr's letter last Friday. And she'd also briefly pleasured the ghouls with this pathetic aside:
MADDOW (4/1/19): This ruling we just got late this afternoon, it's an interesting thing about the mystery case, but I think it may also be a little bit of a heads up for all of us about what's going to happen with the Mueller report and when.

You probably remember the basics here about the mystery case and why it is so mysterious.

In July of last year, some unknown company that is owned by an unknown foreign country, they received a subpoena to provide evidence to a federal grand jury sitting in the District of Columbia. This was the D.C. grand jury that was convened to handle a whole bunch of special matters derived from the Mueller investigation.

So Mueller's grand jury in D.C. is the grand jury that approved the indictments of campaign chair Paul Manafort, whose 70th birthday is today.

Happy birthday! That's both nice for him because it's his birthday. It's also sad for him because he is spending his 70th birthday in prison.
Once again, the rubble bounced around Manafort's cell, pleasing our own tribe's ship of ghouls and exposing a side of Our Weirdly Grinning Rhodes Scholar we've told you about in the past.

Our view? Paskin should probably send for that license. Maddow, and her mysterious viewers, could perhaps use a great deal of help.


  1. I get it: "the mystery case" is another Bombshell! The Walls Are Closing In!

    The End Is Near! The flying saucer will soon arrive and transfer Ms Maddow and her whole tribe to a new, better life.

    1. One where it's not "politically incorrect" to speak the truth about Conservatives?

  2. This is funny. Somerby looks at Paskin as a savior from Maddow, just like the rest of us look at Mueller as a savior from Trump.

  3. Somerby doesn't actually watch Maddow. He uses Nexis to search for words that confirm his preconceived notions. That makes him actively out to get her, not just a social critic.

    1. I watched some of that insufferable psychotic bitch on Youtbe the other day. She's like you, fucking loony.

  4. Remember when Chris Hayes discussed the Green New Deal with Rep Ocasio-Cortez? Remember how Fox News responded? If the Green New Deal is truly important to Somerby, as he seems to have possibly indicated, then why is he not talking about this?

  5. I can't wait for Manafort's pardon.

    1. I can't wait for fossil fuel companies to be charged for their external costs.

  6. On 4/2/19 Bob Somerby writes:

    > “[Rachel Maddow] had also treated her viewers like fools with another absurd mischaracterization of William Barr’s letter last Friday.”

    I.e. RM had once again suggested that Barr’s letter might not be an accurate or fair representation of the Mueller report; suggestions for which Somerby roundly mocks her.

    Oddly enough, on 4/3/19 the New York Times reports: Some on Mueller’s Team Say Report Was More Damaging Than Barr Revealed
    “Some of Robert S. Mueller III’s investigators have told associates that Attorney General William P. Barr failed to adequately portray the findings of their inquiry and that they were more troubling for President Trump than Mr. Barr indicated....”

    Which bears out the trenchant skepticism RM has expressed.

    But gullible Bob Somerby has swallowed Barr’s letter hook, line, and sinker... so he surely will not acknowledge this article.

    In effect, Bob Somerby has become a Trump defender.

    1. As expected: it is now four days later, and Bob Somerby has still avoided mention of that NYT article, or the subsequent WaPo and CNN articles confirming it; and has likewise omitted further mention of either the Mueller report or any of Barr’s [now multiple] letters about it... or, indeed, any further mention of Rachel Maddow. Ho-hum. I suppose Somerby’s omission of topic passes for slinking away in shame.

    2. Go on, dembot, please.

      We can always use more Russiagate dead-enders here.

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