Does Donald J. Trump possess unmatched wisdom?


Never mind—please look Over There!:
Does Donald J. Trump have "great and unmatched wisdom," as he himself at last admitted in a recent tweet?

Is Trump's self-assessment accurate? Here is the fuller text of what he unmatchedly said:
TRUMP (10/7/19): As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!). They must, with Europe and others, watch over...

....the captured ISIS fighters and families. The U.S. has done far more than anyone could have ever expected, including the capture of 100% of the ISIS Caliphate. It is time now for others in the region, some of great wealth, to protect their own territory. THE USA IS GREAT!
So the beloved president said. Indeed, he had stated part of that strongly before!

Turkey's economy could be totally destroyed and obliterated! And of course, as Trump himself has acknowledged, many people consider him to be "a highly stable genius."

For ourselves, we're going to guess that Donald J. Trump doesn't possess "great and unmatched wisdom." We'd offer his highly peculiar claims as evidence to that effect.

Is something "wrong" with Donald J. Trump? We've been asking that question since March 2015. We think the question's important.

As it turns out, we may not be alone. Based on a front-page report in today's New York Times, the White House official who spoke to the first Trump whistle-blower also seems to think that something may be wrong with the commander. At the start of his report, Nicholas Fandos writes this:
FANDOS (10/9/19): A White House official who listened to President Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s leader described it as “crazy,” “frightening” and “completely lacking in substance related to national security,” according to a memo written by the whistle-blower at the center of the Ukraine scandal, a C.I.A. officer who spoke to the White House official.

The official was “visibly shaken by what had transpired,” the C.I.A. officer wrote in his memo, one day after Mr. Trump pressured President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine in a July 25 phone call to open investigations that would benefit him politically.
If the whistle-blower's account is accurate, the White House official thought Trump's conduct was "crazy" and "frightening." When we read this account, we thought of Trump's extremely strange behavior last week in two separate press events with the visiting Finnish president—public rantings which recalled many reports of the president's unhinged private conduct.

On Monday afternoon's Deadline: White House, Frank Figliuzzi specifically cited Trump's strange claim to unmatched wisdom, going on to say this:
FIGLIUZZI (10/7/19): He is increasingly showing signs not just of narcissism, but now of a messianic complex, a messiah-like wisdom and knowledge. "I’m right, everyone else is wrong"—even those who are experts on Turkish, Kurdish, and Syrian matters.

So we’ve reached the point here where someone can’t have a conversation with our president. He doesn’t trust anyone around him. He makes the call all by himself, and he makes the wrong call. And if this keeps happening we are going to find troops involved. We are going to find missiles involved. He is going to make a horrible call all by himself.
Figliuzzi described the general situation as "perilously dangerous." We've heard the same suggestion, many times, from a despondent group of future anthropologists who regret their own disastrous failure to speak up in real time.

Trump's recent tweet was extremely strange, even by his own peculiar standards. The source to the whistle-blower apparently described Trump's phone call in July as "crazy" and "frightening."

Despite all this, the national press corps still agrees that it mustn't consider the possibility that some serious mental health issue is involved in this weird behavior. More importantly, a bunch of Arkies are so dumb that they're paying their librarian $19 an hour when an East Coast think tank veteran thinks they should be paying her 25!

How dumb are people in Arkansas? It's our view that the New York Times, once again, is asking the wrong freaking question.


  1. "Does Donald J. Trump possess unmatched wisdom?"

    Why, but of course he does.

    He is, after all, the President of the US of A. He is the most powerful person in the world. Well, apart from a few anonymous CIA spooks, perhaps. But still...

    To climb this high - and to stay there - one certainly must possess unmatched wisdom, dear Bob.

    Plus, the great economy and no new wars - the combination that most (all?) previous winners of the Big Competition failed to achieve.

    Surely you will agree, dear Bob, the evidence is overwhelming.

    1. mao mao * 你真是个混蛋

    2. "the evidence is overwhelming."

      Finally got around to reading the Mueller Report? Good for you. BTW, who drew the pictures?

    3. Donald J. Trump?
      Have some respect.
      It's Russian Asset and Best Friend of the Establishment Donald J. Trump to you.

    4. Mao,
      I hope Trump promised you a fortune for your blathering.

      "A USA Today analysis published Thursday uncovered 60 lawsuits by ordinary Americans who say Trump and his businesses failed to pay them for their work.
      The list includes plumbers and painters, waiters and bartenders, real estate brokers and even law firms who helped him defend such suits."

  2. Here, dear Bob, a link for you: When Will Ellen DeGeneres Visit Julian Assange?

    I believe this goes right along your way of thinking, of being a "conscientious zombie" so to say...

  3. "Unmatched wisdom" in that what little wisdom Trump has (like his hands), is not enough not be lit by a match.

  4. Bob,
    If Trump decrees that he is the second coming and a 24 year old woman reporter consults with an East or West coast egghead or "Perfesser" and reports that they say he is nuts, you would say that they never examined him and that she is in way over her head.
    If he is frog marched out of the White House in handcuffs, a straight-jacket and a spit mask, you would say he won the election and should be allowed to complete his term in office. And his supporters (including you) would still vote for him.

    You have become a bizarre joke.

  5. People are quite frequently fairly different than what they claim to be, huzzah! Being excessive literal and ignoring context often lead to bad assessments, but can be a handy tool for those that do not argue in good faith.

    Somerby's party trick is to trash Republican's character but defend their actions. Hitler was terrible but he got the trains to run on time. Fanboys can defend such statements but they are just counting how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

    1. Hitler was terrible but he got the trains to run on time.

      HaHaHaHaHa! It’s funny, ya see, because Hitler got the trains to run like clockwork to the death camps right up until the end of the war.

      Oh, wait. Perhaps the humor was unintentional because you didn’t know that it was Mussolini who was said to have made the lackadaisical Italian train system run to schedule.

      It’s hard to tell with the Anonymi Ignorami. Take this gem:

      People are quite frequently fairly different than what they claim to be….

      An Einstein for the commentariat of a blog nobody reads. Not that this trivial statement isn’t true. How do we know that people are “frequently” hypocrites and “frequently” hide another version of themselves behind a persona? The answer is as mundane as the original comment: we compare their actions to their words; we ask them questions and compare the answers to what we know about them; we converse with them and observe those nonverbal cues that indicate they’re dissembling.

      We have none of those tools available for TDH. What to do, what to do? If you’re an ignoramus, of course, the answer is extra-credit reading — between the lines of the blog and into the mind of the blogger. And when you’re called on that tribal bullshit, no defense is necessary. Just reply with a counter-accusation of “being excessive [sic] literal” and not arguing in good faith.

      I’ve never read a line of TDH that’s trashed anyone’s character. Go ahead and quote one.

      I’ve never read a line of TDH that’s defended a Republican’s actions. Go ahead and quote one. Trump’s actions on immigration, perhaps. Or taxes. Or health care. Or foreign policy. Go ahead.

      Fanboys can defend such statements….

      You think I’m a fanboy? (Presumably, that’s someone who unquestioningly agrees with the object of his adoration.) That’s not me. I often think TDH is wrong. For instance, I think he’s wrong about his assessment of Todd and Johnson. But to paraphrase a commenter here, “Every accusation by an unthinking ideologue is a confession by projection.”

      TDH has criticized your friend, so he’s automatically your enemy. No need to examine what he writes. You just know he’d endorse Hitler’s actions if not Hitler’s character.

    2. Just say the word “fanboy”, and out pops deadrat. Confession much? (Oh, but he/she does disagree sometimes!)

      And he/she loudly proclaims his/her contempt for the Anonymi on a “blog nobody reads” while feeling the irresistible need to respond, in blog-length posts, to such Anonymi.

      The sad thing is, he/she thinks said Anonymi care what he/she thinks.

    3. Deadrat beat me to it, but yeah, given their value as cautionary tales for our own times, maybe we should take care to keep the histories of yesteryear's fascists straight. LINK LINK

    4. Not 9:10,

      Keep telling me what I think as it keeps making my point for me.

      Thanks for that. And also for using a nym. Maybe you could work on the ignoramus part. As always, it's up to you

    5. Jaysus fucking deadrat the drama queen again. Get a life faggot.

  6. I don't know if he possess unmatched wisdom or not but the posts he made on twitter didn't show that at all. And the decisions made citizens angry.

  7. Here is some media criticism that Somerby might usefully pursue. To my knowledge, he has never talked about the way the NY Times has attacked Biden by repeating right wing conspiracy claims. Once again, the NY Times is accused of taking dictation from the right in order to raise suspicions about a Democratic front-runner, as they did with Hillary and others before that.

    Not one word from Somerby.

    1. The kos entry is about a letter the Biden campaign sent to the NYT, which they quote thusly:

      In fact, that article [by reporter Kenneth Vogel] gets the basic facts of the story wrong on the two most critical points. It reports that Joe Biden acted at a time when the company where Biden’s son worked was “in the sights” of a prosecutor that Biden pushed to have removed, and that “the current Ukrainian prosecutor general [chose] to reverse himself and reopen an investigation.” Neither of these statements had any basis in fact.

      The Ukrainian prosecutor general has in fact issued a statement that he is reviewing all cases brought by his predecessor, but he says there is no reopened investigation into Burisma, the oil and gas company that had Hunter Biden on its board. If we take the prosecutor general at his word, this is simply routine procedure and has nothing to do with Trump’s extortion of his country.

      Don’t get me wrong. I hate the NYT. As usual, their reporting is shoddy and driven by scandal. And don’t get me started on the Op-Ed real estate they lease cheaply to right-wingers and other assorted nincompoops. But a short trip to the google will find a ream of stories in the Times in which they repeat that there’s no evidence for any malfeasance on the part of either Biden or that there’s evidence to the contrary.

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