Are we part of the world the slaveholders made?


Do we believe what the slaveholders said?: We've never met Paul Butler.

That said, we've seen him on TV a million times. (He's a legal analyst for MSNBC.)

We probably haven't always agreed with his analyses. Also, as we've mentioned a time or two in the past, he has often struck us as a person who seems to be very sad, for which he may have good reason.

That said, Butler has always struck us as a person who's fully and completely sincere. In part for that reason, we found ourselves thinking all day yesterday about that last thing Butler said in yesterday's column in the Washington Post.

We aren't inclined to agree with most of the things Butler said in his column. But the last thing he said involved his personal experiences and his personal feelings, and because he strikes us as a good, decent person who's fully sincere, we were struck by the last thing he said.

Butler was discussing Nikole Hannah-Jones, who has taken a hike from UNC and decided to touch down at Howard.  Good for her, Butler said. But then too, he also said this:

BUTLER (7/9/21): I have no beef with Hannah-Jones for declining a job at a journalism school that is literally named after the White man who, as he so delicately put it, "expressed my concerns" about her hiring. But, for now, I am okay with working at a university that in its early years was financed by the sale of enslaved people. I love my students and respect my colleagues, and have been part of the community’s efforts, still incomplete, to make reparations for that travesty. Sometimes, helping majority-White spaces be less racist and more inclusive feels transformative. Other times, it feels like an intellectual version of my great-grandfather’s job; he cleaned outhouses—i.e., shoveling White people’s excrement.

Sometimes, Butler—he's a professor at Georgetown Law—feels like he's "shoveling White people’s excrement." 

That seems like a remarkable thing to say. Why did Butler say it? 

When does Butler feel like he's "shoveling White people's excrement?" He set the stage for that possibly surprising statement in this earlier passage:

BUTLER: Most professors of color work at majority-White schools...

People of color in majority-White spaces often find themselves having to do “diversity” work that is not part of their job description. This can be draining and frustrating, making it difficult to refute the wisdom of Hannah-Jones’s observation that “for too long, powerful people have expected the people they have mistreated and marginalized to sacrifice themselves to make things whole.”

Nevertheless, some of us persist, based on another lesson from critical race theory: that those Hannah-Jones described as the “powerful people who maintain” racial injustice are unlikely to seek change, because the status quo provides them with too many benefits. Unfair as it is, that work remains up to people of color and our allies.

Butler is a professor at a high-ranking law school. He's a columnist at one of the world's most important newspapers. He's a frequent commentator at one of our "cable news" channels.

Still, he often finds himself "having to do 'diversity' work that is not part of [his] job description." Apparently, this makes him feel that he is "shoveling White people’s excrement."

In one mood, an observer could react like this:

Dr. King surrendered his life at the age of 39. (39!) Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner surrendered their lives at an earlier date, at even earlier ages.

Long before she became well known, Rosa Parks routinely risked her life in her own civil rights work. By possible way of contrast:

In this later generation, highly privileged, highly-paid people sometimes feel that they're shoveling ("white") people's sh*t when they have to work on diversity issues, perhaps even taking time away from one of their other well-paid, high-profile positions.

In one mood, this can seem like one of the recurrent stories of human experience. In this recurrent story, one generations sacrifices itself so the next generation can acquire and complain. 

(We thought of Stella Dallas yesterday, but also of Mildred Pierce. With the direction of implied moral judgment flipped, we also thought of Fences, in which the earlier generation won't let the new one move on.) 

In one mood, such thoughts can appear. In another mood, Butler has always struck us as a person who is decent and good, and also who's wholly sincere.

What sorts of experiences at Georgetown Law make Butler feel the way he (somewhat indelicately) described? This is his story to tell (or not), but we wondered about that all day.

Along the way, Butler also said what's shown below. This strikes us as a very important note about the current drift of the national culture, to the extent that a nation exists:

BUTLER: Critical race theorists advanced concepts such as structural racism and intersectionality. Some were skeptical of civil rights strategies that relied on integration, notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s 1954 ruling in Brown v. Board of Education that “separate but equal” schools were inherently unequal and, therefore, unconstitutional.

In a classic article published in 1976, Harvard professor Derrick Bell argued that during the Jim Crow era, Black students might have been better off if they had sought more resources for segregated schools rather than access to White schools. Bell’s premise was that actual integration would never happen, even if it were legally mandated, because of “massive white hostility.”

Critical race theorists described the heavy toll of desegregation efforts, including placing Blacks in hostile environments, in a way that resonates with Hannah-Jones’s explanation for her decision: “At some point when you have proven yourself and fought your way into institutions that were not built for you . . . you have to decide that you are done forcing yourself in.”

As best we can tell, Hannah-Jones has been invited into quite a few high-end institutions. 

More specifically, one thinks of the Little Rock Nine (and of so many others), children and teens who sometimes accepted a very heavy toll in desegregation efforts.

That said, is integration the god which has failed? Would black kids (and possibly everyone else) possibly have been better off if the nation  had instead decided to create schools which were separate but truly equal—presumably, equal in terms of facilities and funding? 

In the Brown decision, the Supreme Court ruled, perhaps somewhat flimsily, that legally segregated schools could, in fact, never be "equal." 

Such schools could never be equal, the Court held, because of the harmful psychological effects this system of legal separation perpetrated on the "hearts and minds" of black kids. 

(Legal segregation's bad effects on the hearts and minds of white kids went unmentioned.)

In the passage posted above, Butler has begun to wonder if black kids would have been better off had the nation taken a different approach back in the 1950s—if the nation had chosen to stick with legally-mandated separation of the "races." 

There is, of course, no ultimate way to answer that perilous question. That said, current forces are pushing in a certain direction. In this emerging framework, we Americans actually aren't one people, and we should just go ahead and say so.

For ourselves, if we were devising a new curriculum on "race" for the public schools, we would start, in the earliest grades, with these basic concepts:

1) Everyone's skin is good. The only reason you have skin is to keep your bones from falling out. If your bones aren't falling out, that means that your skin is good. Let's hear it for everyone's skin!

2) We're all good kids and friends in this room. Everyone here is your friend. We're all good kids in this room.

3) Everybody's skin is good, and everybody's skin is alike. Your skin is your very good friend. Your skin keeps you healthy and happy!

4) Children around the world are good, just like the kids in our classroom. Children like you around the world are pretty much all alike.

(The notion that kids are the same all over the world has long been a basic public education social studies concept.)

Are some kids "white" and some kids "black?" Long before this nation was founded, that was the decree which went out from "the world the slaveholders made."

Do we believe the things we were told by those earlier people? Especially over here in Our Town, we increasingly seem determined to say that we do.

That said, has integration failed? Was integration perhaps a mistake?

There's no ultimate way to answer that question. But Butler's feelings seem very real, and Butler is a good, decent person who has always struck us as completely sincere.

Why does Butler feel as he does? Needless to say, it's his story to tell or to withhold. 

But do we need to understand other people's experiences? Other people's assessments? Putting that another way, do we plan to continue trying to be a nation? Or are we deciding to move ahead as a string of groups and tribes?

Butler sometimes feels that he's shoveling "white" people's sh*t! We are in no position to say that he shouldn't feel that way.

That said, does he feel like he's shoveling every white person's sh*t? Are all "white people" involved in this labor, or is it just the "white" people with whom he's fated to work at Georgetown? Whose excrement is he forced to shovel in the times he describes? 

Also, was that perhaps an odd thing to say on a journalistic basis? Absent attempts at explanation, is it wise when newspapers like the Post keep putting such statements in print?

Does everybody belong to a race? Granted, people will be viewed, and will often be treated, as if they belong to a race. But in the end, is that perception accurate?

Do we affirm the world the slaveholders made? Here in Our Town, in the end, do we believe what the slaveholders said?


  1. "That seems like a remarkable thing to say. Why did Butler say it?"

    He's trying very hard to be a good, useful dembot. Why else?

  2. There are still just too many white people in the USA. That's going to be a problem for Blacks who want to live without the possibility of a white racist-based incident. The only way to avoid that possibility is to live in an area that has no whites. Charles Blow's new book talks about Blacks taking steps towards creating a Black ethno-state in the US South which would be one possible solution to the problem. I wonder what Butler would think of Blow's idea.

    1. Hmm. The South appears to be the least problematic region, though. Ethno-cities in the Northern liberal states would probably make more sense. And would be much easier to implement.

    2. I knew the "border crisis" was Right-wing bullshit.
      Thanks for admitting it.

    3. In 1960 whites were 89% of the population of the USA, now they are about 70%. Whites are still a majority in nearly every state today but that's not expected to be true forever.

    4. The only people who care about such statistics are white people who fear having to share this country with others who are not exactly like themselves. That doesn't bother most of us, but white supremacists have a problem with it. They are a tiny minority themselves, but they seem to have little restraint when it comes to violence and other despicable acts. Like evangelicals, they seem to believe that whatever they want should be law, even when they are a tiny group with no right to impose their will on everyone else. Multiculturalism flourishes in California and much of the Southwest, and in some other major cities and areas of the nation. It is not a threat except to those with no tolerance for those who are different.

      Most of those people are Republican or alt-right, and they were permitted to co=opt the Republican party under Trump, who normalized their extreme views and hatred of others. But this is not a normal viewpoint.

    5. Everyone is a racist, dear dembot:

      Alas, it's off to re-education camp for you, we're afraid. Bummer.

  3. "Sometimes, Butler—he's a professor at Georgetown Law—feels like he's "shoveling White people’s excrement."

    "That seems like a remarkable thing to say. Why did Butler say it?"

    Why do you find it remarkable? It's a law school! I'd be surprised if they didn't have actual courses named "Shoveling White People’s Excrement". It's a very lucrative legal sub-specialty!

  4. 'Butler sometimes feels that he's shoveling "white" people's sh*t! We are in no position to say that he shouldn't feel that way.'

    Given that Somerby spent the last 4 years shoveling 'sh*t' for Donald Trump and Roy Moore -- just as Ron Johnson, Devin Nunes and Matt Gaetz did, he's certainly in no position to complain when others make such statements. Then again, since Somerby is a Trumptard, he complains anyway.

    1. What's so bad about being a Trumptard?

    2. @9:46

      It means you support a mentally ill man who was the worst president in American history, caused 400,000 needless deaths through his failure to address covid, appointed cronies who looted the country's resources, worked as an agent of Russia to subvert American interests, engaged in numerous crimes to try to rig the 2020 election, then instigated an insurrection to overturn a lawful election.

      If you cannot see why it is wrong to support such a person, it implies something majorly wrong with you. You will need to figure out what that is, since supporting Trunp is a symptom and not a diagnosis.

    3. The country's resources are not being looted now? The country's resources have been looted for decades. You think Trump was an anomaly in the looting of the country's resources and now it's back to the good ole days when they were not being looted? If you do, it implies something majorly wrong with you.

      You think Trump worked as an agent of Russia to subvert American interests? That has been proved completely false time and time again. It has been proved the FBI/etc spied on the 2016 Trump campaign using evidence manufactured by the Clinton campaign. And we know the FBI/CIA knew it was fake from the beginning. (see: Brennan's July 2016 memo, etc) We also know, the media that covered it as if it were true never copped to the fact it wasn't and still haven't. This is probably why you would make such a silly claim as that. Your claim implies something majorly wrong with the information you consume or with just you.

      You think Trump alone rigs elections? Elizabeth Warren has admitted Hillary Clinton rigged the Democratic primary in 2016 which is now obvious to everyone. You think Trump stands out as a politician who rigs elections? If you do, it implies something majorly wrong with you.

      Do you think being something other than a Trumptard is going to bring about meaningful change to the lower and middle class? Do you think being something different is going to prevent the plutocracy from further tightening their stranglehold on the planet? Do you think critical race theory, for example, is going to make any difference at all on the plutocracy's stranglehold on the middle and lower class?

      Do you think being something different from a Trumptard is going to change your fate within hyper-capitalism? You think you're safe with some other leader instead of Trump from the plutocracy's looting of the country's resources and takeover of all institutions? If you do, it implies something majorly wrong with you. You will need to figure out what that is, since we are long past the time it matters who is president. That has been a sideshow for a long time. Capitalism is the diagnosis and no politician can hinder its roaring path of power and destruction.

    4. Anon, 7:44, stick to Hugo Chavez.

    5. I see you're sticking to weak, cowardly non-responses.

    6. As opposed to trying to pass The Big Lie on behalf of Trumptards?

    7. Back up your claims with facts coward. Trump worked as an agent to Russia? Only Trump loots the country's resources? Back it up!! You're a coward. And a robot.

    8. If you want the facts that contradict your pack of lies above, just start watching some media sources besides Fox News, OANN and Newsmax. I didn't say ONLY Trump loots the country, but his appointments did a bigger job of looting than anyone previously, which is one reason why he is the worst president in history (according to historians). Current intelligence has said that Trump was working for Russia, and the Mueller report documented his collusion during the 2016 campaign. Trump is the one who is a treasonous coward.

      Simply repeating tired right wing lies here doesn't convince anyone of anything.

    9. Ronald Reagan is the worst President in the history of the USA, by far.

    10. Trump is a two-bit conman. It's no wonder Republicans (and businessmen) overwhelmingly voted for the grifter, after it became known throughout the land that he stiffs his contractors.

    11. Trump isn't an outlier. He's an inliar.

    12. That the Republican Party would drop democracy as soon as black people got voting power, is the least surprising thing to happen in my lifetime.

    13. "Russia" is the excuse the MSM uses to claim that all Republican voters aren't bigots.
      It was always a lie.

    14. "It was always a lie."

      Your accusation is a confession. You are the one lying.

      What does it matter if they are all bigots anyway? It doesn't change that both parties gave the country away to corporate interests. It doesn't do anything to get you out of the proletariat. They are all bigots so .. support Democrats? So .. Democrats are good?

      That would be the Big Lie.

    15. "What does it matter if they are all bigots anyway?"

      If you're white, it doesn't.

    16. Your lies inflame racial hatred while preventing progress against the true problem.

      You are the lowest of the low.

  5. Bob,
    It tells me a lot about you and your acolytes who are all very enthusiastic about black people "shoveling shit".


    You and Carlson as the new wave Hannity and Colmes. You are the second banana of course.
    You will make lots of money.

    How much money does Carlson make?

  6. We’ve gone from Butler’s great-grandfather shoveling outhouses, to his great-grandson (and other black scholars) being inveighed upon to shape the intellectual foundation and climate for cultural and racial awareness at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country.

    As you’ve referenced, there are worse jobs, Mr. Butler.

    We’ve come quite a ways. God bless America.

  7. One of the most elucidating and utterly ironic observations I’ve seen on CRT, as referenced in this great piece:

    “ Check out this really insightful interview of Wes Yang by Matt Taibbi. Yang beautifully explains the radical shift in elite opinion. He notes the ascending rhetoric: “So there’s a line in an n+1 essay, where the person is saying, ‘Oh, we are now menaced by whiteness and masculinity.’ Whereas in the past, we would have said, ‘Oh, we’re menaced by racism and sexism.”


  8. Eat shit?
    Is that worse?

  9. Speaking of shit, how did your head get so full of it where Somerby is concerned? And why in the hell do you think anybody wants to hear about it even once, let alone like a million times? If you’re a “Centrist,” you’re a centrist with all the good sense of two other shit-for-brain centrists, Manchin and Sinema.

    1. Triggered much, poor baby ? You do seem to be reading me, so mission accomplished !

      Manchin who represents a Trump + 38 state is 100s of times times better than a Trumptard like Somerby.

  10. That was, of course, directed at the one-and-only “Centrist.”

  11. Somerby’s never met Paul Butler. He’s sure he’s a good, decent person. Nevertheless, why won’t Paul Butler shut up? MLK gave his life. That should have been the end of all racial issues, and no black person should complain ever again. And still, Butler is an ungrateful bastard. He needs to either shut up, or talk about how peachy everything is now.

    Somerby fails to see the irony of his post. He expects Butler and others like him to silence their true feelings and quit being so ‘divisive.’ In so doing, Somerby is asking Butler to, once again, shovel ("white”) people's sh*t in the form of Bob Somerby’s carping posts.

    1. As a Black woman who has been raised and had worked in majority White spaces, as well as being married to a White man, I completely understand where Butler is coming from.
      Living in these spaces is in some ways exhausting. Doing uncompensated diversity work can feel burdensome. As I watched my parents navigate these same spaces some 50 years ago, I often wonder, “Are we really going to replay these scenarios again?” We passed the modern civil rights bills when I was 4 years old and all of these years later we still have to fight to make sure that Black and Brown folks can still be members of civil society.
      So yes, Butler, Nikole-Jones, and I and countless others are beat.
      How long do you want us to die to enshrine civil rights into our polity?

    2. Maybe look inward?

      If you’re having years long issues with white peeps at the same place or at several, perhaps that work is yours to do.

    3. Ignorance is not a pretty look for you, Cecelia.

    4. How sensible is it to say that it’s a white expectation that blacks do all the “diversity work” at these institutions?

      If you’ve spent years feeling overburdened because white males weren’t doing their share in heading diversity efforts, perhaps you should address that expectation as coming from more people than the caucasians.

  12. Butler: Sometimes, helping majority-White spaces be less racist and more inclusive feels transformative. Other times, it feels like an intellectual version of my great-grandfather’s job; he cleaned outhouses — i.e., shoveling White people’s excrement.

    It's those troublesome majority-White spaces, which at this point includes every state but Hawaii. What can be done about them? Race War is hell. Paul Butler is the General Sherman of this war.

    1. Maybe he means the excrement coming out of the majority-white corporate-owned mass media outhouses where he makes his paid appearances: The Washington Post(Bezos), MSNBC(Comcast), CNN(AT&T), etc. Jeff Bezos, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, etc.

  13. Ahh yess...another day, another crocka racecrap.

  14. Gays in twelve Islamic countries are stuck in cultures where there is a death penalty for being Gay. For Gays in those places the only and answer is to move to more tolerant countries.
    Obviously, Blacks in the USA and in the Western Hemisphere are stuck in a cultures with a legacy of racism. The only complete answer is separation from those cultures either by trying to form a separate culture (Nation of Islam) or by exile to places where Blacks control the culture (Africa).

    1. Give blacks all of Congress.
      What are whites going to do?
      It's not like whites aren't already whining and crying about CRT.

    2. Back to Africa. Yes, that was Abraham Lincoln's preferred strategy and also Marcus Garvey's approach. It is unworkable.

      You perhaps think Mexicans should go back to Mexico too, even though they never lived there in the first place, but lived in a part of the US that originally WAS Mexico. Maybe it is the various immigrants to the Southwest who should go back to their respective countries (Germany, Ireland, England, Japan, China)? In fact, I think this entire country should be repatriated to their countries of origin, leaving North America to indigenous people, who are the only ones with a right to be here. Harrassing the people you don't want living next door is what is going on with the bigotry displayed by white people who don't know how to play nice with others.

      It is racist to assume that blacks in America and blacks in Africa (name any country there) would have anything in common simply because of their skin color. And Gloucon doesn't appear to know that the Nation of Islam is a subculture formed around a religion, not skin color, and is not a separate nation at all.

      I guess the idea that blacks were first here in 1619, which gives them as much of a stake in this country as the Pilgrims, bothers people like Gloucon, because it establishes precedence over the many other immigrant groups who came later (Italians, Germans, Hungarians, Russians, and so on). All of whom were permitted to assimulate because of their white skin color, whereas black people remain forever stigmatized, no matter what their accomplishments or their loyalties.

      I would rather see Gloucon packed into a box and shipped off to his intolerant nation of choice, than to deny the USA of the positive contributions of black people. He is the useless waste of space in my opinion,.

    3. Hitler had much the same opinion as Gloucon. People today may not know that he used the train system to relocate people in various European countries, repatriating Germans to Germany, while sending people of other heritages back to those other countries (Polish back to Poland, Austrians to Austria, and so on). At the end of WWII, there was a major effort required to help reunite families and send displaced refugees and those held in camps back to their original homes. Hitler thought that Germany should be supported by the forced labor of the inferior peoples in those other European countries. You might remember the TV specials produced by the United Nations about the massive repatriation of displaced people at the end of the war, to undo the damage done by Hitler's regime.

      So don't be fooled that Gloucon's attitude applies only to black people, or is being done for their own good. People who think such things do not have any interests in heart except their own warped ideas about who belongs where.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Europe once had multi-ethnic states much like the US. They were dissolved and broken up by wars and now Europe consists mostly of single ethnic states and that's why it has been at peace for 75 years.

      Now that Blacks and their pseudo-woke white allies have given up on the idea of ethno-integration and decided to launch a race war amongst Americans the result will likely be the breakup of the US into separate ethno-states. I wish them the best of luck because a weaker, split-up, disunited US might be less able to continue its warmongering, and that would be a good thing for the rest of the world.

    6. "Blacks have not 'launched a race war'. The white supremacists are doing that."

      It's like I said, the US is hopelessly trapped in its racist legacy, and both sides have given up on the idea of living together, so breakup, probably after lots of violence, is inevitable.

    7. The increasing numbers of inter-racial marriages, with an all-time high in 2021, contradict your assertion that "both sides have given up on the idea of living together."

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. There's a huge difference between the US and Europe. The US doesn't have NATO, the United Nations, the World Court and the European Union holding it together. Instead, it has a massive array of profit-seeking mass media entities (FOX/CNN/NYT, etc.) trying tear it apart by stoking-up a race war for ratings, with lots of online minions to help them.

    10. "...with lots of online minions to help them."

      Nice job, Glaucon X. That's the best description of white people on the internet today.

    11. Anonymush 9:33 AM: Cops have shot and killed 74 Blacks this year. Aren't you and your fellow pseudo-woke whites supposed to be lying on a bridge pretending to be a dead Black guy? You're neglecting your duty. Only after you post pictures of yourself lying on 74 bridges will we believe you really care about Black bodies.

    12. Glaucon X,
      Do you hand the police your entire paycheck, or are you one of those people who want to de-fund them?

    13. White people whining and crying because black people demand equal rights and justice.

      That almost never happens each and every day of the year.

  15. We are certainly part of the world the slaveholders made when black professors cannot pursue their own research interests without having to teach their institutions to be less bigoted.

    When someone tells a lie to another person, it is not the deceived person's job to teach the liar to be truthful. When some steps on another person's toe, it is not the guy with the broken toe who must teach the perpetrator of that injury how to avoid hurting others.

    Somerby will not acknowledge that today's black people are the victims of white mistreatment and that means that it is up to white people to remedy the wrongs, not those who suffered them.

    Somerby mocks these black professors because they didn't lay down their lives for their blackness the way MLK and the freedom marchers did, but there is no reason why black people should bear the burden (unto death) of white people's mistakes.

    Somerby was raised a good Catholic boy. He knows that when you wrong someone you must (1) confess, (2) repent, (3) atone for the wrong. Instead, he says that black people who remind him of his responsibility are themselves in the wrong for refusing to carry the white man's burden. Black people cannot change white hearts (witness Somerby's heart) and it is not up to them to do so. They are doing the right thing when they demand fair treatment. Now it is up to white people to step up and fix this problem of their own creation, no matter who did it and how long ago. It persists because white people let it persist.

  16. There are three components to a tenure-track professor's job: (1) teaching, (2) research and publishing, (3) service to the university. Diversity issues affect the third component, service. Black professors are expected to want to be on committees focused on diversity, but they are also expected to represent black concerns on other major committees. That means they are offered a lot of appointments. To refuse such appointments jeopardizes being awarded tenure. To accept them means that an inordinate amount of time will be devoted to service commitments, to the neglect of teaching and publishing. That too jeopardizes tenure. This is the bind Nicole Hannah-Jones was in at the University of North Carolina. It provides a loophole to tenure committees who want to deny tenure to minority professors. She was ultimately awarded tenure at UNC but declined it to go to Howard University because she would be treated as just another faculty member there, without the extra assignments related to diversity issues (because a mainly white institution doesn't have enough minority faculty members to fill all of them).

    Male professors are not expected to be especially interested in male gender studies simply because they are male. The same is not true for black professors. The burden of examining and ensuring diversity fairness (regardless of the source of diversity) should fall on all shoulders, not just the diverse facultyl Otherwise they are disadvantaged when it comes to tenure evaluations, stuck in a damned if you do and damned if you don't double bind.

    Somerby is not only a fool because he doesn't recognize this problem, but he is an asshole because he doesn't care after it is explained by people such as Butler and Hannah-Jones. Somerby's attitude is that if black people won't do the work of combatting slavery, they don't deserve freedom. Even a child would recognize the faultiness of such logic. It is the "if you didn't want me to steal your money, you shouldn't have been carrying your wallet around" sort of logic.

    1. Most people would assume that black facility members head up committees and programs having to do with diversity because even the occasional white face in that position causes criticism from minority students, alumni, as well from interested outsiders. White or minority members.

      I wouldn’t deem that as minority professors having to deal with white guy shit, but rather with the general stridency that now surrounds anything having to do with the issue of diversity and race.

    2. BTW- I don’t know how it would be in the interests of universities to work hard on diversity issues and then deny tenure to minority professors for setting boundaries.

  17. What is your evidence that in a male-dominated society, women have contributed more to sexism than men?

  18. This is why white supremacism cannot be tolerated in a nation comprised of many peoples:

    "Earlier this week, prosecutors in Suffolk County, Mass. released excerpts of racist rhetoric written in journals by Nathan Allen, who murdered a Black man and woman last month in Winthrop, Mass.

    According to WCVB News, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins said Allen “carried a hate fueled by white supremacy” based on his writings. Investigators are reviewing extremist literature that he read prior to the shooting, WCVB reports, along with the journals they found in his apartment."

    1. Yeah, Massachusetts is the worst, dear dembot.

  19. Butler is using written words, which, we are told by the greatest Black scholars of our times, is an act of white supremacy.

  20. Anonymouse 4:57, this is the worst way to approach these issues and that’s why our parents’ liberals didn’t do it by pointing the finger at a skin color or a gender, rather than emphasizing that all people are the victims of these ills. Including the people who harbor them.

    Read the references in the piece to the “successor ideology”.

  21. Ho-hum. White people whine and cry when black people demand equal rights and justice.

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