For whatever it may be worth...

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 2022's now an established pattern: As we sit here typing, it's Wednesday afternoon—Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

But at the MSNBC transcript site, the most recent transcripts come from that channel's TV shows of last Friday—Friday, December 31, 2021!

Plainly, the channel has decided to slow-walk its transcript production. We assume this represents a desire to limit discussion of the channel's enjoyable TV shows, and of its major top stars.

On the brighter side, just click here.


  1. Oh dear. The creepiest video we have ever seen of Bubba The Demigod, the youtube ad for that song.

    ...and with no warning whatsoever. What if children see it by accident, dear Bob? Can you imagine? Lives will be ruined...

  2. Talk about a sense of entitlement, Somerby seems not to understand what such shows owe their audiences. It isn't as if the show were destroying important public documents by tearing them up, so that staff have to tape them together for the archives -- oh, wait, that is what our former president used to do, not MSNBC.

    If cable news shows are entertainment then why does anyone need, much less feel owed transcripts at all? Most viewers aren't playing gotcha the way Somerby is.

    1. Or maybe Mao, who is obviously a paid hack for ultra right freaky organization might have use for such a transcript. But since he types the same prekindergarten insults every day probably not. Bob does play gotcha but hasn’t gotten much for a long time.,

  3. Have you tried complaining to the management at MSNBC, Bob? Or tried holding your phone up to the set in the voice to print mode? Because what you do not want to do is give us a link to the transcript so that we can read it in entirety rather that your cherry picked excerpts chosen to advance your tiresome agenda against a woman who has way more to offer to the dialogue than a concern trolling blogger. At least we know who signs her paycheck.

  4. From Daily Kos:

    "Trump supporters/Republicans’ primary rhetorical devices are twofold.

    First are the various permutations of lying: blatant falsehoods, misleading statements, gaslighting, out of context statements, selectively edited videos and audio recordings, exaggeration of minor issues, repetition of falsehoods, etc. This is Fox News in a nutshell. This is Donald Trump in a nutshell. Think of Fox News as the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984, and Donald Trump as Big Brother.

    The second and frequent favorite is whataboutism, the technique of ignoring what is being talked about and describing a false equivalence that does not address the initial issue. The analogies are usually absurd and illogical, but they are readily and repeatedly used. One of the most galling is the comparison of some of the violence and property damage that took place at some of the Black Lives Matter protests -- to the insurrection and the attempted overthrow of the government on January 6, 2020. Certainly, the kind of behavior that took place at the various protests was wrong and criminal, and those people who committed crimes should be arrested and prosecuted. But they were not trying to stop the certification of the rightful winner of the election."

    Not coincidentally, that is how Somerby operates here too.


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