Trayvon Martin report appears in print!


A disturbing, depressing disorder: First yesterday, and then today, we simply haven't been able to make ourselves report it or discuss it.

We refer to the Washington Post's publication, in print editions, of its Trayvon Martin report. We discussed this depressing matter last Thursday and Friday both.

Yesterday morning, the Post's report finally appeared in print editions. (We had suggested that it would probably appear in print over the weekend.) The lengthy report dominated page C1—the front page of the paper's Style section—and then, inside the section, consumed about three-fourths of page C3.

What actually happened on the night when Trayvon Martin was shot and killed? In our view, this report's novelization of what happened that night takes our tribe right to the edge of journalistic insanity. 

The other tribe has Tucker Carlson and it has Donald J. Trump. Our side has the impulses which have led us to novelize—more accurately, to cartoonize—a string of important events in the manner on display in this report. 

We had a few last points to make about the Post's report, but it's simply too depressing to do so. The liberal / progressive "hive mind" insists on constructing and defending these novelizations. In our view, it's hard to believe that this can possibly lead to a good outcome.

What actually happened on the night when Trayvon Martin was shot and killed? A great deal is still unknown about what happened that night, but our failing tribe has generally refused to understand or accept that fact.

According to anthropologists, the human mind is little inclined to come to terms with such lacks of knowledge. Meanwhile, along came the Crump legal team. 

Almost every bogus fact involved in this matter came to us from the Crump legal team. This pattern and practice has continued through a wave of similar high-profile events, from the shooting death of Trayvon Martin on.

What actually happened that night? In many ways, no one actually knows, and almost surely no one ever will.

Our tribe has responded by inventing facts which are plainly false; by discarding facts which are plainly true; by placing enormous stress on facts which are wholly irrelevant; and by taking unfounded speculations and pretending that they've been established as fact.

This is your brain on tribal division! The other side has Carlson and Trump. We within our own failing tribe have this profound disorder.

Manuel Roig-Franzia's report for the Post is living on the borderline of insanity. We know of no reason to think that our tribe is capable of understanding this point.

There—we've more or less reported it! The Post published the piece in yesterday's print editions. It's a bit of a Rosetta Stone to the intellectual disorder afflicting our own failing tribe.

The Others have Carlson and Trump. We have a wave of high-profile cases almost exactly like this one. 

We offer one final point:

We're surprised that the conservative world isn't more hostile about this serial novelization. Within our tribe, we're determined to turn them into racists, so no such thought ever obtains.

Tomorrow: Still selling our song about Trump!

We'd like to show you what was said on The 11th Hour last Thursday night, but the corporate players at MSNBC are still slow-walking their transcript production. Even as we sit here typing, they're one full week in arrears.

Fox will show you what Carlson has said! MS keeps us in the dark.


  1. "Trayvon Martin report appears in print! [...] We refer to the Washington Post's publication..."

    Jeez. Your, dear Bob, tribal shamans are killing trees for no reason at all.

  2. Somerby turns tail here, but is weirdly depressed instead of ashamed. He talks about novelization and says it came from lawyers representing the victim's family, and even his campus staff, or whatever that lame joke is, had to laugh at him because few have tried to spread misinformation about the Martin/Zimmerman case as Somerby has, falsely pushing the narrative that pummeling or punching was witnessed - IT WAS NOT. (Also Rittenhouse did chase and taunt Rosenbaum, it is on video.)

    Definitionally conservatives are racist, as it is foundational to their movement. Zimmerman made it clear after the trial that he is racist. It is routinely demonstrated, it was just today that Republican Senator Mike Braun happily displayed his racism, opposing the Supreme Court on interracial marriage. Go Mike!

    While progressives and leftists find racism abhorrent, our main fight is not against individual racists, but against systemic racial oppression that causes the enormous differences in quality of life for black people versus white people. Somerby, on the other hand, does not think actively dismantling this inequality is a "good outcome."