OUR RATIONALITY, OURSELVES: "That is the face of lying," he said!

FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2022

Possible reasons we're loathed: "That is the face of lying," he said. "Lying about the situation in that school."

We're quoting Lawrence O'Donnell from last evening's Last Word. As usual, Lawrence was trying to demonize one of The Others.

In this rare case, it wasn't clear that Lawrence was trying to get this particular Other locked up. It was quite clear that he was trying to get him fired from his current post.

Lawrence has been ranting and yelling a great deal of late—ranting and yelling in the ways which help explain why our tribe is so widely loathed.

One night earlier, we had watched CNN as Anderson Cooper blustered with correspondent Shimon Prokupecz about Pete Arredondo, the public official in question. 

(Full disclosure: According to Lawrence, the local D.A is involved with Arrendondo in a conspiracy of silence—a "cover-up." Earlier this week, Lawrence was crazily slandering American police, crazily telling the world what such Others "always do.") 

As we watched Cooper express his preening imitation of rage, we thought we were seeing the perfect example of the way our arrogant corporate tribunes guarantee that we'll be widely loathed.

Many of us, within our blue tribe, simply can't see how this works. Our tribunes express their precious rage, and we are often inclined to think that their wisdom is evident. 

We're sorry, but no. Our blue tribe's wisdom isn't evident in any way at all. In fact, the "journalists" who represent us to the world have almost uniformly bad judgment. 

They have way too much money for their own good. They have way too much, and it shows.

With apologies, we spent the first half of the day inside the American health care system, interacting with some excellent practitioners. For that reason, we won't be able to provide full services today.

(Also, since MSMBC slow-walks its transcript production, it's hard to show you the various things Lawrence has been saying of late. That said, he's a genuine, undisguised stone-cold nut when it comes to the topic of "lies," and he has been for many years.)

Lawrence and Cooper and the rest of this gang make it extremely hard for our blue tribe to succeed. Their judgment tends to be very poor, and most of us liberals can't see that.

Meanwhile, down in Uvalde, citizens own lots of guns. Are we able to respect these people? Or in the end, will our preening self-regard mean that they must be otherized too?

Experts say the answer is clear. For ourselves, we'll hope to do better next week.

"That is the face of lying," he said. If it's the actual truth you want, his angry remarks made no sense.

Tomorrow: A change of pace! Einstein and Babe Ruth!


  1. "Lawrence and Cooper and the rest of this gang make it extremely hard for our blue tribe to succeed."

    Oh dear. Succeed in what, dear Bob? Starting WWIII? Splitting the country even further along the lines of your tribe's bullshit identities? More offshoring and de-industrializing? More transgendering?

    Tell us, dear Bob.

  2. "As usual, Lawrence was trying to demonize one of The Others."

    Actually, Lawrence was complaining because we aren't getting the straight story about what happened at that school.

  3. The allegations of cover up arise from (1) the refusal of Arredondo to return phone calls and communicare with those trying to investigate the shooting, and (2) his seating on the city council (after having been elected to that seat before the shooting). Arrendondo is the head of the school district police force. He was in charge and prevented the Border Patrol and his own police from breeching the classroom to rescue children who were being shot.

    It was appropriate for Lawrence and others to question what was going on in the aftermath of that incident. It is his job to do so. Further, just because Somerby feels nothing about what happened, that doesn't mean that viewers and cable hosts feel nothing. Children were murdered.

    Instead, Somerby tries to pretend that Uvalde parents are part of the "gun culture" that enabled a disturbed teen to buy a gun. He suggests without basis that they voted for Trump, when Uvalde as a city did not support Trump. He even suggests that Hispanics are trending rightward, as if that explains why this shooting happened, or in any way excuses what happened. The parents didn't cause this. Neither did the Hispanic culture of Uvalde. This happened because a disturbed teen was allowed to buy two AR-15 guns without questions.

    1. Somerby always puts his thumb on the scale.

      Yesterday he used a quote from local woman about gun culture, but pointedly ends the quote early since in the article she goes on to say that she supports gun control legislation.


  4. "Meanwhile, down in Uvalde, citizens own lots of guns. Are we able to respect these people? Or in the end, will our preening self-regard mean that they must be otherized too?"

    Those children were not shot using any gun from anybody's home in Uvalde. Ramos purchased two AR-15's from a gun store shortly after his 18th birthday. Then he shot his grandmother in the face, stole a car and crashed it, engaged in gunfire with police, entered a school without being challenged and shot children in two classrooms. Police gathered and waited outside those classrooms for a long time before trying to stop him. None of that has anything to do with the citizens of Uvalde and the guns they may or may not have kept in their homes.

    Somerby wants to otherize the parents and other residents of Uvalde. Unfortunately for Somerby, the city didn't vote for Trump and it is not part of MAGAland. It is Hispanic and not part of Trump's fanbase. The city voted for Biden, not Trump.

    Everyone in this situation except the Mayor and some border patrol members was Hispanic. The two teachers who died were hispanic, and so were most of the kids. The school district police force and its chief were Hispanic. The city police chief was also Hispanic, as were many officers. That doesn't mean they were all the same, but it also doesn't mean they were Trump supporters or Trump voters, although some may have been. Calling them "the other," as if these are the folks Democrats hate, instead of being Democratic voters, is ridiculous.

    Somerby is having health problems and he is not doing a thorough job this week. But he is clearly turned around in his head about the people of Uvalde and what happened there. He wants to spin this in favor of the right wing, but his approach is detached from the facts. Whether this is because the right doesn't have the facts straight, or because he has introduced his own confusion, is unclear without monitoring right-wing sources, but his attempt to argue that we liberals cannot blame this on Texas gun culture without blaming the parents, is obviously incorrect.

    It would be better if Somerby put off his essays until he can concentrate on what he is saying. Today he is making no sense.

  5. Somerby has overlooked that today is Friday, not Thursday, and the 3rd, not the 2nd.

  6. "and most of us liberals can't see that."

    Despite referring to himself as "us liberals," Somerby is not liberal. That may account for why things look different to him.

  7. "Meanwhile, down in Uvalde, citizens own lots of guns. Are we able to respect these people? "

    There are a lot of liberals who have nothing against responsible gun ownership. Some own guns themselves. Others, including Hillary Clinton, respect the traditions of hunting and target shooting. Characterizing liberals as people with no "respect" for those who own guns, is about as cartoonish as you can get and far from the way some liberals feel about gun ownership.

    One can own guns and be interested in them while still believing in responsible gun ownership and reasonable controls on them. Today, Somerby implicitly promotes the mistaken idea that liberals want to confiscate all guns because we don't like guns. To my knowledge that has never been part of the Democratic party platform, no one has proposed it, and no one has expressed such a view other than as a personal opinion about guns (upon which liberal views vary).

    I am liberal and I have been liberal all my life. I have owned guns and shot guns, including taking a training course from my local police department. I have visited gun stores and been to gun shows, and I've been shooting with friends. But I also believe that we need to do something serious about the proliferation of guns in the wrong hands, that our society has become too violent and that threats involving guns should be illegal. I am majorly concerned about the increased shootings and strongly believe we need to do something about them -- that involves controlling who has access to guns, not just mental health.

    Somerby's portrayal of liberals as people who are coming for red state guns is a clear Republican talking point, aimed at evoking fear among red state voters in order to get out the midterm vote against Democratic candidates. Somerby is pimping the conservative line and that should be plenty of evidence that he is no liberal himself.

    And he has yet to express any feeling about the shooting deaths of those 19 children, who are no doubt good and decent. Just as he has never talked about the NAEP scores of Hispanic kids, not even in Uvalde.

    1. Was that before or after Build Back Better completely collapsed?

    2. Joe Manchin wants to know.

    3. Hispanics are fleeing the Democratic Party because Joe Manchin single handedly sank Build Back Better.

  8. “the "journalists" who represent us to the world have almost uniformly bad judgment. “

    If they “represent” us, then it’s fair to say that Tucker Carlson represents conservatives to the world.

    The problem is that O’Donnell is a guy with a TV show. What he says is his opinion. It represents nothing but that.

    How are “we” supposed to get rid of stereotyped views when Somerby traffics in them in his own blog?

  9. I’m praying for you, Bob. All the best to you! If it’s chemo or radiation you’ll get thru it!

    1. Have you heard something? Who says Somerby has cancer?

    2. He lacerated his quadriceps.

    3. Just prayer, no thoughts? Seems like you are half stepping.

      In the spirit of the old Bob, it should be noted that the US spends a minimum of double what other industrialized countries spend on healthcare and gets worse results.

      It would seem that many US doctors are primarily financially motivated than concerned about delivering top quality healthcare, One step we could take is make public medical schools free.

      It goes without saying that a plan like Medicare For All is in dire need.

    4. I save the “thoughts” for you.

  10. Today Somerby admits the Right has a problem with hatred towards Dems and the Left. Weirdly he blames this on "our side", for wanting to investigate a school shooting, for calling out liars, for protesting right wing oppression, corruption, and hatred; yet Somerby provides no evidence. Indeed the evidence suggests that right wing hate is a manifestation of their wounds from unresolved childhood trauma.

    One wonders why Somerby is so hell bent on his false narrative.

    1. If the Left didn't want the Right to have a problem with them, the Left shouldn't have enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  11. Tend to agree with Bob on this one. The
    problem is this sort of thing is the only
    issue to Bob. The issue of the slaughtered
    to Bob is no issue at all.
    So, right message, sicko amoral messenger.

    1. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    2. Greg sings is the same song everyday.

  12. Why can't "the Others" pass a background check?